Chapter 117: An Ancient lineage

As Long Bin knelt an oppressive feeling covered his body, it was as if his past self-was being observed, this created a feeling as if he was a kid once again kneeling in front of his royal father.

A feeling of nervousness that he had long since forgotten resurfaced, after all at his talent and noble status what could ever make him feel nervous? What surprised him, even more, was that this came from someone who’s his peer.

“Explain” Fang Tien’s voice resonated within Long Bin’s ears, it was a voice that seemed calm and emotionless yet filled with infinite youthfulness as if such a voice contained the fountain of youth.

“In our ancient royal books, there contains a chapter our ancestor personally inscribed, telling the tales of his youth and how he met another youth, but this youth had a boundless innate talent, praised as eternally talented, such a person could be reborn in any era and their talents would still dominate. “

As Long Bin remembered the text it was as if he was transported to the same state his younger self’s had his first time reading it, his amazement and disbelief and excitement, these emotions rekindled themselves.


Within the peak of my youth, I was only 15 when I met a strange kid, his first words to me were,” You’ll definitely be worthy of being my mount in the future.”

His words obviously angered me as he spoke with such confidence as if it was facts, as someone from the noble wyvern clan when could we be disrespected by humans so casually? we immediately broke out in a huge fight, as I fought him in my true form. We had destroyed countless mountains and uprooted numerous tree’s before we were stopped by our clans, respective elders.

That was my first time meeting this strange kid, a feeling of inferiority took over my thoughts as I had failed to win, versus a human that seemed no older than 10.

“A human youth comparable to our ancestor at such a young age? Oh, I can imagine our ancestor’s shame.” Long Bin sighed, as his immature hands flipped to the next page.

The second time I had met this strange kid I was now much older and my maniac training had created a small prestige, as it had become much harder for me to find a rival in my peers.

“Do You want a gift? follow me.” He had appeared before me once again and his first words were just as strange, I had managed to inquire about his background but was only told that he lived on the borders south, close to the elves. While I was eager to fight him again his voice and eyes carried a strange charm, I found myself following along willingly.

“This is the first gift, if you follow me in the future I’ll make sure that you achieve heights of powers your ancestors never had.” The strange boy said this as our two eyes met, as I stared into his eyes, it was as if I was sucked within another world. A world where I ruled the skies along with my descendants, where I was supreme.

We had quickly reached, his goal a large antiquity cave, it was said that an ancient True dragon lived there, such a being was undoubtedly the king of its domain, but none had been seen in years.

“Ancient dragon, I’ve come to sign the contract give me what you’ve promised.” As the strange boy spoke these words a drop of blood flowed from his eyes, this drop as if possessing its own life wiggled then flew towards the deep ends of the cave.

A great rumble could be felt like the entire cave around us shook, did a true dragon really live within these caves? the thought of the rumors being true terrified my younger self, as true dragons were known as invincible beings of myth.

“For my real blood, your descendant shall carry my burden.” an otherworldly voice spoke from the deepest parts of the cave, this voice was forever engraved within my mind as its sound carried an oppressive feeling towards my bloodline as if its words were law.

A single drop of golden blood had appeared, this drop of blood seemed like it would vanish at any moment, it seemed reserved and carried a pale glow as if it was dying, but this drop would change my destiny.

After that day I had chosen to become his mount, splitting from my clan, we traveled the world together, as fast as I grew he was always a step ahead with his cultivation, his talent amazing me each time as he performed unthinkable feats repeatedly.

My descendants, though I write this on my death bed, my soul still burns brightly with hopes of achieving a new realm, my only regret is not being able to follow my master.


As Long Bin finished recounting his ancient clan’s story Fang Tien stood lost in thought he couldn’t help but ask “How is this related to me?”

“Each of the royal members has his portrait engraved within our ancestral memories, depending on how high your cultivation is, more of the image is revealed but what’s known for sure, even at a low rank his eyes are clearly revealed to each royal members.”

“Unique eyes that carry the same pattern as yours.” Long Bin said, his head still bowed.

Ancestral memories? is he talking of a bloodline inheritance? I was told of clans who followed us loyally in the past but it was said that they had all grown apart from us after our long years of dormancy… Fang Tien thought.

Fang Tien was now met with a new choice, a feeling of reaching a crossroad in the flow of time appeared before him as if his next decision would change his future, for the better or the worse.

He could see that by accepting Long Bin his clan would gain a powerful follower, but how well was his loyalty, how would his family react? after all the current Du clan wasn’t as famous or even known by most compared to the Long family.

Would accepting him and maybe even gathering the other families that they once command be the correct path for the prosperity of his clan? or would a quiet secluded life fit them more?

“Get up, you’re pardoned.” Fang Tien had made his choice, his dream was to elevate his clan to its former glory and even to surpass that, as the heralded God Child, his clan had waited for countless era’s for his birth, how could he ever hope to repay them without the total dominance of this era?

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