Chapter 118: Ring

“Thank you, Lord!” Long Bin said as he kowtowed repeatedly.

“Call me Young Master instead.” Fang Tien said.

“Yes, Young Master!…mhm?”


A short buzz could be heard as the ring on Long Bin’s finger vibrated. The gem embedded in it glowing briefly with a bright light, that vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Seeing this Fang Tien looked downwards in interest.

Feeling Fang Tien’s piercing gaze, Long Bin said, “Young Master, this ring is a special communication device that allows my divine sense to spread to my followers, even with a large distance separating us.”

Stroking the ring on his finger, Long Bin continued.” I’ve just heard some good news, your teammates have been found, they’re apparently heading towards the safe zone located west.”

“Safe zone? I suppose such a thing would be helpful, how far is it?” Fang Tien asked.

“If we should walk, it would take about 3hours, but I can get us there much quicker using magic.” Long Bin said with a smile, a proud look appearing on his face.

“What will you do about them?” Fang Tien said pointing towards the unconscious bodies of various magis and warriors.

“I’ll transport them outside the forest.” Long Bin said, with a twirl of his fingers, his hands forming a fist, it was as if his first turned into a hammer as he struck downwards into thin air, a thunderous sound reverberated.

“Spatial Shift!”

“TZZT!” A small spatial tear had appeared where Long Bin struck, sucking up the bodies of the magis and warriors and putting them outside the entrance zone.

Within the sky a magus floated, he was one of the many high ranking magus who governed the Forest area’s, protecting students from dying to Fierce-earth wolves and saving many lives.

“Space magic?” Looking down his divine senses scanned the area, pinpointing the source of the spell usage, seeing a white-haired handsome male he instantly knew who the user was.

“Long Bin, why would he use a space type magic to transfer someone out? he could have just notified one of us, oh to be young.”

“Mhmm? was I detected?” As the elder divine senses scanned Long Bin’s area his eyes landed onto Fang Tien, who stared right back, surprise and doubt could be seen on the elders face as his distance was too far, and his magical rank too high for his divine senses to be detected by a first year.

“Young Master what is it?” Long Bin asked as he looked around, he had noticed the slight change of expression on Fang Tien’s face and could tell something had happened.

“It’s nothing important, just a peeping mouse.” Fang Tien said.

“Young Master, My Spatial shift can bring us towards the station, but it’s currently unavailable for 30mins, we’ll have to take it on foot until its ready.” Long Bin said embarrassed, in his excitement to use his spell and astonish he had forgotten the limitations it had.


After walking on their short journey Fang Tien and Long Bin had managed to scare off most of the fierce-earth wolves that crossed their path, their strong aura’s compelling them to draw back.

“Young Master, where has your clan gone? According to our ancestor, your ancestor had just vanished one day, and along with it your entire clan.”

“No one knows where our first ancestor has disappeared to, but the reason for our seclusion was an ancient decree handed down by him.” Fang Tien said.

“Why have you been allowed to appear now? especially you, someone as important as a Godchild normally has at least one or two old ancestors to guard them…but you’re alone?” Long Bin said.

“It was instructed by our guardian protector that I would be allowed to travel without guards, I’m sure she has her reasons.” Fang Tien said.

“Your Guardian protector is still alive? amazing, our ancestor had spoken of it, but even he had never seen it, but its rumored to be a powerful being.”

“Which Guardian protector isn’t a powerful being? the Ice elemental clan has the true dragon of ice, such a being has reigned supreme since ancient times.”

With a hollow laugh, Long Bin added.” that’s true, on the surface our Long Family spiritual protector is a mixed Tiger with the bloodline of the sacred white tiger, but our true Spiritual protector is actually a divine object imprinted with your first ancestor’s optical abilities.”

“Really now?” Fang Tien was slightly surprised, as even his own clan had no divine objects left behind by their first ancestor.

“It’s also the cause for my white hair, as you know our Long royal Family is famous for our bright golden hair, but as a kid, I had stumbled into the forbidden area where the divine object was located, I remember it was as if I was summoned towards it.”

With a sigh, Long Bin added. ” I have no recollections of anything past that point, I only know I was awakened inside my father’s room. My bright golden hair had changed completely white which was seen as ugly to most of our Clan, as we take pride in our hair color as it showed how close we were to our ancestor’s bloodline.”

“You don’t seem like someone that grew up bullied.” Fang Tien commented as he followed Long Bin.

“Of course not, I had shortly learned that I had awakened the Dao of space, which caused my hair to change but was also a blessing after my royal father had found out I had instantly become the favored child of all my brothers and sisters.” Long Bin said.

Dao of space? Fang Tien remembered the first time he had seen Long Bin and the strange feeling of familiarity he felt, he now knew it was because of his Dao, but their Dao’s were completely different, so why would he have a resonance with it? this question was buried within Fang Tien’s mind.

Coming to a stop, Long Bin vision landed on his fingers,” Young Master, my magic is available once again.”

As this was said A movement of his fist was a hammer striking could be seen as the air was knocked, leaving behind a spatial tear and a thunderous bang.

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