Chapter 119: Moon Wolf

“TZZZT!” A tear had appeared in the air, as two figures walked from it, one wearing a magus robe, white in color with blue magical patterns covering it.

The other wore a white warriors outfit with blue stripes. As the two walked from outside of the forest entering into a clear area, various discussion could be heard as the two entered an area populated by students.

“I definitely saw her, it was one of the top 3 beauties from the magus class!” a warrior could be seen talking excitedly to another warrior, Fang Tien could recognize them as they were in the same class.

“The Ice-fairy maiden?! oh damn! I missed her, they say she could be ranked first place if it wasn’t for her personality.” The other warrior said.

“I’ve heard too, tsk she’s still number one in my book.”

Seeing them Fang Tien decided to ask if they had seen his teammates as his memory was extremely good because of his Deity eyes, he was able to remember everything he had seen, which allowed him to quickly recall their names, “Wei Chao Yin Chin, Have you seen my teammates?”

A familiar sound resonated inside Wei Chao and Yin Chin’s ears, as they turned around surprised, after seeing who the voice had belonged to.

It was Fang Tien, they were both surprised he would remember their name much less talk to them, as the rumors had said he paid attention to no one.

Since they’ve started classes apart from the first class, they had never seen him attend another one, some say he’s been busy cultivating but many believe after winning the first sparing match he was disappointed in the level of the class.

Of course, even with the many rumors surrounding him, they were still elated he would talk to them, after all for many of them he was seen as an idol.

“Your teammates…”Wei Chao could be seen with his forehead wriggled, as if he was deep in thought trying to recall a distant memory, “I have! Now I remember, they walked beside the Ice fairymaiden causing a lot of rumors as everyone was confused about why she would be accompanied by two warriors.” Wei Chao said excitedly, thinking back if he could be the one to walk with the ice fiarymaiden he could die happily, or even serve as her warrior protector!

“So they’re here…Thanks for the info.” Fang Tien said as he walked further in with Long Bin trailing behind. It didn’t take long before the two became surrounded by magis because of Long Bin, as they excitedly questioned him, it was evident that he was popular among the magis.”

“Are you here for the test? We knew you wouldn’t miss it.” A Magus said.

Seeing Fang Tien’s look of confusion Long Bin explained, ” Young Master, within the center of this area, lays a large wolves Fang inserted within the ground, its been said to have been left behind by an antiquity Moon wolf, its been used as a way for young warriors and magis to test their talents for generations.”

Hearing their beloved Long Bin call a strange warrior “Young Master” the surrounding Magis looked on in surprise, curious as to who this warrior was.

“What’s the purpose of such a test?” Fang Tien asked.

“Apart from being given extra mission points based on how long one last, it’s been said that one can obtain divine objects or even a supreme cultivation art from it.” Long Bin said.

Something so precious would just be sitting here? Fang Tien wondered but didn’t voice his thoughts, as if its been here for thousands of years there must be a reason. After all the Moon Wolf was now a sparse race but their might has been renowned since ancient times, their mythical like appearance and long silver fur made them popular among artist and sculptures.

“Yes! that’s right, a couple of our top magis have already gone, it’s been said that Shao Jian had already tested, ranking the best so far…of course Su Lim and you haven’t tried yet.”

“Well Su and Shao are both respected families, I’ll try my best to compete with them.” Long Bin said.

“Let’s go, we might run into my teammates there.” Fang Tien said.

As the two ventures through the area, it seemed more like a mini-town than a checkpoint, possessing a wide population filled with students and normal mortals who maintained the buildings within the area. This sight slightly surprised Fang Tien, but what was more amazing was the view in front as a large circle formed by students could be seen, and within this circle a colossal wolves Fang stood erect for all to see, this large Fang towered over the area.

If it wasn’t for the unusually large tree’s surrounding the area it would easily be noticed from afar.

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