Chapter 12: Time-Mark!

In a vast Forest, surrounded by countless trees towered one greater than the rest, this ancient tree surpassed the clouds and seem to reach into the galaxy! One look upon this tree and one would feel as if they’ve traveled into the past! With branches that seem as if they could hold a continent, this tree was an Immortal and the protector of one the Du clan, while this tree has protected the Du Clan for thousands of Years, most clan members, and even the elders have never seen its true form, in this forest below the trunk of this gigantic Immortal Ancient tree a female figure could be seen

This female form seemed elusive, as if it was aloof from all worldly desires, even though she stood there covered by Haze one could tell she was a peerless beauty, her every action seemed to command the attention of all, Her long green hair flowed freely behind seeming to follow some mysterious rhythm, flowers could be seen budding in her hair, her hair gave one the misconception that its own mini forest! while her form was covered by a haze her piercing green eyes seemed as if they reflected the world, one could see flowers bloom with life and wither with no vitality in her eyes.

“Who is that fighting with the God Child?” an elder said, most who viewed through the vision mirror in the sky wondered the same thing

“We have nothing to worry about since the Immortal ancient tree has not interfered there should be no danger”

suddenly a deep rumbling sound resonated from within the forest, while no sound could be transferred from the vision mirror within the sky this sound was loud enough to spread far and wide, within the sky Fang Tien could be seen with his pupils closed.

“Boom!” a loud explosion could be heard seemingly in sync with the opening of Fang Tiens eyes

in this instant, Fang Tien eyes opened, when his vision gazed upon the world it gave a misconception as if the World opened its eye at this time, his vision felt like it came from every corner of the world, looking into his eyes felt as if the world was staring back at you.

Suddenly flowers could be seen blooming around the female figure, these flowers bloomed they seem to contain inexhaustible amounts of petals, these petals could even be seen from a far distance outside of the forest! suddenly these petals seemed to turn into the sharpest weapon as it flew toward Fang Tien

One could see Fang Tien Looking up as an inexhaustible amount of petals flew towards him at an inconceivable speed, it seemed as if an immense amount of force was contained in each individual petals, their sharp blades cutting through the air easily bringing a strong gust of wind behind them!

“Anything! hes going to die!” random gasp of shock and worry could be heard amount the crowd

Thousands of flower petals seem to rain down upon Fang Tien, it seemed virtually impossible to block for most low-rank cultivators.

Suddenly a bright golden light could be seen flowing from Fang Tien’s pupils, it rapidly covered his body, Fang Tien could be seen smiling as he seemed to just stand there, with a self confident smile.

Strangely enough, the barrage of flower petals seemed frozen in mid air!

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