Chapter 12: Who Is The Most Frightening Individual

“ Hey hey, don’t just create trouble here!”

Mo Lin rushed ahead to drag Xi Fan away. The sudden appearance of Lu Ping produced a burst of excitement in him. As he once again looked at Lu Ping effortlessly taking care of Luo Yin, a Liked One, he almost jumped up. At the moment, he was even more curious and full of expectations towards Lu Ping. As for Xi Fan, he couldn’t bother to be emotionally moved because of his attempts in saving his life, on the contrary, he was actually a little bit annoyed by him for being a hindrance in Lu Ping’s actions.

“ Where is that other person?”

Even in death, Xi Fan won’t be able to convince himself that the ‘other person’ is Lu Ping. He was again looking around himself in an attempt to find that another person. However, he truly was at his limit. Although his Strength’s soul was at third Heavenly Layer, it was still not enough to resist from being foolishly dragged around to the side. After being dragged to the side, he once again lost his strength and collapsed on the ground.

“ Don’t move around on your own. I just stopped your bleeding.” Mo Lin said as he fiddled inside his bag, but eighty percent of his vision was still concentrating on Lu Ping. What is the real strength of Lu Ping, he doesn’t wish to miss a single moment.

“ Who are you?” Luo Chong’s dagger was poised in front of his body. At this moment, he didn’t feel like laughing and chatting as he was doing just a moment ago.

“ Garbage…” Xi Fan was spitting blood and trying to say something towards Lu Ping. It seems like, in the end, he was still unable to find that ‘ the other person’ in his mind.

“ Hehe.” Lu Ping laughed, he didn’t mind Xi Fan’s way of addressing him. He also didn’t introduce himself to Luo Chong. WIthout bothering to put up any kind of defense, he just walked towards Luo Chong.

Luo Chong didn’t immediately move forward to face him. He was waiting, waiting for the intel perceived by Luo Xing behind his body.

Luo XIng is a Linked One of Infusion’s soul. Fourth level ability “True Detection” is an extremely precise kind of perceiving skill. Employing it to perceive the realm of an individual is basically same as using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. A faint radiance flashed in both of Luo Xing’s eyes, she thought this should suffice.

But, she was unable to gain anything.

“ There is no realm…..”. She very shakily forced out these words from her mouth.

“ What?”

Luo Chong heard her but he asked for confirmation, believing that he had misheard.

“ I will look one more time…” Luo Xing herself was absolutely unable to believe this answer. She intensified the radiance her eyes, she wanted to obtain the results of intensified “True Detection” but Lu Ping had already arrived in their front.

He was still not in any kind of stance, he just raised his hand and punched.

As he did, Luo Chong bent down with an incredulous expression in his eyes.

Right from the first step Lu Ping took till he waved his hand, he was unblinkingly concentrating all of his attention on the movements of Lu Ping. There wasn’t any sort of unusual rhythm or aggression in his movements.

Then, he raised his hand and waved his fist.

But right after that, his clenched fist suddenly disappeared followed by a sharp pain in stomach.

Intolerable pain. Luo Chong didn’t know what words he could use to describe this kind of pain. A single fist’s pain was causing him to feel as if his whole body is withering as if his five visceras and six bowels are exploding.

The dagger in his hand fell down, he couldn’t be bothered with such a thing. There was only one thought in his mind, that was pain!

He wildly bent down his waist and then vomited severely.

Luo Chong started at an age of nine years. He carried out a total of two hundred and forty-seven assassinations. One hundred and ninety-nine times were smooth, forty-eight times he messed up, seventy times he suffered serious injuries and seventeen times he survived by the skin of his teeth.

People killed by him had been countless, injuries sustained by him were also countless. Enduring a brief assault is even more like having a meal at home. But never ever had been a time when he had vomited due to being hit, vomited due to pain.

Not only did he vomit, but he is also even crying!

He is crying due to pain.

He is a kind of man who would prefer to shed blood rather than to shed tears. Just by a frown or clenching his teeth, he would be able to pull through the pain inflicted by serious injuries.

But at this moment, he was crying due to pain. Tears and snivel both were flowing uncontrollably. Within a moment, it turned into sobbing. The surface of the ground turned into a mess due to his vomit. And all of this was due to a single punch.

Luo Xing’s complexion had already turned different. She couldn’t bother to investigate opponents realm through intensified “ True Detection” now.

She moved.

Luo Xing is definitely not weak. Xing Luo, unexpectedly, the name of their organization is actually named after her. She is not just an analyst in this four-member organization. The people who know Xing Luo in depth are hundred percent aware of the fact that when Luo Xing is on the move, Xing Luo’s fighting strength is at maximum.

Stary Needle!

Without holding back anything, Luo Xing employed her ultimate move.

A person who can casually toss out Luo Yin, a person who can cause Luo Chong to shed tears through just one fist, she can’t afford to have any reservations against such an opponent.

She threw the needle. One needle divided itself into two, two into four, four into eight…..

Third level skill…..Enveloping Starlight!

Countless Stary Needles fluttered about the body of Lu Ping. These all were only illusionary light rays. Their dazzling would cause people to be confused and have blurry vision. However, among these illusionary rays, one was real. It was aimed straight towards Lu Ping’s throat. In such a blur, this one ray of light was not the least bit eye-catching. In this exact way, without a breath or sound, who knows how many people’s lives were claimed by this one ray of light.

Just because of this one move, Xing Luo was named after Luo Xing.

Just because of this one move, Luo Xing was the elder sister of Xing Luo.

Sure enough, Lu Ping had to exert himself in order to deal with this move. Compared with Luo Yin and Luo Chong, at least, he used both of his hands in order to deal with Enveloping Starlight.

Lu Ping slapped both of his hands, producing a sound like that of an opening of a switch. Enveloping Starlight disappeared all at once, leaving behind just one ray of light fluttering between the palm of his hands.

Lu Ping revealed a bit of satisfied expression as if he has taken care of a mosquito just now.

Then he casually tossed Luo Xing’s cherished Stary Needle to the side.

Luo Chong was still vomiting, still crying.

Within a moment, Stary Needle was rinsed with tears, snivel, and vomit.

But, Luo Xing couldn’t pay much attention to it, Lu Ping was approaching her step by step. All of her tricks were completely employed. Ultimately, she had only one weapon left.

She was a very good looking woman. Quite a few times, because her opponent had tender feelings for the opposite gender, she was able to turn defeat into victory.

So what about this time?

Although the other person just looks like a child, at least, he is a boy of fifteen or sixteen years.

Luo Xing was just preparing to give a smile, but Lu Ping’s hand was already up.

It clenched into a fist, afterward, she was also unable to see anything. Right after her face went askew and she bumped into Luo Chong.

In an instant, her beautiful face was not so beautiful anymore. Her chin was crooked, her perfect teeth, seven of them fell down, five were sent flying and two were swallowed….

Mo Lin was foolishly looking at it.

He knew Lu Ping is very strong, extremely strong. But being strong ought to have a limit, right? Now, he is already incapable of thinking about what realm is Lu Ping in. Three Linked one’s, one was casually grabbed and tossed, one was punched to vomit and the last one was given a makeover by just a punch.

It’s three Linked One’s Oi!

Xing Luo Oi!

When he got that writ for the assassination of Luo Ming, one of the members of Xing Luo, he hesitated for three days whether to continue or not. Then he took another twenty-four days to study the four members of Xing Luo. Another eight days for daily habits and routine of Luo Ming. Then he waited for what seemed like a suitable opportunity, then bracing himself for death, he eventually managed to kill Luo Ming by poison. Even after this, he was found out and chased to death by Xing Luo.

And what about now?

Frightening Xing Luo while facing Lu ping, even twenty seconds haven’t passed and all three members got completely destroyed.

Luo Yin?

How was Luo Yin?

Mo Lin has already seen the appearances of Luo Chong and Luo Xing. But what about Luo Yin who was thrown away? Mo Lin raised his body up and looked in the direction where Luo Yin was thrown. He eventually managed to found Luo Yin who was……already planted inside the Flower Garden.

That region was the swamp created due to Earthworm grass. Surprisingly, Luo Yin was planted into the ground by just a throw, the Strength’s soul Lu Ping used behind that throw, Mo Lin was unable to imagine its intensity.

“ Finally, who is…..this?” Xi Fan who was collapsed on the ground was also muttering to himself. Too much has occurred. He still hasn’t recovered from dizziness. And after all this, it would be even more difficult to recover.

“ This is what you call Garbage.”

As Mo Lin was speaking, he bent down to take a look at Xi Fan’s condition again. Even his speed in stopping the bleeding of Xi Fan was less than the speed at which Lu Ping took care of Luo Chong and Luo Xing.

Although Xi Fan wished otherwise, he couldn’t do anything other than accepting the reality in front of his eyes. He was foolishly staring at what he considered to be Garbage, for whom he was racking his brain, wishing to drive him out of the courtyard. At present, he didn’t know what to say.

“ You say, why did this person come?” However, Mo Lin still wished to chat with him.

“ I don’t know.”

Xi Fan said. He only knew that Lu Ping and Su Tang were brought back by the Dean when he returned three years ago. It was said that both of them were completely orphan, and from thereafter, the institute became their family. Soon after, Su Tang began to display outstanding talent, whereas Lu Ping had been called Garbage for three years. He was treated with indifference everywhere. However, he continued on being the same as he always was, regardless of what others said. All kinds of mock and ridicule, all kinds of suppression, he silently endured all of it. As a result, it never led to any kind of conflict.

Due to it, it further let everybody think that he is without any future prospects, without any courage, just a useless kind of person.

However now….

Xi Fan only feels that everyone should rejoice like him that Lu Ping is like this, ‘without any future prospects’, ‘without any courage’ and ‘a useless kind of person’.

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