Chapter 120: Gathering of Talents

A large Fang stood interested within the earth, its large stature towering reaching into the very clouds, only comparable to the equally as tall tree’s. This Large Fang was filled with the aura of an ancient antiquity time.

Even though its believed to have existed for thousands of years its texture still shone with a vibrant brilliance as a healthy glow flowed from it, with just a simple glance one could tell that it still contained an enormous amount of energy, that laid dormant within it.

“Is this a Moon Wolve’s Fang? amazing its contained amount of energy resembles one of the main branches of my master’s main body.” Fang Tien muttered.

“Do you mean your clans protector? I’ve read bits and pieces about its origin but are they true?” Long Bin asked.

Hearing this question Fang Tien could remember when he had first awakened his Dao, his Deity eyes had shown him the beginnings of a small seed that grew into a great tree that greatly resembled his master, only after did he realize the reason for this.

“What have you heard?” Fang Tien asked in curiosity.

“It’s been written that the DU clan first ancestor appeared one day with a sacred leaf, revealing to our ancestors that he had stolen it from another universe and that it belonged to the great Yggdrasil tree. Of course, my ancestor thought this was a joke and wrote it down in passing.”

After a slight pause, Long Bin added,” is this true?”

“It does match with whats recorded in my clan’s own records, how was your Dao’s awakening? I saw the creation of a universe and the worlds within it, and the journey of a small seed to maturity.” Fang Tien said as he recalled his Dao awakening.

Hearing this a shocked looked appeared on Long Bin’s face, ” Mine was extremely similar except, apart from the brief creation of the universe being clear, everything was incredibly blurry. Only after grasping what I could did my knowledge manifest itself into the form of the Dao of space.”

“The same? Does this mean all Dao’s originate from the same vision, the only difference being how a person interprets it…” Fang Tien muttered.

“Rumble! Rumble!”

“Amazing, managing to last 10 minutes, this time to almost comparable to Shao Jian’s record! As expected of Xiang Yong.”

“Of course he would last that long, his talent is ranked 5th in our magus class.”

A large commotion broke out as a young magus slowly opened his eyes. Seated cross-legged with his hand touching the Moon wolves fang, a large circle shaped tattoo could be seen on his hands, this tattoo was commonly used by members of the Xiang Magus family.

This circular tattoo was also why the Xiang family was famous among mid-tier clans, as it allowed them to draw energy from their clan’s bloodline easily. Of course, Xiang Yong was a top performer within his class and was expected to be one of the rising stars with the ability to elevate his clan to the next level.

“As expected of Xiang Yong, lasting 10 minutes your comprehension can already compare to some of the greatest that have tested.” A magus student said.

“Compare to the greatest? I wouldn’t dare, I can’t even compare to our class top 3.” Xiang Yong said with a chuckle.

“So humble, if only the warriors could learn, they perform the worse yet still brag that their top warriors could actually compete.” A magus sneered in disdain.

“Who dares to say warriors are worse?” An aggressive yet feminine voice echoed throughout, as a figure could be seen appearing from far.

“I said it, everyone knows warriors are all brawn, their comprehension is inherently worse than a magus, even your best can only compare to our worst at most.” The magus sneered.

“Are you forgetting who beat all the magus and had the best time of last years class?” the voice once again echoed, but this time they had stepped within the view of everyone.

A fiery red hair followed by an intensely aggressive aura was the first thing most people notice, after seeing their fully white pupils the young magus now knew who he was arguing with!

The shame of last years results was something they tried to avoid, as Huan Bai had dominated each test and mission coming first in most of the ones that involved both classes.

But most magus denied these results as their most talented member rarely participated, and when they did they would easily secure first place in whatever they did, this person was famous both inside the academy and outside, as they possessed the fabled Immortal physique!

Even though they were now in the second year class, their talents and battle prowess was admired by seniors and even teachers, as whatever event they had attended would only result in praises from the teachers due to their seemingly perfect ability in whatever task they did.

Such a student who could learn any amount of information taught to them, and who could apply it practically was a dream to each academy teacher, after all to most seeing a students progress because of their teaching meant that in some sense their achievements was also their own.

“Huan Qin?” Fang Tien Was surprised to see Huan Qin so soon, as they had just fought together yesterday to defeat the great-earth wolf.

As if Huan Qin’s arrival was a spark, Long Bin noticed the arrival of all the top Magus and even warrior talents toward the area.

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