Chapter 121: Moon Wolf Fang

Fang Tien became mesmerized as he looked towards the giant Fang, for some reason the image of a large sword appeared within his mind as a pulsating feeling could be felt.

It was as if each beat of his heart was linked with this great fang, a strange mythical feeling covered his senses.

“Young Master, Young Master!” Long Bin’s voice had awakened Fang Tien from his dream-like state.

“It’s not like you to be dazed, we should attempt ourselves.” Long Bin said.

Looking up Fang Tien could see numerous geniuses had already gathered cross-legged around the great Fang, making him wonder if the split second of him being dazed was actually longer.

Numerous of the first year’s top talents could be seen, their eyes closed as they focused on comprehending the mysteries of the Moon Fang, from Huan Qin to Han Shi, Fang Tien could recognize all the warrior leaders were already there. The only missing warrior leader was Pan Cai who had been transferred outside by Long Bin.

While Fang Tien couldn’t recognize most of the Magus leaders, Long Bin could, spotting Xun Wuhan and Lin Liuxia, these two dominated above him in all area’s, their ancient families and their own innate talent made them unsurpassable for most.

Even though Long Bin had comprehended the Dao of Space he still believed he was of no match versus these monstrous talents, as each gave him a sense of danger far greater than any peer he had met, the only exception being Fang Tien.

But as Long Bin looked towards Fang Tien, he could tell his young master had lacked true experience with dealing some of these monstrous talents. While he seemed mature beyond his years at times, a certain innocence could still be felt from him.

Since they’ve been traveling together Long Bin would always wonder if this thought was incorrect, as he had been able to get to know Fang Tien’s personality better, a person with an immovable conviction is how he came to view his young master.

Sometimes Long Bin wondered where his young master’s strong attachment to his clan comes from, as he had grown up secluded away from his clanmates for a majority of his life while being born without any parents.

Thinking of his own past while he had some struggles his royal father was still very supportive of him, his trivial child struggles seemed to pale in comparison to the loneliness one would face being born in a reclusive life.

“I can feel a strange calling as if the moon wolf Fang is summoning me.” Fang Tien muttered.

“I feel nothing but maybe this means you’ll be able to comprehend more.” Long Bin said.

A slight commotion had appeared within the crowd as the two stepped forward, as numerous magus had recognized Long Bin, but what was more was a vocal minority recognition of Fang Tien.

Their shouts loud and clear, as their sounds drowned the others, Fang Tien had become somewhat of a mystery as his strange star patterned eye and battle skills had left a lasting impression on the few students he had rescued.

“It’s him!” Zeng Bi could be seen among the crowd, excitement could be seen on her face after Fang Tien had saved her, she would constantly remember the event, as it seemed almost like a dream.

“He’s walking with Long Bin? do they know each other?” Zeng Bi muttered, for a top magus to walk with a warrior so closely was almost unthinkable, and what’s more, he seemed to be following Fang Tien. Zeng Bi quickly shook this thought from her head as it was unthinkable.

“Young Master everyone has already started to comprehend, we shouldn’t fall behind.” Long Bin said.

With a nod, Fang Tien sat cross-legged, as his palms touched the Moon wolves fang, a slight buzz could be heard.

As Fang Tien concentrated his divine senses on the Fang, strange patterns could be sene on it, these patterns seemingly infinite in numbers changed constantly, looking at these patterns Fnag Tien tried to find a similarity between them.

As these patterns changed, shifting positions Fang Tien came to the realization that they followed a specific rule, while they seemed infinite in numbers and everchanging one would only need to figure out the core rules to solve it.

Quickly Fang Tien became absorbed by this, as time flowed quickly before he had realized it hours had passed, causing a huge commotion outside, as only a few students were still seated, Fang Tien being one of them.

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