Chapter 122: Moon Wolf Summoning

Quickly Fang Tien had begun painting an outline of what the patterns were supposed to be, as an image outlining a wolf had appeared, slowly this hazy image became more and more real, as it quickly turned into a sacred silver furred wolf.

“ARGH-WOOO!” A loud wolf cry resonated within Fang Tien’s consciousness as an antiquity pressure overcame him, the patterns had all vanished, leaving behind a great silver wolf, as its eyes met with his own, a sharp stabbing pain had quickly spread throughout his mind.

“I Can smell a familiar scent on you, but it should almost be impossible for this smell to appear in this mortal realm.” A deep voice reverberated within Fang Tien’s mind, each word rumbled throughout causing even more pain to him, it was as if someone gave a voice to a thunderous lightning.

“What do you mean?” Fang Tien had barely managed to reply back, every passing second his energy felt as if it was being drained through a large hole.

Seeing his discomfort the Moon wolf instantly recognized the problem.


His size had shrunk considerably, turning into a small silver wolf, his large eyes and fluffy tail could only make Fang Tien wonder where the large imposing entity had vanished.

“Ahh!” Fang Tien couldn’t help but scream out as the stabbing pain had become unbearable, his mind shook as a feeling as if a great hand was tearing it apart covered him.

“Ahh!” Fang Tien had felt agonizing pain before but none like this, as this pain didn’t affect him physically but ripped through his mind, even affecting his very soul.

“Bang!” A shattering feeling had ended Fang Tien’s suffering, as a cool refreshing feeling spread throughout his body, it was as if he was being fed water after a long drought, this feeling of ecstasy after pain was incredible to him.

In front of Fang Tien, a golden egg could be seen floating, this egg seemed larger than most reaching 4feet in height, sacred aura could be seen flowing from it.

Seeing the Egg Fang Tien had realized it was the egg that he had obtained from the divine pond.

“An egg? why would he reincarnate into an egg?” The moon wolf voice reverberated once again, but it’s deep, the otherworldly voice had vanished, what replaced it was a melodious voice, this voice seemed neither male nor female but was enchanting to one’s ears.

“Where did you obtain this egg, human baby.” The Moon wolf had viewed Fang Tien as nothing more than a newborn baby, as his years alive could only be considered that to someone as ancient as it was.

“My Egg? I obtained it while trapped within a divine pond.” Fang Tien said casually.

“A divine pond?!” The Moon wolf shouted in surprise, while Fang Tien might not realize the importance of a divine pond it did, tho its lived for thousands of years it had heard tales of people who have encountered a divine pond, each becoming earth shaking cultivators.

From the sword saint to the divine empress, each earth shaking name could be said to share part of their achievements due to the divine pond.

While most people believed the appearance of the divine pond is random, it knew better.

The divine pond could be considered a celestial phenomenon linked with the very source of the universe. It was unknown as to what bought it into existence or if it had existed before time itself, one thing that it was sure of was that the divine pond had only appeared to those who possessed a great destiny, as a strong destiny worked in mysterious ways being as a double edge sword.

While someone with a great destiny might be able to have an unthinkable luck, finding themselves in random favorable situations, it could also mean that their most likely to be punished by the heavens, and as such their tribulations are normally above that of a normal cultivator.

The Moon wolf knew this all too well as it had witnessed the rise of the sword earth, blessed by the divine sword he was unmanned in combat, killing all foes who crossed his path but also suffering great pain, for all his might his family was annihilated by heavenly tribulation as he ascended, it was as if the heavens ad refused to allow his bloodline to exist within the mortal realm.

But if this egg was who they sensed it to be why would he be in the divine pond and reincarnated as an egg? “Thinking about the mysterious ways of the great pond is meaningless!”

“TZZT!” the space within Fang Tien’s mind shook as a drop of blood seeped from the center of the moon wolves head, this silver colored blood shone enchantingly.

“SWOOSH” with swift movements the drop of silver blood rushed towards the golden egg, as it was absorbed quickly by it,

As the blood was absorbed the moon wolf image became hazy as if it had lost a great deal of energy.


“What is that?” A magus could be seen pointing towards the Moon wolves Fang, as cracks had started appearing on it, these cracks ran deep and gave it the appearance of having veins.

The area surrounding the Fang was now populated by mostly teachers, as Fang Tien had alarmed them with his longtime spent comprehending, spending as many days as him was almost unthinkable as 5days had gone by, Long Bin, Lin Shui and Yao Chang could be seen seated close by, as the two couldn’t participate without their leader and Long Bin had chosen to stand guard as protection forgoing his chances at coming first.

“Crack!” As more cracks appeared a white powdery substance could be seen blowing from the Fang’s surface.

“Impossible, this Fang has existed within this forest since ancient times, why would it deteriorate now?”

All of this was unknown to Fang Tien as he was witnessing something even more amazing.

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