Chapter 123: Roar That Shook The World

After absorbing the silver blood a bright light could be seen from within the Egg, this bright light caused the egg to vibrate intensely before calming down.

The moon wolf plopped onto the floor, its ears downcasted, ” This soul won’t last much longer.” After several seconds of silence, it says. “You’re too weak to protect him too, I can only help you with this.”

“Bang!” Within the outside world, the Great Wolf Fang shook, its large exterior shook greatly scattering powdered dust all over, its size greatly reducing.

“What’s happening? I’ve never seen such a phenomenon from it.” Even the elders that guarded the area were confused, some have been guarding for hundreds of years but such a sight was a first to them.

Far away in the other ends of the forest, the Moon Fang could be seen universally as its colossal size reached the clouds, but today was different as it shrunk rapidly, before long its peak couldn’t even reach the cloudy sky’s as it feebly competed with other large trees in height.

“A change at the moon wolf fang, is he ok?” Huan Qin had suddenly stopped within her tracks as her eyes looked towards the great fang.

“Are you worried about him? he’s our class strongest warrior, besides the teachers and elders are all there, let’s continue the magus are ahead .” A teammate said he was more interested in racking in more scores than about some commotion that won’t affect him.


Within another area, despite the sun shining brightly outside this land was like a frozen hell, as a figure could be seen walking, with each step the fresh leaves and ground would become frozen.

As this robed figure paused its steps a vibration could be felt from the afar, this vibration was more like a pulsating heart as each beat would cause the entire earth to shake.

“BOOM!” Within the sky, a light beam could be seen penetrating the clouds as if going straight to the heavens its source the Moon wolf fang.

Fang Tien being seated right below it was also affected by this beam, its powerful force creating an area of danger around it.

Immediately after a large flock of birds could be seen fleeing from the area, these birds didn’t just stop at leaving the area but completely fled the forest as if in danger.

“Ahh!” An elder being too late in jumping backward had been touched slightly by the light beam. A deep wound could be seen on his left arm, as even his bone could be seen, it was as if something had taken a chunk of bite from his flesh.

Seeing this the elders were positive Fang Tien wouldn’t survive, as for why the Moon Fang had turned so aggressive they were even more perplexed.

“Boom!” “Boom!” As if the heavens were enraged by the beam of light thunderous sounds rang out constantly within the clouds, as bolts of lightning could be seen coiling around the clouds.

“Bang! Bang!” Before long the bolts of lightning rained down as if it was a torrential downpour, each bolt striking aggressively into the ground leaving behind a deep crater in its wake.

“Woosh!” A golden light could be seen speeding towards the area from afar.

Seeing this light an elder sighed lightly, ” It’s too late even if she comes now.”

“Bang! Bang!” The bolts of lightning had created a barrier around the area, turning it into a forbidden area as this wasn’t just ordinary lightning.

“Heavenly tribulation? I need to get him out.” Fang Yimu said she had quickly caught up after being notified by the headmaster that her disciple might be in danger, but never did she imagine the danger would be this large.

The only thing that perplexed her was that she felt no indication of her source blood activating, it would automatically defend Fang Tien from a life-threatening danger.

Seeing the area as the heavenly tribulation wreaked havoc Fang Yimu became indecisive.


A great wolf cry resonated, shaking the entire area as a Moon-shaped slash clashed with the heavenly tribulation, this wolf cry could be heard far and wide as it reached the deepest ends of the Sky Fire Continent.

This wolf cry alarmed numerous elders of clans, and many hidden elders.

Within the Du Clan world, a tree branch within the forbidden area could be seen shining, “A God beast?” After several seconds the otherworldly sound said, ” Du Tian, I’ll be in dormancy as my incarnation takes a small trip.”

While no one was here the small branch had transformed into an enchanting feminine figure, her each step and movement seemed otherworldly as the flowers seem to sway with her each movement.

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