Chapter 124: Heavenly Tribulation


“Bang! Bang!” within the area covered by heavenly Tribulation lightning only nothingness remained as even Fang Ruo had to avoid the Tribulation might.

While her current body was just an incarnation her, being affected by a heavenly Tribulation would cause irreversible that could disregard space and time, it was something that would even affect her true body and any other incarnations she had.

This was why cultivators especially ones that could be considered ancient ancestors feared heavenly tribulations.


Inside the heavenly tribulation, a figure could be seen, a small leaf growing from his chest carried an intense aura of vitality, this leaf as if the source of nature bred numerous vines and petal that wrapped themselves around him, these petals rotated around it as if to form a protective shell, if one were to see this they would mistake it for a cocoon made of petals. Even though mass destruction happened around him, Fang Tien was oblivious to all of this as his focus was absorbed by the strange moon arts.

Within his consciousness, the moon wolf had vanished, leaving behind the Golden egg and Fang Tien, but as if in a trance Fang Tien gaze was locked on a marvelous sight in his front.

Appearing in the void of his mind was a small moon, this miniature moon was no bigger than the bent shape of an adult male arm, but while its stature was small in size the might released from it seemed bigger than the world. As Fang Tien viewed, it very quickly he became entrapped by its ever-revolving details.

A normal person might just see a normal small moon but as a Deity eye bearer, he was able to see much more, from the small details on it different forms of energies gathered, it was as if possessing an abundant amount of information the more he looked, the more its nature changed until his eyes bad stripped it of its protective layer and fake choices.

When looking at the moon Fang Tien could now see its ever-changing form, as it changed from its moonlike shape into that of a Fang greatsword.

“My new master is so small.” a strange sound resonated inside his mind before the Fang Greatsword shone brightly.


In a burst of light it had vanished, only to reappear within his Deity eyes inner space.

“Bzzt!” as if not satisfied with its home the sword vanished once again, appearing within his dantian before finding a spot beside the bloodred willow tree.

If one were to look they would assume this sword had always been here, as its edges stood perfectly interested inside the ground, shortly after the Golden egg had appeared also, but strangely it scuttled closer towards the Fang greatsword before finally settling beside it.

While the Golden large egg was enormous in size it paled in comparison to the Fang Greatsword, which seemed to be 12 feet long.



The space surrounding Fang Tien shook as a feminine figure appeared through a spatial tear. If one were to look at the space surrounding Fang Tien, it was as if it had been chewed on by giant mice, and looked extremely chaotic.

The figure could be seen looking around the area, suddenly a murderous aura escaped from them.

“Kelcaza, if you dare to plot against his scion I”ll drag your lifeless body from the upper realms.”

Suddenly a melodious laughter could be heard. “I’m helping him, who would dare to plot against the deity eyes?”

Shaking its head the moon wolf sneered, ” besides you should be worrying about your own ascension, do you think your noble status will save you from the wrath of the Ancient families?”

“After the Chaos your master caused in the upper realms” With a laugh, it said, “you’ll have to face all their wrath alone.”

Suddenly the light beam dimmed, as the one great Moon Fang was nowhere to be seen, reduced to a smaller size its form completing changing as a Fanged greatsword could be seen embedded within its interior.

“Is that?” As the ancient ancient immortal tree looked upwards a slight surprise appearing on her face. “Why would you bring this to the mortal realm.”

The Moon Wolves expression suddenly turned serious as it said. “He’s connected to a string of my destiny, if he dies before maturing my future cultivation will be affected.

“You haven’t noticed? he’s in possession of the reincarnation of my husband.”

For the second time in its long life, the Ancient immortal tree was shocked, “The Adorable Devil Cat has been reincarnated?” after serval seconds a sigh could be heard, “What’s wrong with this era?”

Looking at Fnag Tien’s face the Ancient immortal tree expression grew soft, as to her he was still a child, but his eyes would destine him to a future of suffering, and to add the Adorable Devil Cat to his destiny, such a beast terrorized the nine realms before its disappearance for era’s.

While the Deity eyes was feared as the bringer of chaos among the upper realms the Adorable Devil Cat had conquered most of the realms in its younger days, commanding an army of sacred beasts

and subjugating the human race…

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