Chapter 125: Master!

Seeing the ancient immortal tree’s expression the moon wolf smiled, amused at her reaction. “Now do you believe me? you should be able to sense it.”

“crack!” a thunderous sound rang out as the large fang completely crumbled, revealing a fanged greatsword, it’s presence alone intensified the attacks of the heavenly tribulation as the numerous lightning formed as one, creating a large claw made of lightning.

“BOOM!” Swatting downwards the lightning claw left behind an enormous imprint onto the earth, even tho its attack was blocked by the Fang greatsword, its might still wreaked havoc upon the ground.

“Kelcaza, my warning still stands.” As her voice echoed throughout her figure had already vanished.

Hearing this the Moon wolf sneered, “Who’s to say you’ll even be alive to carry it out.”


Within the outer area of the heavenly tribulation, Fang Yimu stood still, her brows furred as her palms gripped tightly, her feet constantly tapping as if in anticipation of moving at any moment.

” He’ll need to be Retrieved soon, as for the moonwolf fang you can tell the headmaster I destroyed it while rescuing him.” An otherworldly voice reverberated within Fang Yimu’s soul.

“Where?’ Looking around, nothing could be seen but a single petal being carried by the wind.

“Tzzt!” After a while, the strong beam of light slowly vanished and with it the heavenly tribulation.

“Woosh!” With a quick dash, Fang Yimu found Fang Tien unconscious, surrounded by vines and petals, a Fang greatsword could be seen inserted beside him, this sword pulsated with an immense pressure that quickly vanished as it became reserved.

If anyone looked at it now, it seemed more like a normal primitive sword. Such a drastic change could only distract her for a second before her focused was captured by Fang Tien again.

“I’ll have to leave behind a message.” With a slight wave, a ball of light element gathered within her palms, this light energy condensed, forming a hard ball of light that reflected one’s image.

With a thought Fang Yimu had left behind a message, storing it inside the ball before vanishing and along with her Fang Tien and the Fang greatsword.


“Young Master!” As Long Bin entered the area only an empty space greeted him, as the surroundings were that of being the survivor of a great disaster.

The tree’s had long since been destroyed, reduced to nothing as only a razed ground remained, this area would forever be distinguished as any form of vitality within the area was, the even weed seemed impossible to take root in such an area.

As Long Bin looked towards the empty space his mind imaging the worst-case scenario as Fang Tien was nowhere to be seen.

What’s that? Stepping closer towards the area Long Bin noticed a ball made of light energy on the ground, his hands slightly shook as he slowly picked it up.

“It’s an elemental message ball.” An elder said as if guessing his thoughts.

Before Long Bin had realized he was surrounded by teachers and elders, this had caught him off guard as his sensitivity to his surroundings could normally be considered as the best, but his mind was completely in a state of disarray due to the condition of the area.

Shortly after Lin Shui and Yao Chang had appeared, as they did an image of Fang Yimu could be seen projected from the Ball of light.

“I’ve taken back my disciple to recuperate, as for what has happened I’ve already sent a report to the headmaster, What’s left of the area should be blocked off and the mortals relocated.” After a short pause, she continued. ” today’s incident should be kept confidential.”

Fang Yimu’s word resonated, while she was just a teacher, a rank below the elders of the academy, her words held much more weight as she was considered one of the greatest Light magus of the sky world.


Inside Fang Yimu’s Cavemansion Fang Tien could be seen laying down, the emperor dove stood beside him with dropped wings, its beaks rubbing caringly on his face.

Seeing this Fang Yimu smiled, ” You two have gotten so close?”

“Coo, Coo!”

“Don’t worry, he’s only exhausted.” While she said this with confidence, it was really worded meant to reassure herself, as Fang Tien vitality and pulses seemed fine, yet he had been sleeping ever since the incident for days now.


“A large moon?” Fang Tien muttered.

With her head titled, Little Bai asked. “What moon? its daytime, ever since you’ve been back you’ve been talking strangely.”

A dandelion could be seen swaying its body.”He’s always been talking strange, words like magic and elements, he’s a crazy flower!”

“That’s word Jimmy, he’s a human.” Little Bai said, her tone one of disapproval.

“Now he’s brainwashed you too…” Jimmy muttered.

“But why do I feel like the moon is talking t-” Before his sentence could finish Fang Tien’s surroundings had changed, he was now in a strange blank white space, with a floating Fang greatsword in front.

“Finally you’ve noticed me, Master!”

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