Chapter 126: Destiny

Looking around, this blank white space only held a Fang greatsword, confused as to what it meant and where it came from Fang Tien couldn’t help but ask,” How did I become your Master?”

“My creator bonded us together.”

“Your creator?” Fang Tien’s brows furrowed as memories of the Fang test replayed within his mind, “Your creator is the Moon Wolf, why would it bond us together?”

As the Fang greatsword floated there, a screen made of elemental essence floated in front of it, suddenly images of the universe and lesser worlds could be seen.

“Because of destiny, you possess a destiny linked with my maker, you could say I was born from my creator as my type can only be born from the Fangs of a moon wolf.”

As the Fang Greatsword spoke these words it slowly transformed, as the light covering it dispelled revealing a young boy, one much younger than Fang Tien, seemingly 9years old in appearance.

Dressed in a frilly shirt he seemed more like a young noble of a western clan than a sword.

“Destiny? what exactly is destiny, I’ve only heard it in passing before.” Fang Tien said.

Suddenly a chair and a desk had formed as the Fanged greatsword sat down, its legged rested on the desk. A vast shelf filled with books rose up around him filling the room, the projection of the universe and its lesser worlds expanded, turning into a great backdrop and covering the entire room.

Fang Tien suddenly had the feeling as if he stood within the universe, but such a thing was impossible, while such a change was shocking he had managed to keep his cool as his eyes focused ahead.

“Destiny would be what mortals describe as fate, something different than one’s karmic values.” As he spoke books flew slowly from the shelves, surrounding him as they floated above.

“Destiny can be said to be a great power, that shows the possible future of a person, while someone with a great destiny might not necessarily become someone great in the future, its a strong indicator of their potential.”

“Such a thing like Destiny, I can’t believe in it.” With his eyes shining a dim purple glow Fang Tien continued, ” If one’s fate was decided by their destiny, then life would be meaningless.”

“Meaningless? isn’t that why we cultivator? even if I’m a sword spirit I also cultivate, we cultivate to break free of the shackles of the world and our destiny.”

“A cultivators history is both sorrowful and prosperous, filled with countless skeletons. Why do you cultivate if not to break free of your worldly shackles?”

“What’s the point of a life without worldly shackles? I’m doomed to carry my clan forward to a new age, as it’s my duty as my clan’s GodChild.” Fang Tien said calmly, his tone one filled with a strong conviction.

“Why care about clan mates? If you’ve risen to the level of immortality your clan will eventually hold back your cultivation, the best way to advance is alone, as my creator did.”

“If I do achieve immortality, my clan will supply me with the power of hope, my future cultivation will only be made easier by it.”

Suddenly Fang Tien’s expression grew serious, “You’re just a sword spirit, why do you question the conviction of your master?”

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