Chapter 127: Great Moon slash

Hearing this the Sword spirit shook its head.

“Master, you’re just a child still.”

“Aren’t you just a child also?” Fang Tien said.

“I might be young in the years of a sword spirit but I’m already thousands of years old in a humans age, my wisdom and experience far surpasses yours.” Standing up, he continued. ” We might be bonded but I still have yet to fully accept you as my master, not to mention your reason is filled with contradictions.”

His expression easing, Fang Tien looked around the room while he was angry at first he was always one opened to learning new things, after a short pause he asked. “How is it incorrect?”

“Your way is actually the way of Immortals of destiny, You claim to not believe in destiny yet your path would lead you to be bound by it.”

“What do you mean?” Fang Tien asked.

“To become an immortal their are three ways, by comprehending a Dao law, or the two most common way, by absorbing an era’s destiny as your own and forcefully ascending to the upper realm.”

With a sigh, the sword spirit continued, ” Then finally your way, by using one’s family or subjects as fuel, by absorbing their destiny one can ascend as an immortal being, but you would be shackled by the hopes and dreams of your clan, forced to protect them for eternity while also trying to advance.”

“This…” Fang Tien became slightly speechless, while his words were true they didn’t fully make sense to him. Of course, he could comprehend his Deity eyes Dao to immortality but GodChilds are born with the duty of fulling their clans need, he was still suspicious of the fact that one choice seemed so much worse than the others.

If Universal laws were equal why would one path be so gimped? Fang Tien wondered.” Why did you bring me here? I won’t change my mind.”

Turning back into its Fang greatsword form, the sword spirit moved closer towards Fang Tien, the room changing back to that of a blank white space.

“You can already use me partially, but by learning my sword arts you’ll be able to fully unleash my powers, as a sword spirit I’m able to grow and get stronger with my master.”

Gripping the handle of the Fang GreatSword Fang Tien felt as if it was an extension of his arm, despite its large height it appeared to be easily wielded by him.

“Moon Arts…” As Fang Tien held it information of sword cultivation techniques rapidly filled his mind, as multiple Cultivation manuals appeared within his mind all chained but one, as la large letters could be seen inscribed on its cover, “Great Moon Slash!”

With a thought, the Manual appeared in front of him, flipping through its pages Fang Tien quickly saw what it was, ” A sword slash in the shape of a moon based off of condensed spiritual energy.”

As he slowly scanned through the pages he quickly became satisfied, this technique is strong enough to jump ranks, combined with the Fang greatsword if I were to meet the Great-earth wolf after learning it I would easily be able to kill it.

Fang Tien was excited by this technique, as he quickly began comprehending it, with his added experience from comprehending his sword intent it would take no time for him.


“Mhmm?” Looking at Fang Tien’s sleeping face Fang Yimu expression grew happy, as his eyelids quivered, signs of him waking up could be seen.

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