Chapter 128: Official Mission 01

Two months have passed since the moon wolf incident, after waking up Fang Tien was met by his Master who told him of the events missed, of course, the most notable was the final results of the fierce-earth wolf mission, with the Magus class dominating all top four spots, with the only warrior to make the top five being Huan Qin.

The other important event, the mandatory missions. Sent to a small village to the west, Fang Tien’s team, tasked with the duty of rescuing a small village from a local mythical beast that terrorized its inhabitants

Such a mission was fairly simple and common, as mostly medium sects would perform these minimal tasks, as they helped to increase the recruitment numbers for their sects.

After all most of these villages were filled with mortals with no way to cultivate, a sect could easily scout such a village for hidden gems and recruit them with little effort, by building a relationship with a village it would lead sects to have a supply of potential talents.

Of course, only one in every thousand mortals had the potential for cultivating, but with small villages being as large as having ten thousand members, being able to scout a new potential talent every decade became the norm.

Sky-Fire academy’s purpose was different than the typical sects, as they had no use for a such a way of recruitment, while sects benefited from padding their numbers with members, somewhere like the Sky-Fire academy benefited more from a low populace, but one filled with quality.


Within a small Village inside the west lands, Fang Tien could be seen exploring the nearby rivers, as Lin Shui followed behind. “Leader, where do you think it’s hiding?” Looking around Lin Shui said.” It’s been three days since we’ve arrived, we should have been finished already.”

“We can’t leave until we’ve completed it.” With his eyes scanning each blade of grass as they walked Fang Tien continued. “I haven’t seen any clues or signs of it, according to the villagers its appetite is one woman every 2 days.”

“Do you think its scared of us?” Lin Shui muttered.

“That’s why we left Yao Chang behind if it’s watching us its likely to attack with this opening.”

“Can he survive until we arrive? we’re walking so far away, and the Sceapir might not be a problem for three of us but alone he definitely won’t survive.” Lin Shui sighed.

Hearing this Fang Tien’s footsteps came to a stop as he turned around, his eyes facing Lin Shui, “What’s there to worry about? My sword will kill it before it’s able to do any damage.” As he said this, his eyes shone a bright purple color, the large Fang Greatsword could be seen strapped on his back.” It won’t be able to escape my eyes.”

“BOOM!” As if mocking his words, sounds of explosions rang out in the village. Even tho there were separated by a 10minute walking distance a large monstrous snake could be seen at the entrance of the village, its large body extending far into the forest as its heads overlooked the village.

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