Chapter 129: Accident

This Green scaled snake was known as the Sceapir, a rank 5 mythical beast comparable to a Great Magus. “It’s finally appeared!” looking around she was the only one here, “Leader?”

“Swoosh” The scenery around Fang Tien constantly shifted as his body dashed swiftly through the forest, his eyes focused on the large Sceapir, multiple swords made of light rotated behind him, these swords followed him as he dashed along before overtaking him as they shot towards the Sceapir’s head.

“Bang!” A loud sound resonated as the swords collided with the hard scales of the Sceapir, a slight wound appearing on it as broken scales fell to the ground.

“HISSSS!” crying out in anger the Sceapir glared angrily at Fang Tien, it’s yellow eyes striking fear within the hearts of every mortal.

“Clank!” feeling a premonition of Danger Fang Tien had drawn his Fang greatsword, with a slash towards the empty space in front a loud explosive sound rang out. “Bang! Bang!” As the Fang greatsword clashed with the head of Sceapir, he affirmed the Sceapir that stared at him was only an after image!

If not for his Deity eyes allowing him to catch glimpse of a moving shade and his strong premonition of danger, such a strike might have mortally wounded him.

“Clank! Clank!” As Fang Tien pushed the Sceapir backward, his sword covered with a bright golden glow caused each strike to send off a strong energy, this energy containing light essence was damage towards the Sceapir, as each strike a part of its scale would crack and fall.

“Hiss! Hiss!” Slowly down its attacks, the Sceapir backed upwards as if trying to find an opening to flee.

“You’re trying to trick the wrong person, I can see this head lacks a soul.” Fang Tien chuckled, the Sceapir was a deceptive snake that used its tail as a bait to lure preys and predators into a false sense of security as a Sceapir’s tail was shaped the same as its head, making it impossible for most to be able to tell if its truly attacking or not.

With pin-point precision Fang Tien attacked the spots where the scales had been destroyed or damage with his swords of light, further aggravating the Sceapir,”This seems too easy, why is it s[o weak?” Yao Chang could be seen running closer, leaving the village causing Fang Tien to shout,” Stay back! Keep watch of the village It’s been attacking strange since I’ve attacked.”

“Woosh!” Retracted by a great force the Sceapir tail could be seen disappearing within the forest, immediately giving chase Fang Tien followed its trail, even without his deity eyes it would have been easy to track as a trail of blood was left behind in its path.

“Woosh!” Distracted by the trial of blood, Fang Tien looked up only to see a shadowy figure running into him, instinctively he kicked it away, causing it to fall down.

“A human?” Feeling a delicate frame on impact Fang Tien realized he had kicked a person.

“Ouch!” the cloaked Figure struggled to stand up, “You can at least help me up after kicking me down!” A delicate voice, like silver bells, could be heard.

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