Chapter 13: Outstanding Students

The ‘Garbage’ of Zhai Feng institute Lu Ping returned besides the two individuals. Xi Fan immediately felt even more ill. He was at a loss for words. Fortunately, the realm of sixth Heavenly Layer of Essence’s soul does have some remarkable features of its own. He quickly began to control his spiritual essence. He crooked his head to one side and forcibly suppressed his dizziness.

“ Amazing!” Mo Lin gasped in admiration. Xi Fan is just a Perceiver and yet is able to make use of soul’s power to such an extent. He truly is outstanding in this regard.

“ Heavy blood loss. Injuries are not light. But he will be able to live.” Mo Lin stated the condition of Xi Fan to Lu Ping.

“ Let’s first move him into my room.” Lu Ping moved forward, although he used the word ‘move’, what he truly did was just casually lifting up Xi Fan by his clothes.

“ Hey, how to take care of those three?” Mo Lin hurriedly asked as he saw Lu Ping was about to leave with Xi Fan.

“ They were trying to find you. You can do as you please!” The unspoken meaning was, Mo Lin had to deal it himself.

“ You are not afraid that I will let them go and you will be disclosed?”

Mo Lin was suspicious. He has always believed that Lu Ping’s low profile was in order to evade from something. For three years, he had been undetected by institute’s people. If you think about how cautious he has been for these years, then silencing these three individuals would seem his way. However at present, apart from the Luo Yin who is planted lifelessly into the ground, both Luo Chong and Luo Yin are painfully **ing on the ground.

Lu Ping didn’t reply him, he just pretended to be indifferent.

“Uh.” Mo Lin didn’t ask him again anything further.

Killing a person, destroying the corpse.

As an assassin, he is very nimble in such affairs. Although, he is usually quite selective in taking on assignments, but since it was possible for him to take on the assignment to kill one of the members of Xing Luo: Luo Ming, taking care of the other three won’t create any kind of psychological burden for him.

In some sense, Mo Lin doesn’t consider himself to be a professional assassin. Professional assassins take missions, kill the target, dispose the corpse and collect the reward. They absolutely don’t care about the circumstances. And him? Perhaps it could be said that he was interested in assassins but he doesn’t wish to act as an assassin, rather he wish to act as a hero who punishes the wicked and purges the evil. The only difference is heroes act based on their sense of duty and he borrows the way of the hero to earn some money along the way. He feels that this is quite understandable and appropriate. However, for other people, he is just an assassin.

Assassin is just an Assassin! Mo Lin also doesn’t care about it much. The feel from this name is also quite cool.

After swiftly taking care of three individuals of Xing Luo, Mo Lin also returned to Lu Ping’s quarter. Xi Fan was casually thrown on the ground. And Lu Ping? Completely opposite to his expectations, Lu Ping was very comfortably lying on the bed. It seemed like he was almost asleep.

“ Hey, Hey!” He madly shouted. This is how you treat an injured person? He truly couldn’t bear to look anymore. Not to mention, Xi Fan also tried to save him.

“ Sleeping.” Lu Ping said.

“ You are sleeping and he is just thrown on the ground like this?” Mo Lin shouted

“ Ground is clean, though.” Lu Ping said.

“ That is not the problem!” Mo Lin shouted.

Thus, Lu Ping casually tore a piece of cloth from somewhere and threw it, covering the entire body of Xi Fan as if covering the body of a corpse.

“ He will also not catch a cold”

“ Like hell, he will not!” Mo Lin helplessly shouted and placed his buttocks on the ground underneath window’s ledge. In fact, he also knows, Xi Fan’s breath was even and his temperature was normal. There weren’t any major issues. Moreover, he himself didn’t has any strength remaining to support himself.

“ It’s no big deal, I will just sleep on the ground.” Mo Lin mumbled and bluntly slept in the flower garden that was outside the window.

“Hey, there is nothing with which I can cover myself.” Mo Lin abruptly yelled. He felt a little cold.


Some unknown thing was thrown through the window. It crashingly came down and covered him. He also didn’t felt like checking. He wrapped himself and slept the entire night in the Flower Garden.

“ What’s going on? What happened?”

Next day’s morning, Su Tang’s shout woke the three individuals altogether. She arrived early morning to find Lu Ping. The first thing which caught her eye was Mo Lin sleeping under the window’s ledge.

Yesterday when Mo Lin stuck to Lu Ping, she was present. However, she didn’t expect this guy would be so devoted that he would guard outside the window all the time. She couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. However, as soon as she entered the room, she saw the some unknown thing covered in a blanket. And as she lifted the blanket and found Xi Fan, she was somewhat at a loss.

The first thing she did was to check Xi Fan’s breath. According to her, there is only one way for Lu Ping and Xi Fan to coexist under the same roof for a large amount of time and that is if either of them is dead.

After she verified that Xi Fan is alive, she couldn’t help but tense a little. However, after she quickly determined that Lu Ping is also alive, she couldn’t stop herself from waking up all three of them.

Mo Lin and Lu Ping were thoroughly awakened from the deep sleep. As for Xi Fan, he woke up in a semi-unconscious state. After he clearly looked at the surroundings, blankness in his eyes was much more than what was felt by Su Tang.

“ How are you doing?” Lu Pin was the first one to ask.

Xi Fan tried to move and immediately felt pain from his injuries.

“ Still living. ” He said.

“ Did you guys fight?” Su Tang asked.

If it was one day prior, Xi Fan would have very much liked to have a scuffle with Lu Ping. That way, he could have beat up this garbage into a pulp. However at present, fight with Lu Ping? Xi Fan took in a mouthful of cold air which caused his wounds to hurt again. He tried to stand up but failed.

Then, Su Tang was able to discover that injuries of Xi Fan are not as simple as just his face being covered with blood.

“ What is going on?” She took a look at Xi Fan’s wound on his back as she supported him to stand up. Blood was stopped long ago but she couldn’t guess how was the wound managed, for it to turn out the way it did.

“ Three assassins came here.” Lu Ping said as he got down from the bed.

“Xing Luo, heard of them?” Mo Lin also revealed his forehead through window’s opening.

“ Xing Luo?” Su Tang looked towards Lu Ping.

“ To look for him.” Lu Ping pointed towards the forehead.

“ True, to look for me.” Mo Lin exerted all his strength and pushed himself up. He eventually managed to reveal his eyes and the portion below forehead.

“ Have you seen my straw hat?” After being woken up by Su Tang, the first thing he cared about was his missing straw hat

“ No.” Lu Ping said.

“ When you found us yesterday, was I wearing it?”

“ I think not.”

“ Can you talk about important things?”

Su Tang was speechless. She was eagerly waiting to know what happened and these two just won’t have enough of their discussions about the missing straw hat.

“ Three individuals of Xing Luo came to find him. After that…………..after that what’s their condition?” Lu Ping asked Mo Lin.

“ Turned into fertilizers.” Mo Lin said.

“ That’s how it is.” Lu Ping said looking towards Su Tang.

After getting a general idea, Su Tang also didn’t ask much afterwards. The important matter of its conclusion was obviously Xi Fan’s injury. Soon after, institute’s doctor was called. Discipline Squadron also received the news of their Captain’s injury. And then the whole institute became aware of it. Then, even the Dean personally came to pay a visit. After all, Xi Fan is an outstanding student of the institute. Since he came, he also asked a few questions about yesterday’s affairs. It was pretty much unavoidable.

However, the name Xing Luo made the people on the scene, which were not a few, suck in a mouthful of cold air. Mo Lin was very happy to have so many people who were like him. They clearly think that Xing Luo is a very frightening existence.

A bunch of frogs at the bottom of well! Mo Lin rejoiced at other people’s misfortune.

However, the person who can get rid of Xing Luo is obviously more frightening. Some people sighed in admiration. One after another, people turned their shocked gazes towards Xi Fan. Everybody was completely convinced that it was done by Xi Fan by putting his life on the line. By sustaining heavy injuries, he was able to kill Xing Luo. And that Lin Mo’s realm is also not bad. Surely, he might have also helped quite a bit. As far as Lu Ping goes… come he wasn’t killed by Xing Luo? Everybody displayed a disappointed look because of this reason.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” However, Dean Godou didn’t show different expressions for the three individuals.

“ Future of Zhai Feng institute will rely on all of you outstanding students!” Godou sighed.

“Dean.” Xi Fan reminded in a weak voice. “ I am going to graduate in a few days.”

“ Dean.” Mo Lin also raised his hand to speak.” I am just passing by.”

“ Dean.” Lu Ping also spoke his mind, but this time, some people snatched his spot.

“He will be expelled in three more days.” An explosion of laughter burst out.

Everyone felt that taking over his words like this was indeed very beautifully done. In fact, it was perfectly done.

Lu Ping smiled. He didn’t say anything. However, Xi Fan and Mo Lin quietly exchanged a glance. They felt, after three days, there would be quite a show worth watching during the Annual Assessment.

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