Chapter 13: Time-Mark! ( part 2 )

Boom!” a loud sound could be herd as a fearful Light beam projected from Fang Tien’s pupils, silver in color seeming almost transparent, this silver light piercing aura brought with it a deep and ancient pressure that seemed to penetrate the vision mirror and into the surrounding area, it seemed primordial in nature.

“Bang Bang!” inexhaustible amounts of green qi spewed out from the forest, forming a protective shield around the forest, this Qi seemed ancient in nature of rich of vitality, it was the same vitality nourishing Qi that appeared earlier in this week!

“Bang!” a sound resonated as the vision mirror in the sky cracked into pieces shattering from the outburst of Vitality Qi released from the forest

“”Ahhh!” a scream could be heard seems to be in sync with the destruction of the vision mirror in the sky!

“drip, drip” Blood could be seen coming from the elder who made the vision mirror within the sky, the backlash from the strong qi had managed to heart him, one could imagine how strong this QI was.

deep within the forest a branch could be seen lowered from the Ancient immortal Tree, strong green QI surrounded it as the branch transformed into another female figure, shrouded by haze.

“I’ve lost, amazingly enough, my clone is still trapped in your divine ability” a gentle sigh resounded from the female figure, it seemed as if it was the very sound of nature, gentle and all-encompassing.

” I had won the second you became affected by my divine ability Time-Mark, while I’ve said it allows me to affect your perception of time it isn’t as simple as just affecting how fast or slow time progresses for you, it allows me to completely affect your perception, the reality your clone is seeing now is indeed real, but just one of the many possibilities that are hidden within the perpetual flow of time, which is why you couldn’t escape, within the reality you indeed perceived that something was wrong and attempted to break free, but continued to let your guard down after you’ve seemingly broken out.” Fang Tien said weakly, an exhausted smile on his face.

“Unbelievable, you’ve managed to perceive something so advance at your current rank, is this the invincibility of the Deity eyes or perhaps your innate talent was beyond what I thought,” The Ancient Immortal tree said with a smile

“cough-cough” Blood could be seen Dripping from Fang Tien’s mouth as he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

” child!” The Immortal ancient tree said with a worried look, strong vitality qi surrounded Fang Tien, nourishing and healing all his injuries.

“I’m ok Granny, I just haven’t figured out how to cancel my ability, its still activated within your clone and constantly draining my vitality,” Fang Tien said weakly.

“Puff!” suddenly the female figure trapped in the divine ability vanished, and what replaced her was massive green qi which returned to the ancient immortal tree.

“Thank you, this is the biggest limitations to my divine ability, as both my age and cultivation level are too low to fully utilize them, I would have to kill anyone I’ve used Time mark on to end the ability, even if I’m unconscious it will still be active, constantly draining my vitality” Fang Tien said exhaustedly

Fang Tien’s vision grew blurry, as he looked learned against the trunk of the ancient immortal tree, exhausted soon his vision faded to complete black as he dozed off.

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