Chapter 130: Yushia

Smiling wearily, Fang Tien attempted to help them. “Are you ok?”

With a swat, Fang Tien’s hands were pushed as off, ” I can stand on my own.”

Standing up their cloak slightly shifted revealing a pair of bright eyes, what was most noticeable wasn’t their beauty, but the blood that dripped along their face.

Grabbing their hand, Fang Tien removed the cloak covering their face, a deep wound could be seen on their head, this wound bled profusely soaking their gown bloodred.

“What are you doing!” thrashing about, she struggled to remove Fang Tien’s hand, it was like an immovable pillar, his grip on her hand unmoving.

“Stay still, I can heal you.” Fang Tien said, “At worse, my light element will help to alleviate your pains.” As he spoke, a bright golden glow covered his hands, if one could see the elemental essence within the area, a massive amount of light element gathered around his hands.

Hearing the words “Light element.” had caused them to calm down almost instinctively.

As if a moth to a flame, the light elemental essence absorbed by his hands gave her a warm feeling. Revolving his ‘purity of the body’ technique, Fang Tien managed to speed up their bodies natural regeneration, allowing them to heal at an accelerated rate.

Even though this was his first time attempting this, he had managed to apply ‘purity of the body’ strong regenerative abilities combined with light elements natural healing properties to an external part, healing another.

This would be inconceivable for most as Light warriors at most generally can only heal themselves.

“This is…” Feeling her wound healing rapidly, she could tell this wasn’t magic, as she had seen light magus plenty before, none had used such a strange technique.

As this was done seamlessly without a delay she was sure this wasn’t magic with shocked her even more. ” A light warrior?!” If anyone else was here they would be able to understand her shock, as a warrior of light was rare, being almost none existent.

“Woosh” A sudden intruder had appeared from the tall grasses, without turning around Fang Tien had identified them, ” Leader, the Sceapir is dead, you killed it without our help!” Lin Shui shouted excitedly, before coming to a stop, as she saw Fang Tien kneeled as his hands covered a strange female.

Lin Shui’s entrance had startled her, causing her to try to move away, but Fang Tien’s power grip had managed to keep her grounded, ” Dead?” Due to his concentration on healing, he had failed to notice the lifeless body of the Sceapir, its body extending further within the Forest.

With his brows furrowed, “Lin, find a safe spot to hide, now!” Fang Tien said his divine senses covering the nearby area, but finding nothing amiss.

Without questioning Lin Shui had hidden quietly, as to her Fang Tien’s words were like law, as he would always have a reason behind his commands.

Thinking quickly, Fang Tien thought of multiple scenarios and reasons as to why the Sceapir had died, something as sly and powerful as it was unlikely to die versus another beast in its domain.

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