Chapter 131: Great Magus

Thinking back at how sluggish it had moved during their fights, and how quickly it had ran Fang Tien was convinced someone had killed it, looking towards the person he had ran into he was sure the two had a connection. If they were strong enough to kill a Sceapir, it was either a trained group of rank 4’s or a powerful great magus or bloodline warrior.

“Who are you?” Fang Tien said, his ‘purity of the body.’ paused. “Are you with a team or being chased?” Looking at her wounds he had ruled out them being from the Sceapir, as they seemed more human-like in nature, his deity eyes could still see residual earth elemental essence within their wound.

“She’s Liao Song, the third princess of the worthless Obron Empire.” A raspy voice reverberated within the area, this voice traveled far, reaching before the person could even be seen.

With a clenched jaw, Liao Song stared intensely ahead. “You should flee while you can, they’re assassins from the Yushia country.”

“Stay still, you’re almost healed.” Fang Tien said, his ‘ purity of the body.’ revolving quicker as the wounds on her head visibly closed and heal, leaving behind a faint scar.

“Stupid! you should have run instead of healing me.” Liao Song sighed. “I’m probably already dead once they’ve reached.”

“I’ve already started, why would I stop?” Fang Tien said. ” Over fear of unknown assassins?”

“Contact Yao Chang, sneak attack together once they’ve revealed themselves.” Fang Tien’s voice resonated inside Lin Shui’s soul.

“They’re lead by a peak Great magus, one of the Yushia countries elders.” Liao Song said worriedly. “That’s enough reason to run as far as you can!”

“Is a peak magus very great?” Fang Tien said nonchalantly.

“You!” looking at his warriors outfit Liao Song had recognized where it belonged to. “Just because you’re from the Sky elemental academy doesn’t mean you can be fearless, do you think they won’t harm you?!”

“Indeed I’m very great, lowly warrior your family will be mourning your life this time next year.” A raspy voice reverberated once again, but this time its source could be seen as five red robbed figures surrounding the two, led by a middle-aged man, his steps slow and powerful as the elemental earth essence within the area followed his every movement.

Though Fang Tien had said that, he was still caution as he had never truly fought a great magus, but he was confident in his own abilities.

With a smile, the great magus walked forward, ” Princess have you been well since our last meeting?” with a harmless expression, it was as if he had met his troublesome niece. “You left in such a rush, its too bad my gift to you has been healed.”

Looking around Fang Tien could tell that the other 4 magus were only Apprentice Magus of the peak rank, one step away from a great magus.

“A peak stage Great Warrior?” Seeing Fang Tien’s rank, the great-magus was surprised, as Fang Tien’s expression was calm and free of worry as if he was in no danger.

“Sky elemental academy?” looking at Fang Tien’s warrior outfit caused his brows to furrow, ” A dead talent is the same as any other skeleton.” With a smile, his hands waved.

The other 4 magus separated, spreading out as they began their incarnation, a sealing spell had been used sealing the surrounding arena, this seal would stop anyone or thing from entering and leaving a double-edged spell , but one that showed their absolute confidence.

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