Chapter 132: Clash of Spells!

“Can you fight?” Fang Tien asked casually.

“Of course I can fight!” Liao Song said aggressively. “I’ll provide you with cover since you’re so confident.”

With runic letters of magic appearing around her, the spiritual qi within the area shook, as if becoming unstable due to her spell. “If we can kill the other magus we can manage to survive.”

Seeing how she cast spells Fnag Tien was slightly surprised at the style, a vastly different style than the magus of the east.

As Liao Song moved it was as if she performed a rhythmic dance, her steps fluid and graceful, her hands moved as if an invisible instrument was placed in front of her.

“Impending Sky!”

Impending sky…she’s also a great magus! Fang Tien was surprised, as he could only detect her as a rank 3 magus, it was evident she had some magical item to hide her cultivation.

“BOOM! BOOM!” As if at the commands of her words the clouds within the surrounding area quickly changed. As bolts of lightning danced within the clouds, with sounds of thunder rumbling within them.

“Bang!” “Bang!” Loud explosions rang out as a barrage of lightning bolts rained downward, covering the Yushia magis and scorching the earth with each hit.

As if already prepared, a light screen of earth elemental force protected each magus. The Yushia elder sneered as he saw this, his hands moving in a similar style to Liao Song, but unlike her supple movements, his were infinitely aggressive and rough.

“Still using the same tricks? You can’t fool us twice.” The great magus said.

“My spell won’t hold them for long, Yuan Jin knows my spells well.” Liao Song said worriedly.

“Well?!” gasping in surprise, the Fang Tien she talked to had disappeared, as the afterimage began to fade.

By the time anyone could react, Fang Tien was already upon one of the Apprentice Magus, his Fang greatsword released from its sleeve as with one swing its mighty weight crushed the earth barrier protecting the magus.

If one were to look they would notice a slight golden glow on his feet and hands, using the elemental force as an auxiliary Fang Tien was able to move beyond his normal speed, and gain added strength as the elemental essence took a majority of the load.


“No!” A short cry was all that was heard as the greatsword crushed the magus, his body and belongings crushed as the combined force of the greatsword and light elemental force wreaked havoc upon his body turning him into meat paste.

“Boom!” An explosive sound rang out as Fang Tien dashed towards another magus, dodging the bolts of lightning as he moved.

Seeing this Yuan Jin casted a quick impairment spell, hoping to slow down Fang Tien and save his underlings. He had already lost 4 others to Liao Song, as only the most loyal had been allowed to follow him, each loss a great pain to the Yushia country.


“Woosh” Despite his swift speed, Fang Tien was stopped as the earth around his feet turned into large hands that held him down. Confused as he was sure his speed was greater than what Yuan Jin’s eyes could follow.

Seeing the opening the remaining magus quickly began casting their spells, as taking out Fang Tien became the top priority due to his speed.

“Fire Strike!” “Water Strike! “Fire strike!”

Casting their fastest attack spells, as sharp elemental attacks zipped through the air heading straight for the immobilized Fang Tien.

“Thunder Bolt!” A loud shout could be heard from Liao Song as bolts of thunder blocked the path of the magis strike spells, “Boom!” a boom resonated as the spells clashed, canceling each other out.

Fang Tien mind worked in overdrive as he could see a massive amount of spiritual qi and elemental essence gathering around each magus. “Bang!” With a swing, the earth hands that held him were crushed, as he dashed towards Yuan Jin.

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