Chapter 133: Strength of Bloodline!

“TZZT!” The space within the surrounding area became slightly distorted as Runic letters of time appeared around the area, Fang Tien’s eyes radiating a bright silver glow as he stared into Yuan Jin’s. “Time-Mark!”

Pausing within his steps Yuan Jin eyes became vacant as if his soul has dispersed he stood motionless.

“Ugh!” A sharp acute pain ran through Fang Tien’s eyes, As a loud roar resonated within his mind forcing his eyes back to its normal silver color. “His Bloodline!?”

“ROAR!” A deep and majestic Dragon cry resonated, as the earth and trees shook under its might.

A projection of an Earth-land dragon hovered behind Yuan Jin, even though it was only half of its body its enormous size casting a large shadow around him.

Yuan Jin who’s eyes had returned to normal looked face was twisted in anger, “You forcefully activated my bloodline!”

Seeing this Liao Song was ecstatic, as even if they died it could now but traced, as a bloodline as powerful as his would leave behind a brand mark within the space.

A bloodline ability was the biggest superiority. This was also the reason why Bloodline warriors and Great magus were known as a supreme cultivation ranks being due to the ability they gained being able to transmit their bloodline powers externally gaining a large increase in abilities and power.

This was the true reason for most top clans and royal families keeping their bloodline pure by only reproducing with fellow members, as a top-tier bloodline was almost the deciding factor in ones later cultivation life. Being able to climb up and marrying a higher bloodline was seen as the ultimate form of partnership between two clans, as political marriages were the best sign of treaty and alliances.

“Kill!” “ROAR! ROAR!” Loud dragon cries resonated as the dragon projection roared to the skies, large earth spikes formed above as they rained down towards Fang Tien.

At the same time, the other three magis had managed to finish their spells.

” Flame storm!” “Great Tsunami!” “Flame Storm!”

“Thunder Storm!” Immediately Liao Song had cast her prepared spell, its range wider than the other magus spells, managing to cover two of the Yushia spell ranges as their spells clashed, the storm of thunder could be seen suppressing the other two easily.

As a great magus, her casted spells were more efficient than an apprentice magus, allowing her spells to be stronger and faster.

“Bang!” A loud explosion rang out as the spells clashed, leaving Fang Tien to fend off the incoming firestorm and earth spikes.

Fang Tien looked calmly above the skies as if to admire the scenery, seemingly oblivious to the impending danger. “So this is a great Magus might?” a sharp silver light could be seen forming within his eyes as the air in the surrounding area had changed as if shifted to an ancient era.

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