Chapter 134: Strength of Time!

“This pressure, a Dao?” Liao Song was shocked as a strange aura projected from Fang Tien, his eyes radiating a silver light as the space around him distorted strangely.

“This is…!” Liao Song gasped in surprise as the earth-spikes and firestorm had reversed their steps, before vanishing, it was as if the clocks of time had been reversed.

An unthinkable thought ran through her mind as Fang Tien hands rose, pointing towards the Earth-land dragon. A desperate cry of agony resonated from it, as the Enormous Earth-land dragon shrunk in size, becoming smaller with each second before fully reverting to its younger form.

With big beady eyes and a smaller roar, Yuan Jin cried out in anger and confusion. “Meteor Shower!”

“Roar!” A dragons cry rang out as the earth element within the area shifted above its head, the rocks and boulders nearby were of no exception as the spot above Yuan Jin head acted as a black hole, absorbing as many of the earth as it could form a massive meteorite.

“Kill!” “Roar!” At the command of his voice, the colossal meteorite descended downwards, its enormous shadow covering both Fang Tien and Liao Song.

Liao Song could be seen looking worryingly above the sky, as her hands gripped a necklace below her robes. “What now?”

“Don’t worry.” Fang Tien said. “I’ll stop it just prepare to kill the other magus the moment I do.” A rank 7 spell, I wonder how far my 3rd divine ability has come. Fang Tien could be seen casually walking towards Yuan Jin, the space around him distorting with each spell, if a True Magus was here they would be in a constant state of shock, as the space twisting around him was caused by time being distorted constantly.

Using his third divine ability Fang Tien was able to keep it constantly activated for a short time, protecting himself in a shield of time with the ability to reverse whatever spell entered.

While he was still confident a slight worry remained within his mind as the power of a rank 7 spell was leagued above a rank 6, entering levels of immense destruction, a spell such as ‘Meteor Shower.’ Had the power to destroy a large town easily in one cast.

It’s destructive range covering a wide area, as Yuan Jin had rushed its casting, only one meteor had appeared, but even one was enough to kill a bloodline warrior.

With a sneer Yuan Jin said. “Arrogant junior, are you too scared to even run away now?!”

With his Fang greatsword held up, a bright purple glow covered it as an image of a moon projected above it. “Be content, as you’re the first to die under this move.”

The purple amulet around Fang Tien’s neck shone brightly as an enormous amount of spiritual Qi was drained from his body, reducing the strain on his body the purple amulet reduced the consumption of the technique.

“TZZT!” The space in the surrounding shook as the meteorite reached above Fang Tien, its body crumbling as it dissolved into boulders and rocks, before finally devolving into dust, carried away by the wind.

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