Chapter 14: Sky Fire Continent?

In a strange space, seeming Void of anything, void of life, even void of death! this place seemed to not exist yet to exist at the same time, it gave an incredibly strange and conflicting feeling.

Deep within this space, an eyeball floated surrounded by heavenly bodies and chained by stars, this eyeball seemed as if it could occupy a universe, but despite its size, it still couldn’t feel this strange space it occupied.

Ancient Primordial Chaos qi flowed off this enormous Eye, the surrounding stars seem to shiver at each flow of Primordial QI flowed off, most noticeably was a lone star, within the stars that composed the chain, one had a slight crack!

“This Dream again,” Fang Tien said panting heavily, he would see the same thing every time since 2 years ago without fail whenever he rested, he had long since given up on trying to understand it.

Fang Tien sat up slowly, looking around the simple room he knew he would be leaving here behind, as he stood this one gigantic room seemed so much smaller to him, the ceiling that seemed as high as the sky now seemed within arms reach. He felt very strange and unused to his new height, Fang Tien was now 15 and suddenly had a growth spurt larger than his others, he was now s 5’9 in height, His long Flowing black hair hanged loosely behind, reaching only to his waist, before it had seemed to almost reaching the floor when he walked.

His eyes held a profound look and his face carried a confident smile, his once naivety expression had left him, he seemed even more aloof and calm, his facial expressions seemed to be less expensive as he got older and excelled at his Dao law.

“Creek” a creaking sound could be heard as the door opened in front of Fang Tien

suddenly a figure walked into the room, dressed in a simple gown, she seemed 13 in appearance, while she didn’t appear to be exceptionally beautiful she carried an honest and simple aura to her, her hair tied up in a bun she carried with her a washbasin filled with water and a cloth”

“Young Master, are you ready for your bath?” the young Girl asked shyly with her head down, blushing as she secretly glimpsed at Fang Tien.

” of course Meiying, I should be meeting with Master soon,” Fang Tien said with a smile, he sighed internally as he noticed Meiying’s rosy-colored cheeks, all the new maids would behave like this sighed, the maids would be changed after only a year by his master, for reasons unknown to Fang Tien, he was already used to it and since there would be a different one each year he choose to not grow overfond of them.

Fang Tien was excited for today, after all, almost wishing the time would go faster, he would finally be leaving his home of 15years to explore the sky fire continent, his master had finally deemed him worthy after he won 2 years ago in the same realm spar.

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