Chapter 14: Slaying Whales In The East Sea

But, it was only the beginning.


The air emanated from Wu Yu’s sword and motions changed.

His longsword roared and trembled with anger! The azure cloud in front of Wu Yu was the East Sea, and the sword in his hand was a giant whale of the deep sea. His body tensed with power, and like a giant whale leaping out from the depths of the ocean, Wu Yu’s sword tore apart the azure cloud in front of him, instantly lunging right in front of Qing Mang’s eyes.


Sadly, the lunge did not injure Qing Mang. She moved with intricate footwork to evade the attack right in the nick of time.

However, Wu Yu’s longsword managed to cut off three strands of her hair, which were caught by the breeze and floated past his face.

Qing Mang was only 13 years old, but her face was delicate, dainty and saintlike. Her air was unique and distinct. Wu Yu estimated that within a few years, she would become a beauty that could rival Su Yanli.

However, <> was a very profound technique; the attacks resembled the waves of the sea, slamming into Qing Mang wave after wave, and each wave was stronger than the previous one!


Wu Yu took hold of this good opportunity to press forward. The prizes from the Sect were right within view, so he didn’t care if his opponent was a little girl. His sword slashed horizontally, transforming into endless waves, so mighty that the Heavens shook in fear. Under Wu Yu’s hands, <> finally regained its lost glory.

Under Wu Yu’s ferocious attacks, Qing Mang could only execute <> to retreat.


Wu Yu’s mighty attack stunned the spectators in their seat. That dominating, overbearing air his slash released gave the impression that Wu Yu could rival an army with tens of thousands of people in power!


Even with its power, <> was only a supporting attack!


The essence of <> was all in its final style. Back when Wu Yu was still in the capital city, he could not fully display the essence of the final style. Now, under the blazing sun, he felt he could do it! All the despair and melancholy he had felt when he was exiled and crippled were all released in this one attack!


It was as if Wu Yu was in the East Sea, and a giant whale was raging in front of him. In his hand was a longsword, and with a slash, he executed <> to make the whale visible beneath the waves.




Entering the East Sea, Slaying Giant Whales!


Wu Yu raised his sword high, like an executioner, and brought it down, fast and violently.


The endless East Sea was split into half by one sword!


Danger descended from above at Qing Mang.


“Very strong!”


The calm of Qing Mang’s face quickly vanished, and she hurriedly executed <> to block the incoming attack. But it was too late; Wu Yu’s attack slashed apart her attempt at a defence, continuing down towards her head.


Qing Mang retreated a few steps, about to counterattack, before one foot stepped off into thin air.


“Shit, I forgot this was the Celestial Ascendance Podium!”


Her face drained of colour.


Even if one foot stepped into thin air, she wouldn’t lose her balance as she was a 7th Heavenly Stage expert. The problem was Wu Yu’s sword was about to strike her face! If she didn’t retreat, she would be hit by the sword, which would mean death, as the sword was too domineering and overbearing.


However, if she retreated, she would fall off the podium! Don’t even talk about getting the Celestial Ball; she would be eliminated from the exam, which meant she wouldn’t be able to enter the Sect! Even though Qing Mang was still young and still had another chance to enter the Sect, her current status as a servant was dragging her down.


Qing Mang decided to resist elimination with her sword.




The expected end result did not change. Wu Yu’s whale slaying attack broke open her defences, creating a powerful shockwave that rocked Qing Mang backwards along with the Celestial Ball. Both her feet touched nothing but thin air, and without solid ground to borrow power from, there was nothing she could do but fall.




All the spectators were shocked at the result!


However, right at that moment, Wu Yu did something very unexpected. With nimble hands, he deftly caught hold of Qing Mang’s shirtsleeve, before pulling and throwing her back onto the stage lightly.


Wu Yu did this because he thought Qing Mang should enter the Sect and also because he didn’t win properly. After all, he only managed to force her off the stage, and she was carrying the Celestial Ball, which weighed 1000 jin, at the same time.


Qing Mang was stunned by the turn of events. Wasn’t she about to be eliminated from the exam? Wasn’t she supposed to be knocked off the podium?


Everyone was immersed in surprise and shock.


“Again,” stated Wu Yu, preparing to attack.


At that moment, Qing Mang suddenly threw the Celestial Ball over, and said “You won, so there’s no point in continuing.”


Wu Yu caught hold of the ball. He did not expect that Qing Mang, at her age, would have such principles. If you lose, you lose, no point in excuse. It was true that she should’ve been knocked off the stage and eliminated, and that the Celestial Ball should’ve been “rethrown” for the remaining competitors to fight over.


Qing Mang did not attack, but instead showed her gratitude to Wu Yu for pulling her back onto the podium and giving her the opportunity to enter the Sect once again. The Celestial Ball was precious, but to her, status meant more.


Zhao Danlong, Ju Huo and the rest did not have the strength left to fight over the Celestial Ball, and Qing Mang did not want it. In the end, the ball fell into Wu Yu’s hands.


Of course, that didn’t mean he was stronger than Qing Mang.


However, that final attack of his was definitely very spectacular and amazing. Out of all the participators, people estimated that only the three 7th Heavenly Stage experts could block it, albeit at a certain cost.


What came next was “cleaning time”. Even though Wu Yu had the Celestial Ball, nobody dared to snatch it from him, because the final attack of his was too powerful.


The entire mountain erupted with noise and discussion after witnessing Wu Yu’s all-powerful strike.


“Wu Yu, he’s so strong!”


“He was able to make Qing Mang retreat! Even though she was dragged down by the Celestial Ball, being able to achieve such a feat is no easy task!”


“If the Celestial Ball remains in his hand in the end, then it’s well deserved.”


Many people were cheering for Wu Yu!


“Qing Mang that little girl… she just has too much backbone!” Woodsong smiled helplessly.


“Wood Elder, I’ve won!” Su Yanli’s face blossomed into an incredibly intoxicating smile.


“It hasn’t ended yet…” As Woodsong finished speaking, 60 breaths passed, and the Host of the event announced that Wu Yu had won the “Celestial Ball Plundering” event as well as become the champion of this year’s entrance exam.


The first one out of the Celestial Ascendance Road.


The person who won the Celestial Ball Plundering event.


After Wu Yu heard the announcement, he also found everything a little bit hard to believe. He only wanted to enter the Sect, but not only did he become the champion, he also won two fabulous prizes!


He wasn’t the strongest, but he was the victor!


“Wu Yu! Wu Yu!”


The ten thousand servants present all shouted Wu Yu’s name, because at that moment, he was their hero!


He was their dream!


“Qi Condensing Pill, Daemon Suppressing Sword!”


To Wu Yu, even the Wu Yu of three years past, such treasures were something he’d never thought he’d be able to obtain.


“Congratulations.” Qing Mang murmured. Even though she wasn’t all that happy with the results, she still came over and said a few words of felicitation.


“If you don’t mind that I’m older than you by a few years, we can become friends.” Wu Yu smiled. Everything was like a dream – never did he expect that he would stand on the podium a winner, with ten thousand people cheering his name!


The battle of the Celestial Ascendance Podium had finally ended!


“Sun Wudao, Wu Yu has become the champion! He’s entered the Sect and has been given big treasures!” A servant spoke loudly beside Sun Wudao’s ear.


“Ohhh….” Sun Wudao was still in shock over the turn of events.


“Wu Yu has ascended and become a Celestial!” Another servant shouted.


“Become a Celestial…” Sun Wudao stood up whilst trembling, eyes filled to the brim with hot tears.


“No regrets! My life has no more regrets!” He cried at the empty Celestial Ascendance Podium.


In the sky.


“Situ Jin…” Huaqian You’s face drained of colour upon seeing Situ Jin shake with anger, though a little sympathy could be seen within her eyes.


By his side, Wang Yiyang opened his mouth, then closed it again, obviously unable to muster up the courage to speak.


Liu Muxue’s turned her head to look at Wu Yu, “Incredible. I think I feel a little bit attracted towards him now.”


Wang Yiyang smiled coldly “He only a petty little man who knows how to stage a  comeback… your sense of aesthetics is so unique.”


Liu Muxue put her hand over her mouth and laughed, “I’m just joking. Wang Yiyang, are you scared of him?”


Only Situ Jin did not say anything.


He felt as if somebody had slapped his face a few times and had humiliated his dignity. The anger and frustration he felt was pent up inside him, without a way to vent it.


“You thirty, from today onwards, are official disciples of my Sword to Heaven Sect! Come with me.” In front of Wu Yu and the 29 other lucky servants was the stern Daoist Arts Keeper Elder!


It seemed that Su Yanli had left already.


“Elder, can you wait for me for a moment.” Wu Yu asked.


“Why?” Because Wu Yu’s performance was dazzling today, and because Su Yanli supported him, Woodsong naturally would take everything he said in consideration.


“Before the start of the entrance exam, I piggybacked an old servant from Yan Li Mountain to spectate the event. I want to find somebody to take him back home.”


All the servants were already leaving, but Sun Wudao was still sat in his spectating spot. Wu Yu still had to listen to what Woodsong had to say and complete some ceremonies, so he didn’t want Sun to sit in the blazing sun for too long and wait for him to pick him up.




Woodsong replied indifferently.


“Thank you Elder!”


After bowing, Wu Yu sprinted through the crowd, arriving in front of Sun Wudao who was waiting for him with the blink of an eye.


“You’ve done well!” Sun slapped him hard on the back.


Wu Yu looked at Sun and saw the joy and happiness that he’d expected Sun to feel. His face radiated with a healthy sheen, making him look tens of years younger.


“Wu Yu, no, Wu Shangxian, the Daoist Arts Keeper Elder is waiting for you. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely take him safely home to Yan Li Mountain!” A few servants from Yan Li Mountain started to ingratiate themselves with him.


It just so happens that Wu Yu needed their help!


“Wu Yu, go! Don’t miss such an opportunity! It’s fine, I can go home with them.” Sun Wudao said.


“Yes, Wu Shangxian! From now on, our band of brothers will work for you! We swear we’ll serve Sun well, so don’t worry and focus on being a Shangxian!”


The servants weren’t young, so they were quite adept at “manipulating” human nature.


Woodsong and the rest wouldn’t wait for too long, so Wu Yu hurriedly nodded his head and exchanged a few words with Sun. He then turned around and sprinted back to Woodsong’s side before Woodsong lead the group away.


“Let’s go back.”


The group of servants brought Sun Wudao with them, crossing ridges and mountains. They were all in a joyous mood, singing rowdy songs along the way.


“Yi Ya Wei, Yi Ya Wei, Wu Yu, who came from Yan Li Mountain, braved the Celestial Ascendance Road and snatched the Celestial Ball!”


Songs popped out one after another in their journey home.


Atop of their heads, a group of Celestial Cranes flew past.


“Situ Jin, look down.” Hua Qianyou said suddenly.


“What?” Situ Jin replied impatiently.


He looked downwards to find a group of servants and an old man, all happy and singing joyous songs.


“It’s that old fellow.” Wang Yiyang smiled coldly.


“Wu Yu, what a good chap! So generous too! He destroyed Zhao Danlong, fought back Ju Huo, defeated Qing Mang! Soon he’ll fight Situ Jin once again and destroy him so bad he’ll piss and shit his pants!”


“Piss and shit his pants, yeah piss and shit his pants!”


The servants created their own lyrics whilst walking, singing merrily without a care in the world.

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