Chapter 15: I Swear I’m Not Human!

Heaven Gazing Mountain.

This was the place where Wu Yu would live at an cultivate after becoming an Outer Disciple.

The Blue Surge Mountain Range was vast and endless, so each Core Disciple could have a mountain and the resources in it to themselves.

Heaven Gazing Mountain already had 50 disciples living in it before the entrance exams, so now that there were 30 new disciples initiated into the sect, the mountain was fully occupied.

Built on the enormous mountain, from its waist to its peak, and the several shorter and smaller mountains beside it, were numerous palaces, all enshrouded in mist. Each disciple had their own palace, which provided them with a place to live in, cultivate in, meet with friends… it even provided them with a garden in which they could grow Celestial Plants! They were so beautiful that even Wu Yu’s old palace in East Yue Wu could not compare with them.

Apart from that, Heaven Gazing Mountain also had countless markets and towers filled with scriptures of Martial Arts. It also featured many meeting spots for disciples, so in many cases, disciples living in the same mountain were like family to each other.

Wu Yu, Qing Mang, Zhao Danlong, Ju Huo and the rest of the new disciples would live in Heaven Gazing Mountain for the foreseeable future, unless they reached the Qi Condensing Phase and became a Core Disciple.

Woodsong brought the troop of new disciples towards Heaven Gazing Mountain’s “Heaven Gazing Podium”, which was the highest place of the peak, above the clouds. Surrounding the podium was an ocean of clouds, each in their own little cluster, floating above the earth.

“From today onwards, the 30 of you will be official disciples of my Sword to Heaven Sect. As long as you’re alive, you’ll always be a disciple of the Sect, and even in death, you’ll remain a disciple of the Sect!”

“Heaven has given the duty of slaying daemons and demons to us Sword Cultivators!”

The Daoist Arts Keeper Elder started reciting the Sect’s laws and regulation. After listening in for a while, Wu Yu learned that the Sect had five taboos and ten commandments, as well as numerous detailed and complicated rules.

“When you go back, read through and memorise this book – <>. If you disobey this order, you will receive devastating punishments. Confinement in jail is usually what takes place, but expulsion from the Sect or execution can happen.”

“This book is called <>. It details the rules of the Celestial Sect, which you’ll have to memorise, such as where you’re allowed to go and where you’re forbidden to go (with your current status as Outer Disciples). If you wander into areas forbidden to you, you’ll receive serious sanctions.”

“This is the <>, which you’ll also have to read through and memorise. It contains information on the different powers in the continent as well as the lands they inhabit, such as other Celestial Sects. You’ll also learn about daemons and demons in the book, which will help you immensely in your journeys and adventures outside of the Sect.”

Woodsong also gave out two more books, one holding a Martial Art, the other a Sword Technique. They were both Middle Class Martial Techniques, which weren’t of much use to Wu Yu.

“Outer Disciples will receive one blade of “Flying Celestial Grass” and a runesheet of their choice every month; the managers of Heaven Gazing Mountain will help you acquire them. However, this is the limit to how much the Sect can help you for free with cultivational resources, because how far you may go on the path of cultivation depends on your efforts.”

“Everything I’ve said today is recorded in the rulebook, so if you forgot anything I’ve said, read it. I’ve got one last word of advice for you lot. You 30 have ascended and are now real disciples of a Celestial Sect, so the most important thing for you to do is to cultivate – don’t let your desire for revenge or emotions cloud your mind. The greatest goal you all should be working towards is to reach the stage of Perfect Martial Arts and ascend into the Dao of Cultivation. Only when you do so will you be considered a true cultivator! The 30 of you are still far off from understanding the meaning of cultivation and becoming true cultivators!”

“However, condensing your Qi and stepping onto the road of cultivation is easier said than done. In 100 Outer Disciples, only 1 will be successful in doing so, which means out of the 30 of you, there is a high possibility that nobody will be able to become a real cultivator! Don’t be prideful because you’ve become the disciples of a Celestial Sects, because your journey in the world of cultivation has only just begun!”

His speech instantly calmed down the excited, beating hearts of the 30 new initiates, because it showed them the difficulties in the path of cultivation.

“There are 53 palaces in Heaven Gazing Mountain that are empty. Please pick one that suits you and move in. Wu Yu, come here.”

After hearing what Woodsong said, the group of disciples could not wait. Back when they were still servants, one of their dreams was to own and live in a Celestial Palace, yet today, this dream will finally become reality!”

However, hearing Wu Yu’s name being called led them to think of the Qi Condensing Pill and the Daemon Suppressing Sword.

Owning those two treasures were also the dreams of many of the servants.

In normal situations, only people who’d reached the stage of Perfect Martial Arts could own these items.

Woodsong did not say any unnecessary words, walking to Wu Yu, and taking out a jade case out of nowhere. Even though it was closed very tightly, a sweet fragrance still emitted from inside the case.

“This is the Qi Condensing Pill. It won’t help you now with your current cultivational status, so wait until you’ve reached the stage of Perfect Martial Arts before opening the case.”


Wu Yu took the jade case from Woodsong’s hands. The Qi Condensing Pill was a top notch and extremely rare treasure, but currently, it was not of much use to Wu Yu.

After that, a whoosh came from Woodsong’s hand, and a sword appeared out from nowhere. Just from it’s appearance, the desire for blood released from the sword forced all the disciples back a few steps. It was three fingers wide, with a blade as bright as snow, so sharp that even fur could be cut in half. Engraved on the side of the blade was a landscape, featuring different types and species of daemons.

And on the sword hilt, there were two awe inspiring words – “镇妖”!

The Daemon Suppressing Sword was also a very famous sword outside of the Sect. Even Wu Yu had heard of it back in the days he was still a Prince Heir, though he didn’t know it came from the Sword to Heaven Sect. To him back then, the Daemon Suppressing Sword was the most powerful weapon in the world!

Never in his life did he dream he would obtain it like this.

“Treat it well.”

After saying that, the Daoist Arts Keeper Elder took his leave.

All the servants looked at Wu Yu with envy.

“Let’s go, my brothers and sisters. From now on, you guys will be a member of our family here on Heaven Gazing Mountain, so let me take you guys to select your own palace!”

A middle-aged man walked towards them.

Following the middle-aged man, Wu Yu selected a palace on the waist of the mountain.

“Wu Yu, are we friends?” Qing Mang raised her head and asked him.

“Of course.”

“Then every now and then I’ll find you to play and fight.” With that, she skipped away, her face blooming with a big, wide smile. It seems like this mature and cold girl was still a child at heart.

Everything was brand new to the 30 new initiates. They were given almost everything they needed for their life as real disciples of the Sect; only choosing their servants remained. Outer Disciples were given ten servants to serve them.

“I’m going to go back to Yan Li Mountain and ask Su Yanli to let Uncle Sun enjoy his last years here with me. After that, I’m going to go recruit some servants to work for me.”

The older generation of disciples would bring some servants from outside for the Outer Disciples to select from every day; it seemed it was going to take place by the mountain gate today.

Therefore, Wu Yu sped off to Yan Li Mountain after unloading his belongings in his palace.

There was a tall and handsome Celestial Crane waiting for him inside the stables of the palace. It was a gift to him from the Sect, so getting from place to place inside the Blue Surge Mountain’s was going to be much easier.

Situ Jin and his Lin Er, or Mei Er was just like Wu Yu’s Celestial Crane, a gift from the Sect.

Wu Yu clambered onto the Crane and soared into the sky, braving the buffeting winds, hair swaying in the breeze. The vast world of the Celestial Sect lay before his very eyes, grand and beautiful. Ah… being a servant disciple and being an Outer Disciple just does not feel the same…


In accordance with the rules, Wu Yu had to park his Celestial Crane inside Su Yanli’s Celestial Beast Gardens. As he’d become an Outer Disciple, he was no longer in a master – servant relationship with Su Yanli.


Celestial Cranes were Spiritual Beasts, so even though they couldn’t speak, they could understand human speech. With a loud cry, it descended within the Celestial Beast Gardens, notifying the servants that a visitor had arrived at Yan Li Mountain. A servant rushed over to service the Crane, but surprisingly, he was not smiling, but pale and nervous “Wu, Wu Yu, something bad happened.”

Something bad happened!

Wu Yu was startled.

The servant pointed at the wooden house by the mountain with trembling fingers.

Instantly, Wu Yu had a sense of foreboding. Did Sun Wudao slip or trip over in his journey back to Yan Li Mountain?


He sped over to the house at his fastest speed, face drained of colour, heart beating with anxiety, muttering “please, don’t let anything bad happen to him!” over and over again under his breath.

He was now very close to the wooden house.

Whoosh! He was there!

The door wasn’t closed, so Wu Yu could see a group of servants inside. They were the ones who’d vowed to bring Sun Wudao back home safely.

Their faces were pale, and their bodies were trembling.

Wu Yu stood there, mind blank and empty, as if struck by lightning

Inside the house, there was a bed, and on the bed was a skinny old man. His eyes were closed, already empty of vitality and life.


Wu Yu’s blood threshed within his arteries and veins, striking his brain with crazed fervor. Veins crisscrossed his eyes, and the world in front of him was painted in red.

Sun Wudao was dead.

“You guys!”

Wu Yu wanted to tear the servants in front of him into little pieces

But he looked back, to see that two of them were sat on the floor, mouth dripping fresh blood, eyes wide, mouth emitting strange noises, trying to communicate with him. Upon close inspection, WU Yu noticed that their tongues had been torn off.

“Wu, Wu Shangxian, don’t…. don’t blame us, it was Situ Jin! On our journey back we encountered Situ Jin and his three friends! They were the ones who murdered Sun Wudao!”

Hua La!

The remaining few servants all collapsed and kneeled on the floor.

“Kolanta and Qing Feng tried to say a few words and stop them, so because of that, their tongues were torn off!”

“We’re too weak, so no matter how much and how hard we tried, we could not stop Situ Jin from killing Sun Wudao!”

The servants told Wu Yu whilst crying in hysteria.

Situ Jin!

Wu Yu’s eyes blazed red, and anger threatened to erupt from his chest like a volcano.

Sun Wudao was the person Wu Yu respected most in his lifetime. All the hard work he’d did in the past month was to make him happy and feel satisfied, but now that he’d become an Outer Disciple and was about to soar into the sky, Situ Jin killed Sun!

He killed a defenseless, and already dying old man!

Poor Wu Yu, who wanted to take Sun Wudao to Heaven Gazing Mountain so that he could live out the rest of his life in peace.

“It seems like Situ Jin really detests you, killing Sun Wudao upon seeing him. He said that killing servants was nothing, just like killing an ant to Shangxian’s.”

Kolanta told Situ Jin and his friends that you were already an Outer Disciple, and was number one amongst the new initiates, but they just laughed. Not only did they cut off his tongue, they also said that you were only a cheap, petty little man who knew how to make a comeback, and that you couldn’t do anything against them even if they killed the old piece of trash.”

“It seems what they said was true, because real disciples of the Sect cannot kill each other, otherwise the consequences would be devastating. That’s why they’re not scared of your retribution! Ah… Sun Wudao’s already so old, why couldn’t they just let him go…!”

The servants shaking in anger at Situ Jin and his cronies, as well as weeping tears of melancholia and helplessness.

“Sun Wudao”

Wu Yu kneeled and kowtowed on the floor.

He would not forget that it was because of the legacy Sun Wudao gave him that he has everything he has today.

To him, the old man was like his father, stern and strict, but full of love towards him.

Ah… It’s so unfortunate that the Heavens would not give him the chance to repay his gratitude.

He wouldn’t blame himself, because the person in the wrong was not him, but Situ Jin!

The person who wanted to whip himself to death because of a Celestial Crane.

The person who wanted to make Sun Wudao to eat Crane shit for fun.

The person, no, the beast, who killed a 100 year old man because of his envy of Wu Yu.

Wu Yu kowtowed and released a roar that could tear the heavens apart. With a Ka Cha, his hands ripped the floor tiles below him into shards, and the shards in his hands were crushed into powder.

The thing he hated most was the fact that he didn’t kill Situ Jin earlier.


Wu Yu stood up, radiating an intense desire for bloodshed, for vengeance!

“If I don’t kill Situ Jin today, I swear I’m not human!”

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