Chapter 15: Internal Trouble Outside Aggression

This time, Baliyan has finally struck the crucial point. Although, Godou’s expression was still same as ever, but rest of Zhai Feng teachers had unnatural expressions.

The students of first grade have just barely made contact with Soul’s Power. Considering the level of Soul’s Power of these teachers present on the Invigilating platform, the disparity in the level of first graders of Zhai Feng and the first graders of Xia Feng was obvious at just a glance.

Zhai Feng institute was bound to loose. Moreover, would loose quite miserably. What’s more was, they had an individual called Lu Ping among them. This garbage’s level would be the final blow for them.

At this moment, teacher beside Baliyan moved closer and said a few words to him. After that, his smile became much more unrestrained.

” So, it turns out, he is Lu Ping. I have heard about him. He is a repeater who had failed two consecutive Major Assessments. How come I didn’t see him before?” Baliyan smilingly said.

“It’s because, he didn’t fail the previous two Assessments, rather he didn’t come to take the test.” Godou said.

“Ha ha.” Baliyan was further delighted. ” From your words, it seemed like he would have been able to pass if he happened to come. Oh old Guo, I am not saying about you. Your institute’s rules are truly a bit too lenient. For a student like this, you are allowing to spare three chances? At our Xia Feng institute, I would have kicked him out within a month. The Assessment wouldn’t even have mattered!”

” Dean, Dean…..” The teacher beside him immediately yanked him twice. Their Dean was too pleased and was overstepping a little. It was too inelegant.

Baliyan immediately coughed twice. He also realized that he wasn’t being too modest. He adjusted his mood for a short moment. Then using an ‘everything steady and stable’ voice, he said:

“Shall we begin?”

” Begin!” The invigilator standing beside the Soul’s Tower officially began the Major Assessment.

” We will first begin with Zhai Feng institute. The student whose name is called, enter the Soul’s Tower to carry out the examination. Ascend the tower. Use whatever means you can. First to fourth floor, every floor’s time limit is half minutes;

Fifth to eighth floor, every floor’s time limit is one minute. Ninth to eleventh floor, every floor’s time limit is two minutes. Twelfth floor, the time limit is four minutes. Arriving on the seventh floor would be considered as passing the test. And the amount of overall time taken would influence the final evaluation. Are my words clear?” The Invigilator declared the rules of the test.

” Clear!” Students replied in unison. Actually, everybody had already heard about it through teachers and senior classmates.

” Very well. In that case, begin now. The first candidate, Se Nan.”


Upon hearing the called out name, student Se Nan separated himself from the line. Two Invigilators immediately sent out their soul’s power to perform a quick inspection. It was not to examine the student’s realm, rather it was to inspect whether the student is carrying any articles prohibited articles during Major Assessment such as weapons, drugs etc.

” No problem.” Only after gaining the approval from the two Invigilators, student Se Nan was permitted to proceed towards the Soul’s Tower.

Towers gate was tightly closed. On the door, there was a hollow impression to receive the palm print. Se Nan very slowly pressed his palm inside. Although, he had heard Seniors saying that ‘this obstacle is very simple, as long as one has perceived soul’s power, he would be possible to pass through’, but he was still having butterflies in his stomach due to nervousness.

However, soon after, he heard a voice resembling the voice produced when a key is clicked inside the lock. Entrance door of Soul’s tower quietly and unhurriedly opened.

It was too simple!

The student wasn’t required to make any effort other than placing his palm inside the depression on the door. Soul’s Tower automatically perceived the Soul’s Power possessed by the student.

As the door opened, Se Nan was able to able to calm down his butterflies by quite a bit. He turned his body and waved towards his fellow students. Then, he entered the Soul’s Tower. The gate behind his body was gently closed.

” Se Nan. Add oil!” (Tl: It’s a kind of cheering) First graders of Zhai Feng institute loudly cheered.

” Ha ha ha ha.” However, they immediately heard voices with a lot of sneers mixed within.

” For the first-grade test, you need to ‘add oil’. Isn’t this a bit too disappointing?’

At a side, the first graders of Xia Feng institute were waiting for Zhai Feng institute’s first graders to finish their test. They disdained that ‘Add oil’ yell of Zhai Feng institute’s students. According to them, the first-grade test is too simple. How could you even want to cheer ‘Add oil’ for a feat like this.

” Truly a group of country bumpkins.” Xia Feng commented while pointing their fingers.

Students of Zhai Feng institute were obviously not happy with it. Some individuals immediately responded with harsh words of their own. Without waiting for the mockery of both sides to escalate, Invigilators immediately came over to put it to an end.

” Honestly saying….” At the tail of the line, Mo Lin said to Lu Ping in a low voice ” I think they are actually right. Is there a need to yell ‘Add oil’ for such a simple test? I am a little bit ashamed to stand in this line. I am not blushing, am I?”

” No.” Lu Ping was actually very calm.

And at this moment, Se Nan inside the Soul’s Tower was as like a ‘hot knife through butter’. First floor….Second floor…..Third floor…As soon as a floor was crossed, a ring would shine on the Soul’s Tower. The achievements of the student going through the test were obvious at a glance.

Same as before, fourth floor, fifth floor and sixth floor were also crossed rapidly. Barely a minute had passed and he was able to rush up to the sixth floor. It seemed extremely easy.

Students of Zhai Feng institute straightened themselves, feeling very proud. They couldn’t resist throwing a few provocative glances towards the students of Xia Feng institute. However, at the end of the line, some people have cold water poured over them.

Mo Lin was wearing an unbearable expression and holding onto his head: “Ah! This is too bad…..In a moment, they will have their face painted with red.”

Although, Mo Lin’s realm was not the realm of Linking Up of souls, but it was sufficient to perceive the levels of these first graders. Just like the teachers, he was only too clear about the disparity between the first graders of Zhai Feng institute the first graders of Xia Feng institute. However, these first graders are not aware of it. Their confrontational spirit is too strong.

” They are courting their own disaster…” Mo Lin lamented. Meanwhile, looking over to the side of Xia Feng students, with regards to Zhai Feng institute’s provocation, their attitude was once again that of disdain. You are not high enough to even be our opponent. But the unfortunate thing was, Mo Lin clearly knew that they had the qualifications to act like this.

” Ah! My heart hurts too much.” Mo Lin said while holding his chest. ” Only a few days have passed since I entered the institute, how could I have such a strong feeling for the belonging. I will leave early to roam somewhere else. I will return at your turn. Only you can redeem a little bit of our face. It’s just that, a test of this kind…..”

Mo Lin looked towards Soul’s tower and shook his head. The test for first graders truly is too simple. Even if someone is able to go through all of it, people would not consider him as a freak. He can make out at least three individuals at the side of Xia Feng institute who have broken through into the first Heavenly Layer. This is sufficient to have a crack at scoring full marks in this test. Going by this way, it will all rely on Lu Ping alone. And ultimately due to his performance, members of Zhai Feng institute themselves would be slapped on the face.

Pitiable students of Zhai Feng institute were completely unaware of all this. They were still enthusiastically discussing the performance of Se Nan while maintaining their distance from Lu Ping. And if by mistake, their vision somehow found him, it would turn into a despising look at once.

After leaving, Mo Lin wandered everywhere aimlessly. Eventually, over the side of fourth graders, his vision found Xi Fan who was unexpectedly not resting at home. A member of Discipline Squadron was managing his wheelchair. Although, he was not able to participate, but he was concerned about the performance of his institute.

” The future of Zhai Feng institute would rely on all you outstanding students.” Mo Lin was imitating the tone of Godou, standing behind the body of Xi Fan.

” What are you doing here?” Xi Fan knew, Mo Lin doesn’t need to take the Major Assessment.

” Just casually strolling.” Mo Lin said.

” Over that side… is it going?” Xi Fan was asking about first graders.

” Internal Trouble Outside Aggression.” Mo Lin said.

“What?” Xi Fan didn’t understand.

” From the outside, they are about to be crushed by Xia Feng. And from the inside, they are about to be slapped by Lu Ping’s performance. You tell me, it’s miserable or not?”

Xi Fan went deep into thought without saying anything. This truly is such a matter, he didn’t know what could be said about it.

” Who knows how would that guy perform. He is too calm and collected. It’s only been a few days since I joined the institute, but I really wish to kill those arrogant bastards of Xia Feng courtyard by poison. Say, why do I feel such a strong sense of belonging.” Mo Lin said.

Xi Fan completely ignored the nonsense spouted by him. Suddenly, he heard bursts of cheering coming from the side of first graders.

” What’s happening?” Xi Fan’s Sound’s Soul don’t possess any realm. He wasn’t able to hear most of the details.

” An individual named Ba Yong is currently discussed.” Mo Lin’s Sound’s soul is at third Heavenly Layer. He was able to obtain the information as soon as he employed it.

“Oh.” Xi Fan knew Ba Yong. He is the most remarkable individual in the current batch of first graders. He has already perceived up to five kinds of soul’s power.

“Ba Yong, Ba Yong!” First graders of Zhai Feng were cheering in the chorus.

Ba Yong was even quicker up to the sixth floor. However, what made the first graders excited was that even the sixth floor was crossed by him like a hot knife cutting through butter.

For the previous student, first to sixth floor went without a hitch. He crossed all the floors with an imposing manner. However, he wasted a time span of one minute on the sixth floor. Clearly, from the beginning of sixth floor, difficulty is not like that of previous floors. In the end, if one wishes to burst in the seventh floor, an effort different than previous one’s is required.

Although it was so, every student still managed to clear it. For the time being, a student not being able to clear the passing requirement, the seventh floor, hasn’t appeared.

However, after the seventh floor, the students won’t be imposing like before. Some would stop at seventh, some at eighth and the most remarkable individual till now is also merely at the ninth floor.

And at present, it’s Ba Yong.

The most outstanding student among the first-grade students of Zhai Feng has easily stepped upon the seventh floor.

There was envy. There was admiration. However, for this examination, in which both Zhai Feng and Xia Feng are placed on either side of spear’s edge, everyone spared their wrath for a single enemy.

Amidst of shouts, Ba Yong has already rushed up to the eight floor. The sudden rise in difficulty increased his time consumption. However, regardless of words; Eighth floor, ninth floor, tenth floor….nothing was able to stop him. It lasted till the eleventh floor.

One minute……Two minutes……Two and a half…….Three

Time was over. Finally, Ba Yong was stopped at the eleventh floor. His face was filled with regret when he was sent out of the tower.

” Ah! Just a bit more!” He said to other students.

“Don’t mind. It was already pretty outstanding.” Students who got along well with him consoled. After that, they again became agitated. They sent out provocative looks towards Xia Feng one more time.

” You bunch of frogs at the bottom of the well truly are unbearable.” An individual walked out from the line of Xia Feng.

” Are you called Ba Yong?” The individual said to Ba Yong. Then, he stretched his hand and pointed towards the north-east direction with his fingers. ” Two hundred meters away, the bird on the tree top, what is it?”

” What?” Ba Yong was surprised for a moment. His followed former’s finger and saw the tree. Is there a bird at the top of the tree?

” Can’t see? So, now you realize the difference?” That student disdainfully said.

” Anyone could spout nonsense. Eight kilometres away, what is that bird? Can I trouble you to tell me?” Some Zhai Feng students shouted.

” Hehe. You can ask the teacher to confirm whether it’s Pinguinus Impennis( a flightless bird) standing on the branch.” The student spoke with complete confidence. And the teacher he talked about was precisely of Zhai Feng’s, so as to free himself from any suspicions of collaboration.

That teacher had also heard the arguments between the two sides. He exclaimed ” It is Pinguinus Impennis. If one has first Heavenly Layer in Infusion’s soul, then he might be able to clearly see it.”

“Infusion’s Soul……First Heavenly Layer? ” The complexion of all Zhai Feng’s first graders turned completely different.

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