Chapter 16: Soul’s Tower Flunked

” Hehe.” All the first-grade students of Xia Feng were laughing. Their laugh seemed very modest. Even a single bit of it wasn’t leaking out. However, compared with the aggressive display of Zhai Feng’s first-grade students after the explosive performance of Ba Yong, such modest and calm attitude of Xia Feng’s students immediately turned into the biggest possible ridicule.

Every student of Zhai Feng felt thoroughly ashamed. Ba Yong was even more dumbstruck. He was unable to say anything for a long time.

At Zhai Feng, his fellow students praised him as a genius. Teachers would also frequently use him as an example. Such things allowed him to slowly set his preferences as such. Although teachers also frequently warned him that there are people beside him, but he always believed that this was done by teachers to not let him become arrogant.

He wasn’t arrogant, but it also wasn’t possible for him to be overly humble.

He is a genius. However, he is a genius who is also willing to strive.

Ba Yong always thought as such and acted according to it. However, at present, it seems like perceiving five kinds of souls absolutely doesn’t count as anything? Among the first grade students of Xia Feng, there are some individuals who have even broken through into first the Heavenly Layer.

” Cheer up. You are just in first grade. The realm is not important at all.” Teachers of Zhai Feng specifically came over and began to explain Ba Yong.

Ba Yong showed his approval with a sound. However, his heart had already begun to waver. Was he truly not outstanding enough or is it…….Xia Feng educating manner is more outstanding?

First Heavenly Layer of Infusion’s soul. For Zhai Feng, it was the first show of strength by Xia Feng. Everyone looked completely dispirited. There was no more mutual encouragement. Furthermore, they no longer dared to provoke the side of Xia Feng courtyard. They were afraid to even look at the other side.

” Add oil!”

“Cheer up!”

Opposite to what one might expect, students of Xia Feng seemed pretty concerned about the vigor of Zhai Feng’s students. However, when to you take that that smirking appearance and deliberately dragging the end tune after every line, it was clearly akin to throwing stones at a drowning person.

It made Zhai Feng students further depressed. But, then again, what could be done about it? First Heavenly Layer! Who amongst them could compete against it? Even Ba Yong was brought down.

And on the examination stage, Baliyan perhaps would be dancing right now, if not for taking modesty and demeanor into consideration.

This year’s first graders are really good at venting off!

Of course, he can only say these words in his mind. Truly saying it would sound too shameless.

” Zhai Feng students are completing lacking their spirit!” He stated it this way.

That was true, though. After such a huge setback, they were completely spiritless. In accordance with the order, as their name was called, they would enter the Soul’s Tower to take the test like a complete machine. It seemed like they wanted to be over with this Assessment as soon as possible.

No new student after entering the Soul’s Tower showed any sort of brilliant performance. The majority of them were only able to reach up to the seventh floor. Two students even failed to step on the seventh floor. This was definitely not normal. It also made the concerned two students even more disheartened.

Eventually, it was almost finished.

As Zhai Feng students watched their line getting continuously shortened, every one of them breathed a sigh of relief. It lasted till Lu Ping was preparing to enter the tower after his name was called.

The dropped heads of Zhai Feng dropped even more.

Truly unfortunate! They were already ashamed to show their faces in front of Xia Feng. On top of it, this guy is here to drag down the limit even more. For this guy, who completely lacks Soul’s Power, even entering the tower would be impossible!

Many students already began to cover their faces. Not only them, even a few teachers on the stage also displayed weird expressions on their faces.

The reason was; instances of students being unsuccessful to enter the seventh floor of Soul’s Tower due to inadequate soul’s power or not being able to perform as usual, would happen now and then. But if one is unable to even enter the door of Soul’s Tower, if one is unable to prevail over the eight fen of the first floor, that would be the greatest humiliation possible. What is this? You don’t even possess the capability to teach a single bit of Soul’s Power to the student? Teachers don’t care about Lu Ping’s face. They care about Zhai Feng’s face and even more about their own face.

” It looks like everyone is really looking forward to this guy?” Baliyan took notice of completely hard pressed Zhai Feng and struck an appetizing ironic remark towards Godou. Looking forward to Lu Ping’s performance, obviously, these words were meant for Xia Feng.

Godou smiled and didn’t comment on it. At this moment, two invigilators had also conducted their checking. Both of them displayed strange looks. After exchanging a glance with each other, they increased the power of their abilities to perceive one more time.

” What happened?” Head Invigilator walked over.

” He doesn’t possess soul’s power.” Actually, this couldn’t be blamed on two Invigilators. They only discovered it during the first inspection in passing. Mildly curious, they decided to perceive it one more time. And the result was that he truly doesn’t possess soul’s power.

” What?” Head Invigilator also did the same. As expected, it was true.

Right! Don’t allow him to take the test!

Hope was ignited in all the students of Zhai Feng students simultaneously. If Lu Ping is stopped here, how much better it would be as compared to when he won’t be able to even open the door of Soul’s Tower?


“You want to take the test?” Head Invigilator left the decision to Lu Ping.

Don’t! Everyone’s heart simultaneously cried. However, Lu Pin’s answer was “Yes. Or else I am going to get expelled.”

Final Struggle! was the thought in everyone’s mind. As they thought about the huge humiliation they are just about to face because of this Garbage, they couldn’t help but choke a little.

” That’s ok. Go next.” Head invigilator didn’t prevent Lu Ping again.

” Just confirming it one more time, as long as I can rush at the top of the Tower, it would suffice, right?” Lu Ping suddenly said.

Head Invigilator glanced at him, then nodded his head ” That’s right.”

Is he trying to play some petty mind games?

A lot of people who heard Lu Ping’s words were thinking such things. However, the Head Invigilator didn’t bother to pay attention if there was some kind of trap in Lu Ping’s words. Wishing to bend the rules of Major Assessment through some cheap mind games, are all these personnel acting as Invigilators morons without a brain?


The sound of the clock could be heard from Soul’s Tower. The Zhai Feng’s candidate stopped somewhere on the seventh floor. He wasn’t able to cross the seventh floor, but it was sufficient to pass the test. Thereupon, he was immediately delivered out of the tower.

” Passed!” Head Invigilator immediately declared. Immediately after, he called the name of the final student of Zhai Feng courtyard: ” Lu Ping.”

” Yes.” Lu Ping responded.

Head Invigilator didn’t say anything, he just signaled him to begin.

There was moaning and groaning all around on the side of Zhai Feng. Only two individuals…

Mo Lin had returned with Xi Fan at the scene of the first-grade examinations to watch the performance of Lu Ping. Mo Lin’s entire face was filled with expectations. Xi Fan, however, was in a dilemma. Although, he was not willing to see such a depressed Zhai Feng, but he was also not willing to see Lu Ping, the guy who has always been considered as Garbage to shock everybody upside down. Because he himself has gone through that very feeling. It isn’t the least bit beautiful.

What would be good then?

Xi Fan was unable to figure it out. At this moment, Lu Ping has already arrived at the door of Soul’s Tower. He raised his right hand and pressed it for the hand print.

Tower’s gate didn’t respond at all.

See that, I knew it!

All of the Zhai Feng was struck with tearless grief. Over that side, the first-grade students of Xia Feng students didn’t possess high enough realm to tell that Lu Ping doesn’t possess soul’s power. For a short duration they were blanked, then they realized what does Soul’s Tower’s loss of reaction implies. Actually, this kind of situation has never ever happened before. They had no concept of it!

Surprisingly, there was such a disappointing student yet to go? Can’t even open the Tower’s gate?

” Ha ha ha ha.” This time, Xia Feng students couldn’t manage their false modesty. They laughed like a madman. Many individuals held their stomachs. They laughed until tears appeared in their eyes.

The sound of the laughter felt like a sharp sword, piercing inside out of Zhai Feng’s heart.

Head Invigilator had already anticipated such an outcome. He was just about to move forward to conclude the test of Lu Ping. You haven’t even entered the tower, why don’t you save your Movement Skills.

Who could have anticipated that at this moment, a loud sound of an explosion would rang out.

Gate opened.

No. In precise terms, one should say: The gate flew.

By the time everybody responded, Lu Ping’s right hand which was pressed inside the door had already disappeared.

After that, everybody saw him entering the Tower. However, the Tower’s Gate behind his body didn’t close. The back of his body was burned in the eyes of everyone who was present.

Then, immediately afterward, it shifted into their minds.

Because the figure had already disappeared.

On the second floor?

Everyone raised their head to look. Sure enough, a halo was illuminated at a lightning fast speed. However…..isnt it shining a bit high? This doesn’t seem to be the second floor…’s the seventh floor?

One step….seven floors?

What is this?

Everyone was stupefied. The halos of lower floors; second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor, and sixth floor haven’t shined at all. In this one step, Lu Ping has reached the seventh floor!

” What is happening?” The Dean of Xia Feng, Baliyan involuntarily cried out. All of a sudden, he stood up from his seat, with his big belly sticking out. As he did, thick soul’s power was involuntarily discharged. The table in front of him was sent flying due to it.


The table broke down and scattered in all four directions. At this moment, the halo of the tenth floor also shined.

First step Seventh floor. The second step, Tenth floor!

The height which most of the first graders were incapable of reaching even after sparing no effort on their part, Lu Ping only used a blink of an eye. Only used Two Steps.

After that, Third step.

Twelfth floor!

The eleventh floor was also skipped. This was Zhai Feng’s former best achievement obtained by Ba Yong. However, at present, it didn’t even possess the qualifications to cause Lu Ping to halt temporarily.

” This….” Baliyan finally recovered from the rare instance of being in shock and state of absent-mindedness. In a split second, his gaze turned harsh. He swept his glance through the Xia Feng’s teacher sitting beside him.

The teacher immediately got the meaning.

They had some special arrangements on the twelve floor. However, they never anticipated that these special arrangements would be used on a first-grade student. These special arrangements are too much for a first-grade student. If not handled properly, it would be huge trouble.

However, the Dean has already hinted. This guy also doesn’t seem like an ordinary first-grade student.


The teacher was preparing to use his ability right away.


Huge Explosion!

The twelfth floor was already destroyed and a figure of a man could be seen standing at the apex of the Tower. People possessing realms of Infusion’s soul were able to clearly see, it was Lu Ping. A very calm Lu Ping.

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Before any person could respond, sounds of successive of explosions could be heard coming from Soul’s Tower. From every floor, dust began to fly all around. Tower began to tilt and collapse.

” Run for it!” Head Invigilator shouted in a loud voice.

Invigilators and the students of the two institutes who were gathered under the Soul’s Tower immediately dispersed in all four directions to evade.

Soul’s Tower collapsed and turned into ruins within a short duration of time. From within the thick dust, ascending towards the sky, a figure was walking out. He was getting more and more clear.

Lu Ping.

”This Soul’s Tower flunked.” Lu Ping said.

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