Chapter 16: The Battle Of Heaven’s Cry Peak

Wu Yu headed over to Heaven’s Cry Peak aboard his Celestial Crane.

He could not forget how Sun consoled after he lost everything.

He could not forget how Sun would tell him to hurry up when he was slow or lagging behind.

He could not forget the food Sun would prepare for him at the end of each long day.

It was the feeling of family, of deep love.

The old man’s wrinkle ridden face always looked stern and strict, but the love in his eyes was unmistakeable. His eyes… Wu Yu could not forget those eyes full of love.

Upon remembering the proud, happy smile Sun gave when he placed first place in the entrance exam, Wu Yu felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

“Situ Jin!”

Situ Jin’s arrogant, despotic face would constantly appear in his head, and he could even picture the scene of Sun’s death, causing the fires of fury he was feeling to blaze stronger and higher.

One of the rules of the Sect was that disciples were not allowed to kill each other; if one had hatred against another, then he/she had to report it to the Sect.

“Heaven’s Cry Peak!”

He had arrived.

His blood, flesh, bones, tendons and even his inner organs all blazed with golden fury, and veins crisscrossed his eyes. The shocking bloodlust that radiated from Wu Yu was something unprecedented!

“Situ Jin!”

Wu Yu roared angrily, voice resounding throughout the mountain.

Heaven’s Cry Peak instantly went into an uproar, because somebody had come to challenge them!

“I, Situ Jin, am here.”

A slovenly, nonchalant voice came from the peak of the mountain.

Situ Jin was on “Heaven’s Cry Podium”, the biggest square on Heaven’s Cry Mountain, where numerous disciples would duel each other every day.

Wu Yu drove his Celestial Crane over to the square. It was currently one hour past noon, so the sun was still blazing hot, searing every inch of his skin and flesh, causing golden light to wander around his body and golden flames to form within his bones.

There were quite a few disciples at “Heaven’s Cry Podium”, so they all saw a young teenage boy, who seemed to be burning in golden flames, descend from the sky. He jumped off his Celestial Crane before it landed on the ground, slamming heavily into the ground.

A few cracks instantly appeared on the giant rock that the “Heaven’s Cry Podium” was made out of!

“Who is he?!”

There were quite a few disciples around Wu Yu, and they weren’t weak, but since it was not their business, they didn’t care why Wu Yu came to the mountain.

Situ Jin, Wang Yiyang, Huaqian You and Liu Muxue emerged from a room and walked over to the “Heaven’s Cry Podium”. Even though Wu Yu was quite far away from where they were, the killing intent and savageness in his eyes shocked all of them.

“We don’t have to be scared. There’s four of us, and the Sect does not permit slaughter between disciples, otherwise expulsion or even execution will await the one who breaks the rule. What can he do to us?” Situ Jin smiled coldly, before walking over to Wu Yu with swagger and an irritating nonchalance.

“Reportedly, this Wu Yu is a servant who has just passed the entrance exam, as you can see by the “Daemon Suppressing Sword” he’s holding in his hands. What I don’t know is, what exactly happened between him and Situ Jin and his bunch of cronies?”

“Situ Jin’s little brother is very overpowered, so Situ Jin’s status has been on the rise within the Sect, leading him to offend quite a few people.”

Not many people were willing to be friends and team up with Situ Jin because of his personality.

Wu Yu did not listen to the crowd’s discussions, because all his attention was focused on Situ Jin and his three friends. If he didn’t kill them today, he was not human.

Situ Jin was the main culprit, and his three friends were accomplices.

“Step Step!”

The sword in his hand was no longer the metal sword, but the Daemon Suppressing Sword. It’s blade reflected the piercing rays of the sun, shining with a cold, brutal light. The engravings of daemons on the sword seemed to come to life, roaring, howling, emitting an enormous desire for blood.

Wu Yu did not say anything, only walking forward and emitting an aura that seemed to strengthen in power with every step. His eyes, locked in a battle with Situ Jin’s, shined golden.

“Ah, I wondered who it was shouting my name just now. Seems like it’s just a petty little servant from Yan Li Mountain who was just initiated into the Sect today. Why are you not back at Yan Li Mountain showing off your achievements? Why are you here on Heaven’s Cry Mountain, trying to find me?”

Wang Yiyang, who was next to Situ Jin, added “There’s an 80% chance that it’s because his old-ass father has just died. Of course, hiking across mountain’s is not good for the health of the elderly, so the death of your father was quite normal. Sigh… that old shit sure lived for a long time, what a waste of food for my Sword to Heaven Sect.”

The two beauties could not resist the mirth of their jokes, laughing whilst scolding Situ Jin and Wang Yiyang for being so rude. Their seductive bodies and enchanting curves attracted the gazes of many people.

Situ Jin’s face suddenly turned incredibly cold and savage “Wu Yu, let me tell you the truth. I killed that old fart, because I didn’t like his face. But what can you do about that? Do you dare risk your life against me? Actually, do you even have the power, the courage to do so?”

He was not scared one bit.

His three pals were right next to him, and this was the Sword to Heaven Sect. Most importantly, they were on Heaven’s Cry Peak, the largest square on the mountain, and there were 20 other disciples here watching the situation unfold! Also, more and more disciples were heading over to the podium to check out what the commotion was all about!

Furthermore, Situ Bright, his little brother who was currently 13 years of age, had reached the stage of Perfect Martial Arts, so nobody was willing to provoke or make enemies out of himself!

Otherwise, why would Wang Yiyang and the two beauties, who were extremely arrogant and snobbish, flock to his side and view him as the leader of their group?


Everybody on the scene burst into laughter. Cases like these were very common, but they amounted to nothing in the end, because who would be willing to risk expulsion or execution when they’d worked so hard to enter the Celestial Sect?

“Sigh… what a pitiful guy, to make enemies with Situ Jin and his crew right after his initiation into the sect.”

“The existence of Situ Jin’s overpowered little brother deters anyone from making enemies out of him.”

“This Wu Yu is such a brainless idiot, challenging Situ Jin’s authority on Heaven’s Cry Mountain all by himself.”

The disciples on the sidelines burst into laughter again, and Situ Jin laughed even harder, wrapping his hands around Huaqian You’s waist, staring at Wu Yu with a mocking smile.


Wu Yu ignored their repetitive warnings, actually increasing his speed and rushing at Situ Jin like an arrow from a bow.

Situ Jin’s confident and mocking expression crumbled.

“Don’t you guys dare step into this fight. It’s between me and him.”

He let go of Huaqian You, his face now savage and vicious, before drawing his sword. His sword was not on par with the Daemon Suppressing Sword in quality, but its blade gleamed with a cruel light. Situ attacked with his sword, executing the Situ Family’s Middle Class Martial Technique <>.

“You piece of trash, eat my <>!” Situ Jin was arrogant, so he expected to end the battle in one attack.


Upon reaching Situ Jin, Wu Yu instantly erupted, fusing with the sun high above in the sky, shining bright and blindingly. He lifted his sword with both hands, then swung it down mightily with more power than that of a giant Beast weighing over 10,000 jin!



Wu Yu’s swing of anger clashed with Situ Jin’s frosty blade. Situ Jin’s sword was reportedly a blade modified by a Celestial, but it shattered under the frenzied attacks of the Daemon Suppressing Sword.

Ding Ding Ding!

Numerous sword shards embedded themselves into Situ Jin’s flesh. One, especially, flew into his mouth, slicing open a wound that leaked hot blood.


The Daemon Suppressing Sword was knocked slightly off course, so it was unable to slice Situ Jin in half, but it managed to take off an arm, leading it to fly off and causing blood to spurt out, boiling under the heat of the noonday sun.


The end result of their first clash shocked all the spectators. Those who were mocking and jeering at Wu Yu instantly shut up.

Situ Jin rolled on the floor into a ball, screaming like a maniac, completely different from the person he was just now.

Defeated and nearly killed with one attack!

Wu Yu was like a Demon God, his eyes cold and merciless, stabbing at Situ Jin’s heart to end everything once and for all.

“Situ Jin!”


No one expected that Wu Yu would have the courage to kill Situ Jin, all for an already dead servant!

Wang Yiyang and the rest of Situ Jin’s cronies were currently in a state of confusion. Wu Yu’s anger was beyond their imagination, so they could only hastily rush up and block Wu Yu’s advance, allowing time for Situ Jin to escape. Situ Jin, given a respite from further attacks, crawled out of the vicinity of the battle whilst screaming in pain, creating a path of blood on the floor.

“Tell big brother to come! Tell big brother to come! Ahhhhh!” Situ Jin fell into a mad craze from the pain of losing his arm, eyes red and bloodshot.

Situ Jin was with his big brother, Situ Kang, before coming over to the podium, so he thought that Wang Yiyang and and his other followers would be able to hold out until his brother arrived.

A surprised shout.


Somebody covered in blood was sent flying next to Situ Jin, causing him to shiver in surprise and terror.

“Liu Muxue!”

The tall, elegant body by his side was Liu Muxue. A moment ago, Situ was one of her admirers and suitors, doing everything he could to get her in bed with him. But now, there was a hole through her chest, pierced through by Wu Yu’s sword, splattering her whole body with blood. Her pair of lifeless eyes stared at the sky.

She died with her eyes open!

“Somebody’s dead!”

The whole mountain erupted into clamour.

Normal grudge fights and dead people were two completely different things! Nobody could ever put them together side by side! However, Wu Yu’s actions had broken this illusion.

Wu Yu had caused too big of a commotion. Sooner or later, everybody would know what had happened on Heaven’s Cry Peak! And by everybody, this meant servants, Outer Disciples, Core Disciples and even Elders!

Everybody drew a big breath!

Maybe it was because Situ Jin’s personality and character was too detestable, but the 20 other disciples nearby did not come forward to help him.

In actuality, it was because Wu Yu currently looked like a killing machine, so nobody was willing to stand in his way, even if they a stage higher than him. Furthermore, nobody knew what other things Wu Yu had up his sleeve, so it certainly not worth it to risk their lives for Situ Jin and participate in such a bloody fight.


As Situ Jin was looking at Liu Muxue’s corpse while shivering, another person was sent flying in his direction, slamming into him. Situ Jin pushed the person off with one hand, causing the person’s body to thunk onto the ground. Like Liu Muxue, the person’s eyes were wide open, but instead of staring at the sky, they were staring at Situ Jin.

“Huaqian You!”

This beauty, who he’d almost played into his hands, was also killed by Wu Yu.

The seductive and alluring aura she had in life gradually faded away, and her body started to cool. No longer did she attract Situ Jin – her body only terrified him.

“Ughh….” Situ Jin forgot about the pain that was wracking him, because terror and fear had invaded his mind. The thing was, even if he regretted his actions, nothing was going to change, because what was done was done.

“Situ Jin, I hate you!”

Wang Yiyang, the last one standing out of the four, finally staggered and collapsed next to Situ Jin, giving him a look of immense hatred before letting his last breath wheeze through his lips.

Wu Yu had killed three people! One after another!


Situ Jin, in his current mad state, could still make out Wu Yu and his bloodstained sword clearly. Wu Yu’s body blazed with a golden fire, and his eyes shined with a golden light, causing Situ Jin’s mind to crack.

Something big had happened again!

Everyone watching drew a deep breath.

“Your turn.” Wu Yu slowly walked over to Situ Jin. In actuality, Situ Jin was quite lucky, because he wasn’t the first one to die!

In another sense, he was quite unlucky, as he had to see his friends die!

The pain and the terror that Situ Jin was currently feeling was unimaginable. Upon seeing Wu Yu walk in his direction, Situ scrambled backwards in a panic. He also lost control of his bladder, causing him to pee his pants.

“You looking to die?”

Suddenly a roar could be heard, and a gleaming blade arced to meet Wu Yu’s sword, which was about to run Situ Jin through the heart. The crowd could not help but lament that Situ Jin was too lucky, as he was saved again.

Situ Kang was bingeing on alcohol and fooling around with Situ Jin and his friends before Situ Jin said they needed to go out to deal with a little problem. Never in his life did he expect that in a moment’s time three of them would be dead, and Situ Jin would be heavily wounded.

The person who’d blocked Wu Yu’s sword was a tall man who resembled Situ Jin. However, he did not emit arrogance, but coldness and introvertedness. He wore rough armour that made him look like a general.

“Brother, kill him! Destroy him! Ahhhhhh!” Situ Jin screamed. His brother was a 7th Heavenly Stage Expert and an avid cultivator, so he was ten times stronger than him.

The official name for the 7th Heavenly Stage was called the “Mind Condensing” Stage, which meant the area of refinement and strengthening was the brain. Completing this step would make a cultivator’s understanding of Martial Arts and the Dao of Celestialism to grow by significantly.  In normal situations people who’d reached the 7th Heavenly Stage were infinitely stronger than those who’d only just reached the 6th Heavenly Stage!

“You have committed a grave crime by killing your fellow disciples. Allow me to take the place of the Celestial Sect and sentence you to death!” Situ Kang drew out a wide broadsword from his scabbard, which was both sharp and overbearing. This sword was closer in quality to the Daemon Suppressing Sword in comparison with Situ Jin’s sword.

Wu Yu was somebody who could clearly distinguish who he had grudges against and who he had not, so he said “There are no grudges between you and me, so stand to one side. I don’t want to kill you.”

Situ Kang smiled coldly “You’re wrong. It’s not that you don’t want to kill me – it’s that I want to kill you!”

His little brother had an arm cut off, and the three of his little brother’s companions had been killed, so how could he not fall into a rage? Moreover, he now had an excuse to kill Wu Yu, so the top brass could blame him for killing a fellow disciple.

The main culprit, Situ Jin, had not died yet. Even though his arm had been cut off, if he was given sufficient resources, he could still cultivate.

If Wu Yu wanted to kill Situ Jin, then he had to kill Situ Kang.

Wu Yu had no choice!

Under the eyes of numerous spectators, Wu Yu took a good hold of the Daemon Suppressing Sword before charging forward at Situ Kang, each step of his causing cracks to form on the ground. His killing intent had increased once again after killing three people continuously.



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