Chapter 17: Rebirth From The Ashes

With the Daemon Suppressing Sword as his weapon, this time the execution of <> was infinitely more fierce and powerful than the last time against Qing Mang.

The anger, rage, and hatred Wu Yu felt against Situ Jin boiled within him, fueling and energizing this mighty attack.

However, Situ Kan had reached the 7th Heavenly Stage for quite some time already, and had more battle experience than Wu Yu. He remained calm and without fear in front of Wu Yu’s attack, taking a step forward and retaliating with a swing of his broadsword.

The two swords clashed!


Situ Kang constructed a picture scroll of a world frozen in ice out of his sword swings, and instantly a blast of cold wind leaped forward, created out of a series of sword jabs. The attack was very dangerous, and was mightier than Situ Jin’s best attack by at least ten times.

“Brother, kill him! Cut off his flesh inch by inch!” Situ Jin would never forget today’s embarrassment at the hands of Wu Yu. Since he has not died, he wanted to make Wu Yu despair and suffer in pain.


Wu Yu’s <> and Situ Kang’s <> clashed with each other numerous times. Even though Wu Yu’s willpower and emotions had become one with his sword, Situ Kang had the strength of 200 battlehorses. In the end, Wu Yu was knocked back, forced to retreat 10 steps, with the Daemon Suppressing Sword nearly slipping out of his grip.

“Wu Yu’s finished.”

“Situ Kang’s strength is twice that of Wu Yu!”

The spectating disciples immediately erupted into discussion, looking at Wu Yu with eyes of pity. They believed he was going to die right after being initiated into the Sect.

Suspense no longer enveloped the podium.

“Big brother, don’t kill him too quick! Let me stab him a few times first!” Situ Jin stood up shakily, eyes savage and full of hatred.

Situ Kang’s face remained ice cold. He charged forwards towards Wu Yu, his feet executing a profound footwork technique. He raised his frosty broadsword up, then striking down for the kill. Wu Yu, who was covered in layers of ice, did not seem to have any chances of survival under Situ Kang’s powerful attack.

To him, Situ Kang was just too strong.

It was as if he really was in a world frozen with ice.

Immense danger befell Wu Yu.

Situ Jin had killed Sun Wudao, yet he was still alive despite Wu Yu’s efforts, strutting around with impunity. Right now, Situ Jin was even more arrogant than before. Even if he was covered in blood, he stood there with his eyes filled to the brim with expectation of watching Wu Yu dies in despair.

“Wu Yu, you are fated to die by my hands. You want to avenge that old man’s death? Too bad, you’re don’t have the power to do so, hahaha!”

Situ Jin laughed like a madman.

Situ Kang’s fatal blow neared.

“I cannot die yet!”

He had just stepped on the path of Celestials, who could he die now?

Under the blazing sun, Wu Yu felt as if he was on fire; he was not afraid of Situ Kang. Even if Situ Kang was ice cold and incredibly chilling, his body was still warm and full of heart! Wu Yu had a heart of absolute sincerity.

“That Qitian Big Saint is very mighty and powerful, so as the person who’d inherited his legacy, how can I die in the hands of such a petty little man!”

He was prideful, he was cocky, he was brazen. He smiled a cold smile.

This was not over yet.

From the battle of the Celestial Ascendance Podium two hours ago, and the big battle and slaughter here on Heaven’s Cry Podium now, there was not a moment that Wu Yu was not nervous, and not under the shine of the blazing sun. Therefore, his skin and his flesh was constantly exposed to the glare of the sun’s rays, to the searing of True Sunfire.

Situ Kang charged him again, but Wu Yu managed to block the assault, at the cost of dropping the Daemon Suppressing Sword and nearly flying off the mountain.

“Wu Yu, time to die.” Situ Jin laughed savagely, hidden behind Situ Kang’s back.


Wu Yu had no weapons left, so Situ Kang rushed at him again, bringing down his frosty broadsword at his head.

“I, Wu Yu!”

At that moment, Wu Yu spread his arms, basking under the rays of the sun. Golden True Sunfire blazed all around his bloody, searing his flesh, his skin, his bones, his tendons and his inner organs.

He raised his head and looked at Situ Kang, Situ Jin and the spectating disciples with shining, golden eyes.

“I am an indestructible Vajra, everlasting and immortal!”

“You are mortals, unable to hurt my invulnerable body!”

“Today is the start of my journey as a cultivator! From now on, in Heaven and Earth, I Wu Yu will rebel against anybody who oppresses me!  I will kill all those who sin, repay gratitude with gratitude, repay hatred with hatred, and grant justice to all those who live under Heaven!”

“Golden Battle Blood, rise!”

Wu Yu had changed his blood in the middle of a battle! It was a very dangerous action that could result in death, as he also had to fend off Situ Kang whilst doing it!

Golden flames burned within his blood in his veins, arteries and capillaries, evolving from his normal blood into Golden Battle Blood under the shine of the sun’s rays. The rays flowed around and through his body.

“What! He’s only reached the 4th Heavenly Stage, and is attempting to breakthrough into the 5th Heavenly Stage now?!”

“No way, a 4th Heavenly Stage expert only has the strength of 20 battlehorses – right now Wu Yu has at least the strength of 120!”

“Miracle! An absolute miracle!”

Upon noticing that Wu Yu was changing his blood, all the spectating disciples went into a stupor.

Wu Yu, a  4th Heavenly Stage expert was fighting against a 7th Heavenly Stage expert, and he’d not died yet!

Immense shock struck the spectating disciples like a giant mallet to the head, causing their minds to go blank except for the scene of Wu Yu changing his blood.

This was Wu Yu’s second time changing his blood.

The process was very familiar, as he knew of the techniques needed and how to face the difficulties changing blood would bring. At that moment, Situ Kang’s killing intent reached Wu Yu, triggering all his latent potential. It was an opportune moment to finally breakthrough the wall that had barred him from reaching the 5th Heavenly Stage!

Situ Kang’s face drained slightly of colour upon noticing what Wu Yu was about to do, but he continued assaulting him. Situ Jin, who was behind Situ Kang, retreated three steps. He said, with a shocked expression “Even though he’s already 15 years old, what he’s doing right now is incredibly terrifying and in defiance of common sense; if he manages to succeed, then he’ll become a dangerous threat to us. Big brother, you have to destroy him!”

“Talk less bullshit!”

Situ Kang understood this principle as well; Wu Yu was already so strong at the 4th Heavenly Stage. Even if he was quite old already, if he was allowed to grow up, he’d become a very dangerous and powerful enemy.

Situ Kang extended his body into a lethal lunge at Wu Yu’s throat.


Wu Yu had finished changing his blood, and had officially become a 5th Heavenly Stage Expert.

Forge Muscles, Grind Tendons, Refine Bones, Strengthen Inner Organs, and Change Blood!

He’d returned back to the Cultivational Status he had back when he was still Prince Heir, but he was now many times stronger than before.

Wu Yu opened his eyes, and the tip Situ Kang’s sword was an inch from his neck.

A shocking moment!

Wu Yu smiled coldly, then shot his hands forward. He tightly grabbed hold of Situ Kang’s sharp blade with a Ka Cha, as if his hands were made out of steel. No matter how much Situ Kang put into the sword, he could not get it to budge one inch!


The spectating disciples burst into exclamations of surprise again.

Wu Yu had actually managed to stop the lethal sword strike with his bare hands!

Situ Jin looked like he’d just been struck by lightning.

Situ Kang’s face drained of colour, because he could feel immense strength emanating from Wu Yu’s body that was completely suppressing him. He struggled to thrust forwards with his sword into Wu Yu’s throat and out the other side.

Yes, after changing his blood, Wu Yu now had the strength of 300 battlehorses.  That was a full 100 battlehorses more than Situ Kang.

“Second Brother, call Bright!” At that moment, under immense surprise and shock, Situ Kang could only ask his overpowered little brother for help.

His voice suddenly cut off with a gasp.

As Wu Yu kept hold of Situ Kang’s sword with one hand, he formed a fist with the other hand and rammed it into Situ Kang’s chest. With an extremely loud boom, Situ Kang’s armor instantly shattered into countless tiny fragments, which clanged off the ground.


Situ Kang’s sword fell slowly onto the floor with a clang. His eyes widened, blood leaked from his mouth, and then he collapsed weakly onto the floor. All his inner organs had been shattered, and the blood that leaked out from his body was black.

“Big Brother!”

Situ Jin’s face drained of blood and he collapsed to the ground on his knees.

In one instant, Situ Kang fell into defeat from certain victory.

The heir of his Situ Family had died.

The podium was deathly silent. All the spectating disciples hurriedly retreated a few steps, staring at Wu Yu with eyes filled with respect, and a slight tinge of fear. Wu Yu, who was currently shining brilliantly with a golden light, was going to haunt their dreams from now on.

Even though the disciples on scene were above Wu Yu in terms of Cultivational Status, none of them had the courage to approach him and stop him.

“I will not let you have any chance of living again.”

Wu Yu’s face was incredibly impassive and cold. Killing Situ Jin’s 3 friends and his big brother was not enough to sate the hatred he felt within him. Maybe only Sit Jin’s death, the person he hated the most, could satiate his anger and his rage.

He retrieved the Daemon Suppressing Sword, and walked over to Situ Jin in a few steps. Situ Jin was collapsed on the floor, traumatised and in shock.

“Raise your head.” Wu Yu lifted the Daemon Suppressing Sword, and looked at Situ condescendingly from above.

“W – Wu Yu, my little brother Situ Bright…”

Situ Jin looked at Wu Yu with eyes crying tears of blood, uttering those words out with considerable effort. It seemed that he finally regretted his actions, but it was all for nothing, because it was too late.

“Sun Wudao told me that Mortals could not fight against Celestials. He’s wrong, because Mortals can fight against Celestials once they have transcended and become Celestials themselves. Am I right, Situ Jin?” Wu Yu looked at him with searing eyes.

“Right, right!” Situ Jin nodded his head in a panic.

At that moment, everybody on scene felt like they were asphyxiating.

Wu Yu raised his head and looked at the sky, as if he could see the already deceased Sun Wudao through the Celestial Mist that enshrouded the mountain.

“Uncle Sun, from now on, no matter what dangers and problems I may face, no matter who may suppress and oppress me, I’ll face them head on without fear. I’d rather die than to surrender! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stage a comeback, to be reborn from the ashes!”


After the last word left his lips, the Daemon Suppressing Sword struck downwards, severing Situ Jin’s head from his body. The head rolled down the mountain, to never be seen again.

At that moment, Wu Yu’s mind and soul was enlightened, taking a great leap in quality (in power and in maturity).

“So this is what the path of Celestials is like.”

The path of Celestials was savage and brutal. Not only did one who has stepped on it have to cultivate, they also have to compete against others!

Fight against the Heavens, fight against the Earth, fight against other humans, fight against Daemons!

Only if one fights will one become strong!

“To cultivate means to plunder, and the strong will always be right even if they were in the wrong!”

This phrase was the foundation of cultivation.

After Situ Jin’s death, the fires of rage and anger gradually subsided from Wu Yu’s heart. He stood on top of Heaven’s Cry Podium like a Mortal, without the golden light that he emitted back during his battle with the Situ brother’s.

All the disciples on scene were gazing at him.

Wu Yu knew that he was going to suffer some consequences for his actions. After all, he couldn’t remain absolutely scot free after killing 5 people in a row. Karma just didn’t work that way.

This was the Sword to Heaven Sect which had strict punishments on those that broke.

“Big Brother, Second Brother…”

As Situ Jin’s head rolled off the mountain, a few people emerged from the mists and cloud surrounding the mountain. They were a group of young men and women, and their mode of transportation was not the Celestial Crane, but a great white Roc, which was faster than a Celestial Crane by multiple times. The group of young men and women hopped off the Roc and onto the Podium. They were all like Su Yanli, with the Cultivational Status and the air of a true Shangxian; they had to be at least Core Disciples.

A group of very powerful people who’d already surpassed the phase of Martial Arts and into the realm of Celestialism!

Amongst them was a 13 year old boy. He did not have a tall stature, but had delicate and pretty features like a girl. A mane of long hair washed down his back, glinting with strands of blue light, and his eyes also shined with a blue light that seemed to be lightning. Under the accompaniment of the group of Core Disciples, he had made his way here upon receiving Situ Jin’s cry for help without delay, to witness the deaths of Situ Jin and Situ Kang at the hands of Wu Yu.

He was the 13 year old overpowered genius, Situ Bright!

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