Chapter 17: Tower has collapsed, what now

The time seemed to have stopped.

Dean on the Invigilating Platform, teachers, personnel responsible for the discipline who were near the scene of fourth-grade examination, furthermore, the students of both the courtyards from first grade to fourth grade and excluding both courtyards, the members of powers from all directions who have specifically come to observe the Major Assessment. All of them were in the same posture: Motionless. Only their eyeballs were rotating in accordance with a certain figure.

Originally, it was impossible for the Major Assessment of the first grade to be the focus of attention of everybody. Second, third and fourth grades were more likely to display the level of the students of the corresponding institutes.

However, at this moment, Major Assessment of the first grade was everybody’s center of attention, even though it didn’t attract that much attention at first. For a short while, it was still unclear what had just occurred. The only thing that they felt important was the collapse of the Soul’s Tower. However, when they get their hands on the whole story, everybody, in the exact same way, opened their eyes wide and stared at that figure.

The figure was calmly and unhurriedly walking. The pace of the steps wasn’t too quick, but it wasn’t too slow either. It resembled like an ordinary walk on the road. Then, that figure returned back to the side of Zhai Feng’s first-grade students.

The students subconsciously pulled open space for him. At present, everybody’s vision wasn’t ignoring him rather it instinctively avoided him as if avoiding some inconceivably frightening monster.

Lu Ping’s vision was same as ever. It was same as when he was despised for three years. As tranquil as ever.

Students looked at each other in dismay. Invigilators were also at their wits’ end. Head Invigilator was holding achievement table in his hands. However, he didn’t know what to record.

Ascending to the Tower’s apex is full marks, 100.

Collapsing the entire Soul’s Tower, what marks does this correspond to? This kind of affair has never happened before. Not in the entire continent.

Head Invigilator thought over and over. It isn’t his place to make the decision in such a matter. Thereupon, he was preparing to go to the higher ups of the two institutes. However, as soon as the first-grade students of Xia Feng saw that he was about to leave, they immediately flocked towards him.

” Teacher, what about our Assessment?” They asked in succession.

Head Invigilator suddenly had a much bigger headache coming for him. That’s true! Xia Feng’s students still haven’t taken the test but there is no Soul’s Tower anymore. Soul’s Tower are designed specifically. Soul’s Towers of second, third or fourth grade would be unsuitable. Saying that it would be life threatening for the first-grade students would be an understatement.

” Everyone, wait for a moment. I will go ask…” Head Invigilator also didn’t dare to make any promises. After pacifying a little bit, he hurriedly left.

At this moment, was it possible for Xia Feng to be enthusiastic as before? In the end, Lu Ping turned out to be too frightening. However, for the time being, they don’t care about it. At present, the important problem is that there is no Soul’s Tower for the first grade. Then, how will they take the test? This was the sole Soul’s Tower of its kind in the entire Xia Feng. The main reason of Xia Feng and Zhai Feng institutes conducting the Major Assessment together is that Zhai Feng doesn’t possess its own Soul’s Tower.

“Perhaps some other approximate method will be used?”

” I haven’t heard any method for Major Assessment other than Soul’s Tower. Especially, for first-grade students. Do You want to take the tests like those of fourth graders? You won’t even realize how you died!”

” Isn’t it possible to wait till a new Soul’s Tower is constructed?”

“How much time would that require?”

” Wouldn’t it be same as repeating a year?”

All the first-grade students of Xia Feng were chattering hysterically. Be it the students who have perceived five kinds of souls, be it the students who have six kinds of souls or be it the students who have broken through into the first Heavenly Layer realm, the face of every single one of them was filled with concern. They didn’t know whether the collapse of Soul’s Tower will cause something bad to them or not.

When Zhai Feng students saw the distressed appearances of Xia Feng, it allowed them to let out their grievances. And towards Lu Ping? It wasn’t as difficult for them to change their frame of mind as it was for Xi Fan. After all, Xi Fan schemed and closely watched Lu Ping for complete three years. It doesn’t need words to explain, just how deep his frame of mind towards Lu Ping was. As far as these first graders are concerned? Most of the people among them only heard rumors about Lu Ping, nothing more. They didn’t have any direct impression. They only followed after everybody. As soon as they saw his stunning performance, their previous impression immediately turned dim.

” Too formidable. How did you do it?” Eventually, some students took the initiative to come over and struck a conversation with Lu Ping.

” It’s nothing.” Lu Ping said.

“You are so formidable. How could you fail the previous two Major Assessments?”

” Eh, that’s because I didn’t go to take the test.” Lu Ping said.

” Why didn’t you go?”

” Because, it didn’t feel necessary.”

” Then, what about this time?”

” If I haven’t taken the test for this time, I would have been expelled.” Lu Ping seriously explained.

This conversation was also heard by Xi Fan and Mo Lin who were present at a side.

” The grand truth!” Mo Lin lamented. Lu Ping’s strength was completely above the level of Zhai Feng institute. The main question should be, why is Lu Ping at Zhai Feng, instead of questions like why you failed the Major Assessment or why you didn’t participate in the Assessment.

There was no doubt about the authenticity of these words. These words were the absolute truth. Even Xi Fan had no other choice other than to nod his head and show his approval.

” If it was known earlier that it would turn out this way, then was there even any need for him to take the test! It’s quite unfortunate, uh, this tower……it must have cost quite a bit huh?” Mo Lin said.

After remaining silent for a brief period, Xi Fan eventually decided to say one line: ” Soul’s Tower was of Xia Feng’s.”

” Oh! Oh!.” Mo Lin’s face suddenly flashed in realization. ” That’s fortunate. Quite fortunate.”

Strictly speaking, the first-grade examination still hasn’t concluded yet. So, Mo Lin and Xi Fan weren’t allowed to get too close to examination scene. They were looking from the sidelines. They saw Lu Ping raising his hand towards the Invigilators.

” What’s the matter?” One of the Invigilators came over.

” After finishing the exam, is it possible to leave?” Lu Ping said.

” Uh…” Invigilator was at a loss for words. He turned his head around and looked at the ruins. Even the dust has yet to completely disperse. They haven’t even entered Lu Ping’s final achievements in the grade book yet. Because they had no idea what does such a performance corresponds to.

” Wait for a little while. Let the Head Invigilator return.” Invigilator said.

” OK, Whatever.” Lu Ping was forced to wait. His vision swept over the Assessment of third graders. However, at present, everyone’s center of attention was, in fact, their first grade. Countless perceptions of Soul’s Power were floating over the body of Lu Ping, trying to perceive….

Meanwhile, on the Invigilating Platform, Head Instructor arrived in front of the two Deans. Zhai Feng institute’s Dean Godou’s expression was still relatively normal. As for the Dean of Xia Feng institute Baliyan, the table originally laid out in front of him, which was blasted away in pieces due to his belly, hasn’t been replaced yet. At this moment, he was sitting in his seat, paralyzed. As he looked at the ruins which once was Soul’s Tower, the corner of his mouth was involuntarily twitching.

Head Invigilator looked both sides, then felt it would be better to seek Godou’s words first.

” Dean Guo, student Lu Ping’s score. Sir, What do you feel? I am unable to decide.”

Godou faintly smiled: ” Does it still need words. Obviously, it’s full marks.”

” Ok.” Head Invigilator didn’t raise any objections whatsoever. Originally, assigning the marks was the work of Soul’s Tower. His job was just to note it down. Currently, there is no Soul’s Tower. So, naturally it was important for him to find the people who have the authority to assign marks. Him noting it down just as before was good enough.

Lu Ping full marks.

After getting this reply, Head Invigilator again shifted his vision towards Baliyan. It seemed like he still hasn’t recovered a bit from the shock. But there was no other choice. Head Invigilator braced himself and asked.

” Dean Ba, for the first grade Xia Feng students, what are the following arrangements?”

Baliyan still looked blanked out. It lasted till the teacher present beside him called him two times. Then, after his spirit returned, he once again processed the recent question of Head Invigilator. As he did, he suddenly felt much more vexed.

For the concern of his beloved Soul’s Tower, he completely forgot about the other problem. Even a single student of Xia Feng hasn’t taken the test yet? So what are the following arrangements?

” It wouldn’t be as good. But, how about I write a recommendation letter and they can go to Tian Zhao institute to take the test?”

” That won’t do!” Baliyan firmly declined. He was naturally aware that Tian Zhao is one of the institutes in the closest region from their Xia Feng courtyard, the Zhi Ling region. And considering Tian Zhao’s close relationship with Godou, having a recommendation letter would indeed save a lot of trouble.

But how could Baliyan even think about owing Godou in such a situation. This guy thinks he can bestow a recommendation letter to settle the matter of Zhai Feng collapsing the Soul’s Tower? It won’t be that convenient! It’s nothing more than looking for a institute to make temporary arrangements for the Major Assessment. It’s not like I myself don’t have any contacts.

” These students, make arrangements to take them to BiPolar institute. In a moment, I will arrange people to take care of this matter.” Baliyan instructed.

” Ok.” Head Invigilator doesn’t do anything more than accepting orders. Although the two institutes conduct joint examinations, they don’t interfere in their respective individual affairs. Head Invigilator began to carry out the respective arrangements at once.

Upon the Invigilating Platform, Baliyan didn’t feel like that this matter is over, though.

” Dean Guo. For this matter, what is to be done next, according to you?” Baliyan started.

” Eh? What next?” Godou said.

” Don’t pretended as if you don’t know!” At this moment, Baliyan was really edgy. He doesn’t have the patience to beat about the bush with Godou, nor he could care about elegance or manners.

” This Soul’s Tower is destroyed by a student of Zhai Feng institute. I am not asking for complete repayment. However, you should have at least something in your mind, right?”

” Eh? Could it be you wish me to compensate with a tower?”

Baliyan was naturally very willing. But he aware of the fact that it was nothing more than wishful thinking. This kind of event has never happened in the entire continent before. Therefore, during the negations of Zhai Feng borrowing Soul’s Tower, nothing was agreed for such a situation. Nothing could be done about it at this moment.

” Forget about compensating the Tower. Nobody expected this kind of matter. Just leave behind that student of yours which destroyed the Tower!” When Baliyan was saying ” that student”, he was gnashing his teeth. It looked like an expression of extreme hatred.

” Oh, Lu Ping.” Godou nodded and delightedly said: ” That’s possible!”

” Huh?” Baliyan was surprised. For this problem, he was still thinking about how to go about it. He never expected Godou would actually agree without the slightest hesitation. From Godou’s such an overjoyed manner, let alone Baliyan, even teachers and students of Zhai Feng who were startled were not just a few. If this had happened before, they would very willingly send off Lu Ping. But now, even a blind person can see that Lu Ping is extremely important. What kind of institute would allow such an individual to leave? However, Godou has agreed to it in a very carefree manner.

” I will count on your words.” Baliyan didn’t dare to think too much and agreed at once.

” I will keep my word. It’s just that, it would depend on student’s own wish. This matter is beyond my control.” Godou said.

” Eh?” As Baliyan heard these words, he immediately felt that something is fishy. Student’s own wish, there is nothing wrong with it. However, from the manner of Godou, it felt like he is completely confident that Lu Ping would never leave Zhai Feng institute.

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