Chapter 18: 7 Days & 7 Nights

Situ Bright, 13 years old, teenage super genius!

He had already reached the 10th Heavenly Stage “Tongshen” of the Body Forging Phase, and was just a step away from condensing his Qi and truly stepping on the path of Celestialism.

Currently, that legendary figure was standing in front of Wu Yu, and Wu Yu could not deny that he was incredibly powerful and terrifying.

Wu Yu had never seen a person who’d reached the peak of Martial Arts before during his time as the Prince Heir of East Yue Wu; the strongest person he’d seen was a 100 year old man who’d reached the 9th Heavenly Stage. Close to dying of old age, the old man did not have the strength to fight anymore, much like Sun Wudao.

Situ Bright, was a super genius who’d had ballads and books written about his exploits. He was so talented that nobody could estimate how strong he’d become in the future, but everybody knew that he’d surpass the Sect Leader one day.

And right now, he’d witnessed with his own eyes the deaths of his two big brothers at Wu Yu’s hands.

He glared at Wu Yu with such fury and hatred that Wu Yu felt as if he was transported into a world of snow and ice where nothing grew. The frigid winds bit into his skin, and the stench of death enshrouded him.

“What is your name?” Situ Bright asked, walking towards him slowly step by step.

Reportedly, “Tongshen” Stage experts had the strength of 2000 battlehorses, and could fight against an army of thousands of men and horses by the lonesome. If a Mortal Kingdom had a “Tongshen” Stage warrior willing to fight for them, they could conquer the whole of Dongsheng God Continent!

“Wu Yu. Wu, the character with 口 on top and 天 on the bottom, the Wu that swallows the Heavens!” Wu Yu stood upright and straight, not willing to bow his head down to Situ Bright’s overwhelming strength.

“You have killed my two big brothers. For that, I’ll make you die a death so painful that you will wish you were never born.” Blue lightning flashed within Situ Bright’s eyes. Even though he was only 13 years old, he had a wisdom beyond his age.

Wu Yu did not reply, because the pressure that Situ Bright was emitting made him realize that right now was not the time to be arrogant and proud. Even though he was the number one genius in East Yue Wu, he was dog shit compared to Situ Bright. No matter how talented one is, there will always be someone more talented.

“Big Brothers and Big Sisters, is it all right for me to take him away?” Situ Bright turned his head to look at the few Core Disciples beside him. Those Core Disciples seemed to be of high status within the Sect, and if Wu Yu did not guess wrong, they should be the disciples of the Sect Protector.

In the Sword to Heaven Sect, the Sect Leader Sovereign had the most authority, and second to him was the Sect Protector Sovereign. Many of the internal affairs of the Sect were actually managed by the Sect Protector, so in actuality, the two were of equal status.

The disciples of the Sect Protector were of the same social status as Su Yanli.

Reportedly, the Sect Protector wanted to take Situ Bright as her disciple when he successfully condenses his Qi and truly steps onto the path of Celestialism. Therefore, it was quite normal for Situ Bright to be hanging out with her disciples.

“Little Brother, don’t worry, do as you like with this Wu Yu.”  A male disciple said indifferently. It was obvious that killing Wu Yu on the spot wouldn’t quench Situ Bright’s hatred, therefore the Sect Protector’s disciples gave Situ Bright the go ahead to torture Wu Yu in any way he liked.

“Thank you.” Situ Bright turned his head back and walked over to Wu Yu.

From Situ Bright’s attitude, it was obvious that he didn’t think of Wu Yu as a serious threat. In all honesty, with his current strength, there was not many people he would view as an equal in the Sword to Heaven Sect.

At that moment, Wu Yu finally experienced the power and might of a 10th Heavenly Stage expert. Situ Bright was a mighty tiger, and he was a defenceless, vulnerable little rabbit.

“What should I do?!”

Wu Yu did not know, but what he did know was that avenging Sun Wudao’s death was a good decision, even at the cost of being tortured by Situ Bright. As long as he was still alive, there was still hope could make a comeback!

Ding Ding!

Snow and ice raged around him, biting and slicing open his skin, causing bloodstains to appear all over his body.


Just as Situ Bright was about to suppress and crush him, a girl, dress fluttering in the breeze, appeared before him. She was ensconced within Celestial Mist, but Wu Yu knew who she was just from looking at her figure.

Su Yanli.

She was so beautiful that she could cause a mighty Kingdom to fall into ruin. (A Chinese Idiom that means a woman is extremely beautiful. Daji is a fine example of how a woman’s beauty can ruin a Kingdom)

Wu Yu was touched deep in his heart.

This was not the first time that she’d saved him from certain death.

Why was she saving him, a mere servant turned disciple?

“Big Sister Su.” Upon noticing Su Yanli’s arrival, Situ Bright stopped attempting to suppress Wu Yu and take him away. He had just witnessed the death of his two brothers, yet he was calm and unruffled, quite the cold-blooded creature.

Wu Yu, upon knowing that Sun Wudao had been murdered, had gone completely ballistic.

Compared to Situ Bright’s calmness and restraint, Wu Yu would rather go on a rampage and vent his emotions, because he wasn’t a cold-blooded creature like Situ Bright.


Su Yanli nodded her head. Her long dress along with its long beads danced in the wind, fluttering onto Wu Yu’s face. Instantly, Wu Yu could smell an aroma that refreshened his soul.

“Big Sister Su, I have to take him away.” Situ Bright said neither haughtily nor humbly.

“He’s a member of my Yan Li Mountain. Nobody can take him away.”

Never in his life did Situ Bright expect that Su Yanli would protect a servant who’d just been initiated into the Sect as a disciple! Even if he had a cold and cruel personality, he could not help but get a little angry “Big Sister Su, he has killed 5 Outer Disciples, and two of them were my big brothers! He should face punishment for doing so! You dare defy the Sect’s rules?!”

“Situ Bright, you do not represent the Sect and besides, the people who should punish Wu Yu is not you, but the Elders and the Sect Leader.”

“You!” Situ Brights chest rose and fell in anger. What Su Yanli said was correct, he did not have the authority to decide and carry out Wu Yu’s punishment.

“Now now, don’t play around, Su Yanli. The Sect Rules are dead, whilst we are living! Wu Yu has committed a savage atrocity, and killed Situ Bright’s two elder brothers, so give us some face by handing him over to Bright.” The disciples of the Sect Protector walked forward towards Su Yanli one by one.

To them, Su Yanli’s actions were quite atypical.

Wu Yu was only a new initiate, an Outer Disciple, whilst they were the disciples of the Sect Leader and the Sect Protector, two of the most powerful beings within the Sect. Why would she, somebody  who had a social status hundreds of times higher than Wu Yu, offend them for him? That was just plain stupid!

After all, they were the mainstays of the Sword to Heaven Sect in the future.

Of course, Wu Yu also thought that there was no need for Su Yanli to make enemies with them over him.

Maybe it was because their was rivalry and a power struggle between the Sect Leader and the Sect Protector’s factions?

“I’ve already contacted Master. The Sect Leader will be arriving soon.”

Su Yanli’s words shocked the crowd of disciples! A lot of disciples who’d been in the Sect for years had never seen the Sect Leader in person! And today, they were going to see him with their own eyes because of Wu Yu!

The Sect Leader was a Jindan Celestial, and the founder as well as the undisputed No. 1 of the Sword to Heaven Sect!

“Sect Leader!”

The faces of the disciples of the Sect Protector drained in colour.

Even someone as strong as the Sect Protector had to full under the jurisdiction of the Sect Leader. The Sect Leader was the strongest person in the Sect. He was law. And the Sect Protector wasn’t currently within the sect, so if the Sect Leader wanted to help Wu Yu, then there was nothing they could do.

However, they weren’t all that worried, as why would the Sect Leader show partiality for Wu Yu?

But still, Situ Bright was clenching fist. People couldn’t tell from his appearance, but he was currently still in a rage.

“Sect Leader…” Wu Yu thought of the person who’d brought him here. The Sect Leader, like Sun Wudao, was somebody who’d changed his fate, his life. To that Jindan Celestial, Wu Yu had nothing but respect.

Did Su Yanli leave right after the exam to see the Sect Leader?

Heaven’s Cry Peak burst into an uproar.

Suddenly, a golden light could be seen in the sky. An enormous golden sword zoomed about the air, piercing through the clouds, and stood upon it was a black-haired middle-aged man who had his hands behind his back. The Sword Qi that the man emanated was so strong that it could shake the Heavens!”

“It’s him!”

Wu Yu only had to look once to recognise him.

“Sect Leader!”

All the people present lay prostrate on the floor, including Su Yanli. Wu Yu had kowtowed before him long ago; this was his second time doing so. Wu Yu was a person who would not bow before anyone except for his parents, but the Sect Leader was an exception, because he was someone to be respected, and because he was Wu Yu’s saviour.

“I know of what has happened here today. The whole story.” The Sect Leader’s voice echoed about the mountain.

“Sect Leader, I beseech you to leave the punishment of Wu Yu to me. He has killed five people, disobeying the laws of the Sect!” Situ Bright said calmly.

All the disciples looked respectfully at this Jindan Celestial out of the legends.

Feng Xue Ya was not affected by Situ Bright “Situ Jin and his friends murdered a hundred-year old man, an incredibly immoral action. Therefore, they are unworthy of being disciples of my Sword to Heaven Sect! Situ Kang helped those who were immoral. He too, was unworthy of being a disciple of my Sword to Heaven Sect. They deserved their deaths. The disciples of my Sword to Heaven Sect, who are cultivators of justice, and of the sword, have to be able to face their consciences and their swords!”

“The swords of sword cultivators should be used to slay daemons! Those that use the sword against defenseless old men are the disgrace of my Sect!”

His words swept through the endless Blue Surge Mountain Range like thunder and lightning, so loud that everybody within the mountains heard them! It was the voice of the Sect Leader! The most respected voice within the Blue Surge Mountain Range, because without him, there would be no Sword to Heaven Sect!

Everybody respected him.

A Jindan Celestial, his words carried a might that ensured nobody dared resist against him, and ensured nobody could resist against him.

Situ Bright did not expect that the Sect Leader would give this verdict. He stood there, shocked, with the disciples of the Sect Protector.

But after some thorough thinking, he could sense the logic within the Sect Leader’s words. How could cultivators that did not slay daemons, but rather bully and murder defenseless old men be on the side of justice?


Situ Bright knew that he no longer had the chance to suppress and take away Wu Yu.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not gather the courage to voice out his objection. Under the might of a Jindan Celestial, there was nothing he could do but bow and tremble in fear.

“Wu Yu, you have killed 5 people. Even though those five have committed atrocities, your actions were incredibly violent. Therefore, I sentence you to 1 year in prison to repent for your actions.” Feng Xue Ya’s voice reverberated throughout the mountains once again.

That was the Sect Leader’s verdict.

Situ Bright did not want to give in.

He was about to go crazy.

But, he was suppressed by the Sect Leader’s aura, so he had no choice but to give in.

Even those disciples who had reached the Condensing QI Phase had to give in.

This was Feng Xue Ya’s world. He was law.

To Wu Yu, everything that had happened just now was unbelievable.

Being imprisoned for 1 year was not really a punishment, but a form of protection for him. Situ Bright could not take revenge against him for at least a year!

The end result was totally unexpected to him.

Shock and gratitude welled within his chest.

The sect Leader had saved him again!

Why he saved him again, Wu Yu had no idea. Maybe it was because their was rivalry between the Sect Leader and the Sect Protector? Or maybe it was because the Sect Leader had discovered his shocking talent?

Sun Wudao, Su Yanli and Feng Xue Ya were his saviours. They would always bring him the light of hope when there was nothing but darkness.

Words could not express his feelings, so Wu Yu would deeply engrave what they had done into his heart and seek for opportunities to repay them in the future. He had already missed his chance to repay Sun Wudao; he was not going to miss it for Su Yanli and Feng Xue Ya.

“Sect Leader, Wu Yu has killed people… why is his punishment so light?” Situ Jin uttered, resisting Feng Xue Ya’s suppressive aura.

The Sect Leader looked at him from upon his Giant Sword, causing Situ Bright to swallow the rest of his words down his throat.

“Situ Bright, only those with a pure heart can form a Jindan.”

Each of Feng Xue Ya’s words struck Situ Bright’s heart like a sword. Situ Bright was arrogant, and thought that he himself was invincible, but now he knew that he wasn’t, because he could feel that the Sect Leader could kill him with a stare.

“Bright, there will always be opportunities to take away and torture Wu Yu. Our master’s not in the Sect, so we can only let him be. It seems that the Sect Leader has taken a liking towards him because of his talent.” A disciple of the Sect Protector whispered to Situ Bright.

“I understand. Let’s wait for one year, then.”

They obviously could not object against the Sect Leader’s decision with their current strength, and because the Sect Protector was not in the Sect, nobody was their to support them. Nothing good would be waiting for them if they denounced Feng Xue Ya’s verdict.

“Wu Yu, I’ll be waiting for to come out of prison after a years time. I, Situ Bright, shall come forth to challenge you once again!” Situ Bright’s eyes flared with the flames of fury and hatred.

Wu Yu was immersed in the happiness that Feng Xue Ya had given him, but he knew that Situ Bright’s hatred against him still remained.

In the days to come, he’d have to endure the Situ Bright’s killing intent. As long as Situ Bright was alive, he would always be in danger, unless he surpassed Situ Bright in terms of power.

“In one year, you won’t be my opponent.” Wu Yu said calmly.


The crowd of disciples could not help but laugh after hearing Wu Yu’s words. In all honesty, even though Situ Bright had burnt his fingers today under the hands of Wu Yu today, nobody really believed that Wu Yu could best Situ Bright.

One was 15, whilst the other one was only 13!

And the most importantly, the 13 year old had already reached the Peak of Martial Arts, and was, reportedly, about to condense his Qi and become a Core Disciple.

“How funny.” Situ Bright did not really consider Wu Yu to be a threat. I mean, who would? He was only 13, and had already reached the “Tongshen” stage, whilst Wu Yu, who was 15, had only reached the 5th Heavenly Stage of Martial Arts.

Wu Yu did not reply. Surpassing Situ Bright within his year of imprisonment was going to be his goal.

“Wu Yu, come with me to ‘Repentance Mountain’, where inmates are jailed.”

The Sect Leader was actually going to take Wu Yu to jail in person! The disciples on scene were shocked at the Sect Leaders partiality towards Wu Yu.

From today onwards, Wu Yu would be imprisoned within ‘Repentance Mountain’. And from today onwards, his name would be known throughout the Blue Surge Mountain Range!


In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu found himself standing on top of the Golden Sword by the side of the Sect Leader, Feng Xue Ya.

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