Chapter 18: Major Assessment Continues

Although Baliyan had some misgivings, but Godou had already given his word. Moreover, the logic behind his words also had no flaw. After all, both of them were running institutes. They have their identities, have their status, they couldn’t possibly act like a shameless mob on the street.

Head Invigilator brought back the decisions of the two institutes along with him at the scene of the first-grade exam. Over the side of Zhai Feng, Major Assessment seemed to have concluded. In the end, Lu Ping obtained full marks. What about the side of Xia Feng? Finally, their problem was solved, but in order to participate in Major Assessment, they need to tread over land and water and hurry over to the Bi-Polar institute, which was definitely not an exciting news. Every student of Xia Feng had anxious expression. Because now, they had to sort out their luggage and depart at once. In their hatred, they wished to have one more look at the cause of this everything. But, Lu Ping was nowhere to be seen.

Once he knew that the Major Assessment is over and he had made it through, he immediately left. After circling around half of the Assessment region, he finally arrived at the site of third grade Major Assessment.

” Here!” Su Tang had seen him from a distance. She waved her hands towards him.

Lu Ping also waved once, indicating that he had also seen her. However, according to the rules of Major Assessment, a student participating in the Assessment must not come in contact with an outsider. Non-candidate students and Invigilating personnel are also not allowed to casually enter the range of examination scene. Lu Ping can only look from afar. Hence, the two individuals commenced their long range conversation.

” What’s going on that side?” Su Tang yelled.

“Tower collapsed.” Lu Ping yelled.

” Did anything happen to you?” Su Tang asked.

“Nothing happened to me.” Lu Ping replied.

” Then that’s fine.” Su Tang yelled.

Going by the volume of their voices, their conversation was heard by almost every single person on the scene considering the realm of their Sound’s soul. Baliyan wasn’t the only one with an aching heart due to the collapse of Soul’s Tower. The people of Xia Feng were furious! Constructing a Soul’s Tower is no joke. As they heard, the’Tower doesn’t matter as long as the guy is not hurt’ tone in Su Tang and Lu Ping’s dialogues, they were feeling extremely ill. Of course you don’t care, the tower wasn’t from your home!

” How long will you take?” This time, it was Lu Ping’s turn to shout.

” Still quite early. It’s too slow. Why don’t you go back first?”

” It’s ok. I will wait for you.” Lu Ping yelled.

“Then, ok. Wait together with me.” Su Tang yelled. ” You two! That’s enough!” One of the Invigilators couldn’t take it any longer. A candidate student is prohibited from coming in contact with an external person. This also includes talking. However, everyone usually turns a blind eye towards useless conservations. But, these two just won’t stop.

The duo immediately stopped talking. Su Tang once again waved her hand towards Lu Ping, indicating that he should relax. Lu Ping nodded and casually found himself a location outside the scene of Examination.

” She would be fine.” At this moment, Mo Lin arrived at his side with Xi Fan. But it was Xi Fan, who was speaking. He had begun to suppress his previous state of mind towards Lu Ping and started to establish contact with Lu Ping anew.

” Of course.” Lu Ping said.

” Having the realm of sixth Heavenly Layer in the third grade, it’s extremely outstanding.” Xi Fan said.

” Then, what about you in the third grade?” Mo Lin asked. He has clearly matured in the wild outside. He lacks any sort of understanding about the speed of cultivation in the institutes.

” Essence’s Soul third Heavenly Layer.” Xi Fan told the strength of his most outstanding soul. Usually, everybody carefully studies about one certain Soul’s Power and other souls are taken to be as auxiliary.

The cultivation in Zhai Feng institute is precisely arranged in this way. In the first grade, students are allowed to perceive soul’s power and get used to its existence. Second grade is the beginning of breaking through into the realms. In this grade, students search for the Soul’s power that they can cultivate most smoothly and most proficiently. From third grade, there are clear subdivisions among students according to their corresponding Soul’s Power. Finally, in the fourth year, students will hone their Soul’s Power and take it one step further.

” In average terms, what is the realm in third grade?” Mo Lin said.

” Uh! third layer or fourth layer.” Xi Fan replied

” Eh! Then don’t you suck a bit?” Mo Lin said in a fast tone.

” That’s because Zhai Feng doesn’t have a good teacher of Essence’s Soul.” Surprisingly, Lu Ping decided to speak at this moment.

” Oh, then does that make you a self-made genius?” Mo Lin said.

” Teacher Zhi Ye helped me quite a bit.” Xi Fan said.

“Helped you in washing clothes?” Mo Lin asked.

Xi Fan looked distracted. Then, unexpectedly, he started to blush.

” Oh no….I guessed right? Is this even possible? I was just spouting nonsense!.”

Mo Lin was astonished. He was truly just casually throwing remarks without thinking. Since Lu Ping is strong, he was convinced about Lu Ping’s judgement. As Xi Fan said that some teacher greatly helped, he immediately felt that it was just for the modesty and hence added a quick remark. How could he have ever believed that it would turn out to be true. Since this Zhi Ye teacher wasn’t able to teach Xi Fan anything about Essence’s Soul, he frequently visited Xi Fan to assist him some trifling daily life matters, in hopes that this will allow Xi Fan to devote more time for experimentation. Washing clothes is indeed one of such matters. Although Xi Fan declined many times, but in the end, he had no other choice than to silently accept as such. And now at present, Mo Lin’s nonsense had actually hit the nail.

” So, you have basically self-studied. And and present, have attained sixth Heavenly Layer. Amazing.” Mo Lin returned back to the original topic and praised Xi Fan.

” Perhaps!” Xi Fan didn’t say modest words but also didn’t decline and just ambiguously said one word of agreement.

After that, the three individuals began to silently watch the third grade Major Assessment. It was similar to the test of first graders. There was a twelve storied tower and rushing through the floors will determine the score. The only difference was that the time limit for individual floors was much more and the time taken by the students was also much more as compared to the first-grade exam. Furthermore, it could be clearly seen that the failure rate was also much more.

Zhai Feng was once again first to carry out the test. At the moment, fourteen students had already concluded, of which four were not able to reach the seventh floor. Among them, there was even an individual whose Qi’s soul was at the fifth Heavenly Layer. Such a realm can be considered as outstanding among the third graders. However, the end result was, even that student was delivered out of the tower from the fifth floor. It could be clearly seen that in the third-grade Assessment, performing at the scene becomes even more significant.

The queue was slowly moving forward. Su Tang and Lu Ping had originally entered the courtyard several days late after the classes had started. So her number was naturally behind everybody, which at this moment means to be at the end of the line.

The situation inside the tower can’t be seen from outside. Therefore, the Major Assessment can’t be seen. There is only wait, wait for the final result of every student.

The tempo of the first-grade assessment was very quick. Compared to it, third-grade assessment seemed endless. After looking for a few moments, Mo Lin got bored and began to get sleepy. First, he sat on the ground, then bluntly lied down flat, and then just fell asleep.

Major Assessment continued.

Over the side of second grade, the pace of exam was still somewhat faster than the third grade. Zhai Feng’s exam had concluded. Best result obtained was, breaking through into the eleventh floor. It was the same as Ba Yong’s best performance within the first grade.

This kind of achievement caused the second-grade students of Zhai Feng to maintain a cautious low profile. They were not like the first graders. They possessed realm in Soul’s Power and were aware of the opponent’s strength. Although they were not too clear about it, but it was enough for them to not feel superior by just an achievement of reaching the eleventh floor. They were vaguely aware that Xia Feng courtyard should be stronger somewhat.

As expected. Xia Feng began the exam and the fourth number student reached the eleventh-floor and tied with the Zhai Feng’s best score. Afterward, number seventh student reached the twelveth floor, accomplishing the lead. After that, achievements of entering the eleventh floor and the twelveth floor would frequently appear once in a while. Although, nobody was able to reach the apex of the tower and obtain full marks, but it was enough to inflict injuries all over on the body of Zhai Fen. Then again, the past glory of Zhai Feng institute was due to those brilliant students who had reached the apex of the tower. Hence, this eleventh floor or twelfth-floor performance of Xia Feng would be clearly overshadowed.

However, this time, second-grade assessment turned into a suffering for Zhai Feng, helping Xia Feng to alleviate their recent gloominess from the side of the first grade.

Situation was not looking hopeful at the side of third grade as well. Although, the students able to reach the eleventh floor were not a few, but there wasn’t any outstanding student achieving higher than that. This would be clearly submerged by the Xia Feng due to their advantage in numbers. However, third-grade students didn’t get dispirited so quickly. Because, amongst them, there was an individual who was bearing their hope.

Su Tang.

Third grade and a realm of sixth Heavenly Layer. This kind of level which is too distant from the students of the same grade might allow Su Tang to reach the top of the tower. It will completely overshadow the Xia Feng!

All the third-grade students who were over with the exam would cast a hopeful glance towards Su Tang.

” I am going!” At last, it was Su Tang’s turn. However, before going, she first turned her head towards Lu Ping and yelled.

” Hey!” An invigilator immediately came over and interrupted the duo from chatting and yelling again.

Su Tang stuck out her tongue, then waved her hand towards Lu Ping and began to walk towards the Soul’s Tower.

She pressed her palm for the palm print and effortlessly entered the tower.

After that; first floor, second floor, third floor….

Her speed was obviously a lot quicker than the rest of the students. Students of Zhai Feng were getting more and more expectant while the students of Xia Feng students were still not ready to be convinced. It lasted till she easily reached the twelfth floor. Then, their complexion finally changed.

This means….she would reach the apex of the tower. Who amongst them could do such a feat?

” Don’t worry, I am here. ” As if feeling the concern of everyone, an individual who was surrounded by the lot of Xia Feng’s crowd, dressed in an attire that stood out and had a special identity, confidently said.

” Qi’s soul…sixth Heavenly Layer.” Xi Fan perceived the individual’s realm. However during this process, his sixth Heavenly Layer Essence’s soul find a trace of some peculiarities. It seemed like a Soul’s Power was being continuously guided towards here and going to the …..the Twelveth floor of the Soul’s Tower?”

” It seems like something is not right?” Xi Fan unconsciously said.

” Huh? What?” Mo Lin rolled over and raised his body. As soon as he looked towards Xi Fan who was beside him, he had a different suspicion.

“Hey, Where is Lu Ping?” Mo Lin asked.

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