Chapter 19: Forest of Elves ( part 3 )

A dazzling light could be seen located within a secluded edge of a vast forest. This forest seemed to cover far and wide as various arrays of flowers and birds could be seen located within.

“Bzzt tzz!” Within the dazzling light 4 forms could be seen, as the light quietly vanished Fang Tien and the 3 other Du clan members appeared.

While leaving the formation circle Fang Tien looked around. His eyes scanning the surrounding area.

“This forest seems similar to our ancient Du clan forest,” Fang Tien thought aloud.

Looking around Du Lei, Du Yan and Du min could only nod in agreement. It indeed seemed very familiar, down to the plants that popularly covered their Du clan ancient forest seemed to be everywhere here. The trees all seem to hold some ancient history to them and the air seemed different than normal air

. It appeared to be purer as each breath taken would not only give a refreshing feeling but one would notice any internal injuries healing slowly, just by living in this forest one could slowly recover from internal injuries.

“Rustle! Rustle!” Sounds of leaves could be heard cracking as two figures dropped from above.

Despite the large distance they fell from, there was virtually no sound of them touching the ground. One could tell that both their cultivations were high.

A male and female figure showed before the group, the male was tall and extraordinarily handsome. The female appeared to be a peerless beauty as her jade-like skin glowed under the sunlight making her seem out of this world.

Under this densely packed forest where the Trees covered the sky, Fang Tien wondered if it was a coincidence that she managed to land in the only spot of sunlight.

While they both shared their exceptional peerless looks in common, most noticeable of their shared traits would be their pointy ears! Combined with all the other factors such as their attire that seems woven by vines and silk and their current location within the elven forest.

Seeing the arrivals of the elves, Du Lei remembered the elder’s instructions and walked forward with a bow. “Hello, are you our guides? We’re from the Du clan.”

Fang Tien gaze wandered about on the elves. For some reason, his vision was exceptionally intense when looking at the female elf. Not because of her beautiful features but because of a strange resonance he felt between them.

Feeling Fang Tien ‘s vision, the male elf glared before replying, “Yes, we shall be your guides towards the closest Portal. Very rarely do we get visitors as the Grand Dao surrounding the forest makes it impossible for outsiders to find their way.”

Du Yan could be seen starring as if enchanted by the elves’ beautiful looks. she had always heard that all elves were exceptionally handsome but reality still caused her to be in a state of shock.

While to her, Fang Tien could compare it wouldn’t be the current as he still seemed too young and had yet to fully mature. Du Min started unphased by the elves and just seemed uninterested on a whole.

Hearing the male elf reply, realization dawned on Fang Tien. That strange maze-like feeling he had after entering the forest was caused by a Grand Dao, he had noticed that despite the clear environment and the familiar forest layout he felt as if walking far away from their original location would trap them in a repeated circle.

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