Chapter 19: Shalom Ping

Lu Ping had disappeared.

And if Mo Lin hadn’t raised his suspicion, Xi Fan definitely wouldn’t have realized. Given his sound’s soul didn’t have any realm, but Lu Ping was just a meter beside his body and he was still not able to feel his disappearance.

” Where did he go?” Mo Lin looked all around.

Xi Fan didn’t know, but he did have a kind of premonition. Recently detected Soul’s Power, could it be…Lu Ping?

” Right, you were recently saying about something being not right?” Mo Lin asked.

No. It’s not Lu Ping.

Xi Fan very quickly determined. Although he was unable to perceive that Soul’s Power at this moment, but during that split second of perceiving that Soul’s Power, the direction from which it was coming was definitely different.

” There was a Soul’s Power….” As Xi Fan was speaking, his vision turned towards the direction he had determined. At that side, there were only teachers and Deans of the two courtyards, sitting on the Invigilating Platform.

Who was it?

Xi Fan was unable to give a more precise description to Mo Lin. He only felt that departure of Lu Ping has some connection with it.

Third Grade Soul’s Tower. Twelveth floor.

Su Tang, relying on her sixth Heavenly Layer Strength’s soul, smoothly rushed up to this floor. It was just as Xi Fan said; For the third grade, third Heavenly Layer and fourth Heavenly Layer were in the majority, fifth Heavenly Layer was considered to be outstanding and sixth Heavenly Layer would surmount outstanding capability, sufficient to crush this third grade Soul’s Tower with ease. Only this twelveth floor could be considered to be as troublesome.

The twelveth floor can’t be crushed just by relying on the realm. At this floor, the capability of employing Soul’s Power begins to play a very significant role. During his third year, Xi Fan didn’t cross the twelveth floor on the basis of his realm. At that time, his most powerful Essence’s soul was not even at the fourth Heavenly Layer. Let alone twelveth floor, just from above the ninth floor, only relying on the realm is not enough. He precisely relied on his capabilities in employing the Soul’s Power. And not only just Essence’s soul, he is proficient in employing all kinds of Soul’s Power grasped by him.

Su Tang is vastly above Xi Fan in terms of the realm. Surely, she won’t be bad in employing Soul’s Power either. Entire Zhai Feng’s expectations on her were not without a cause. As expected, she didn’t let people down either. After tangling with the illusionary lion guarding the twelfth floor for a few moments, she was finally able to grasp the lion’s attack pattern and style. Third Heavenly Layer of Infusion’s soul precisely seized the movements of the lion.


After a relaxed shout, Su Tang quickly moved her right hand and accurately grabbed the head of the lion which had pounced on her. Her left hand followed right after, then her both hands abruptly pushed downwards.

The delusional lion roared, but it was unable to contend against the sudden outburst of the Strength’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer’s power. Its skull heavily smashed against the ground and produced a huge hole. However, the latter half of its body was being raised in mid-air due to the excessive momentum produced by the collision.


The illusionary lion fell and flipped over the ground. Its head which was inside the hole, suddenly stopped struggling.

Su Tang let go of her hands, then very cautiously and slowly retreated two steps back. This Delusional Lion was truly somewhat difficult to deal with. Her breathing had become rather hard. However, she didn’t immediately relax her guard. She was still watching the imaginary lion on the ground. It lasted till it completely disappeared. Only then did she relax.

Su Tang let out a huge sigh. On one side she was checking a little flesh wound on her left shoulder inflicted in recent confrontation, on the other side she was walking towards the apex of the tower. Suddenly a strong wind attacked her!

Not over yet!

Su Tang was extremely perceptive. She immediately jumped towards her right and dodged the attack. She once again looked back, the lion had truly disappeared. This time, an individual had appeared. It looked like, it was also condensed by the Soul’s Tower, just like the lion. As its attacked had missed, it looked a little astonished and hesitant.

Not easy to deal with!

Su Tang immediately determined this. Although the previous lion was fierce, but it was just fearlessly attacking. But this time, the image was expressing emotions after its attack missed. This kind of opponent would always be a lot more formidable than a beast which only carries out machine like attacks. Sure enough, the difficulty of the twelveth floor is too much compared with the floors below! Su Tang was a little bit regretfully thinking.

She was already somewhat exhausted after defeating the lion. She was not at all confident that she would be able to defeat an opponent which is much more formidable than it.

However, can’t possibly cower back just like this!

Su Tang quickly regained her calm. She mobilized her Infusion’s soul and Sound’s soul, and began to closely observe each and every moment of her opponent.

Opponent moved!

Or, he didn’t move but had already disappeared.

Su Tang was astonished. Her watch was already strict enough, being exhausted hadn’t reduced her attention. However she was unable to see opponent making any kind of move, he just disappeared like this without any basis.

Within the visual angle of 180 degrees, there wasn’t a trace of the opponent.

Behind body, it was the only possibility!

Although her Sound’s soul didn’t hear any noise, but Su Tang had already made such a determination.

She turned her body and swept her leg.

Su Tang’s reaction was pretty quick, but not quick enough against such an opponent. At this moment, opponent appeared behind her body and furthermore caught the leg which she had just swung.

The Image displayed a smile and swung his arms to throw out Su Tang.

However, strength was not sufficient!

His fingers met the strong resistance produced by the sixth Heavenly Layer Strength’s soul. The toughness of this girl was above his expectations.

” Who are you?” He heard Su Tang speaking. Because that smile of his, Su Tang felt very unnatural.

That astonished and hesitating feeling from before can be understood as the Image plotting its next move. It could be counted as a high level and complex operation. But, what’s up with such a smile? An image produced through the Soul’s Power of the tower is also capable of showing moods like genuine humans?

Su Tang immediately felt something amiss. She realized that perhaps this image is not being controlled by the tower, rather is controlled by someone. Or, it just might be an individual in itself

The Image didn’t reply. He is aware that, for a moment, he had revealed a flaw in the arrangments. This was because he never considered to took precautions for such a situation from the very start. He never believed that he would have to reveal himself. He thought that just the first sneak attack would be enough to conclude this test.

He didn’t expect that the first sneak attack would fail, nor did he expect that Su Tang would react so quickly and threw a kick behind her body, and even more didn’t expect that his hands would be unable to throw Su Tang out.

He didn’t wish for another such a mishap. So, he decided to speed things up.

At this moment he was at ‘Spiritual Journey’, thus comparing strengths wouldn’t be advantageous at all. He decided not to entangle with Su Tang and was about to let go of Su Tang’s leg.

However, after this time’s confrontation, Su Tang had discovered where her superiority lies.


Her strength was not something that this weird Image could rashly confront.

Thereupon, from her left leg on the ground, she conveyed force with her entire strength.

Her captured right leg suddenly flew out in the forward direction. Originally, the Image was holding a bit firmly, but at this moment, he was thinking about releasing her leg. He never anticipated that Su Tang would suddenly kick with captured leg in such a fierce manner.

The actual distance between their bodies was not much. Su Tang’s kick resolutely landed on the Image’s chest. The kick caused his body to distort and fluctuate.

It looks like it truly is just a Delusional Image. However, it is different from the previous one. When that imaginary beast was hit, it didn’t distort like this one.

Finally, what is it?

No matter. First hit then talk!

Su Tang didn’t miss to grab such a hard to come by opportunity. She closed in extremely quick, waved her fist and extended her leg.

The Wrestling technique naturally is most easily exhibited through Strength’s Soul. Image unexpectedly didn’t recover from distortion and fluctuation as it was being continuously hit. It continued to maintain its half manufactured article like appearance.

If it’s like this, then it doesn’t seem to have the methods to do anything about it?

Su Tang deducted as such and further decreased the time duration between consecutive hits.

The Image was complaining in his mind. He truly wasn’t an illusion birthed from the Soul’s Tower. In reality, twelveth floor’s test was over with the defeat of the illusionary beast.

He is a teacher of Xia Feng institute: Yuan Yi. A Linked One of Essence’s Soul. At this moment, he is sitting beside Baliyan. The illusion on the twelveth floor of Soul’s Tower is his fourth level ability obtained after his Linking of Essence’s Soul: Spiritual Journey.

The illusion was originated from his control. Xia Feng was using this kind of method to obstruct Zhai Feng from breaking through the twelveth floor. He originally believed that one sneak attack would be enough to complete the job. He never anticipated to tangle for so long, and even being in a disadvantageous position at present.

This is looking bad, looking too bad!

The way this is going, forget about obstructing, I myself would suffer injuries due to the destruction of the Illusion.

In that case, don’t care anymore!

Originally, Yuan Yi also didn’t wish to hurt a student of Zhai Feng. He merely wanted to obstruct the student’s achievements. However, at the moment, let alone preventing the student from passing the twelveth floor, he himself is about to get injured. Since it is like this, then he couldn’t be lenient.

Fourth-grade ability Spiritual Journey is not limited to just this.

He concentrated his spiritual essence and began to guide all the power of the Essence’s soul in an unending flow, and fully employed the Spiritual Journey with all his might.

Soul’s Tower. Twelveth floor. The fist thrown out by Su Tang suddenly struck the empty air.

The Image which was about to perish by her strikes suddenly disappeared.

Essence’s soul is not Su Tang’s expertise. After she barely broke through into the first Heavenly Layer when she was in the second grade, she didn’t pay further attention to it.

However, just relying on this first Heavenly Layer realm, she was able to perceive a rich power of Essence’s soul approaching from behind her body, bringing along danger with it.

Turn around and attack!

Su Tang’s movements and agility are still as quick as before. But this time, the opponent was much quicker! The Image which was almost smashed to pieces by her has once again resumed the shape of a man. It was even clearer by some amount. However, without allowing her to clearly see anything, the Image had already struck.

The power of Strength’s Soul inside her body which was being employed at the moment got disorganized in an instant. She lost her strength and even lost her consciousness. The Soul’s Power released by the opponent’s attack had injured her in an unrestrained manner.

Argh! Might as well have done it like this from the start. After concluding the battle with one strike, Yuan Yi was thinking as such and was just about to end the Spiritual Journey. However, he suddenly felt something strange behind the body.

He unconsciously turned around but the throat of the Image was firmly held in position by a hand.

Who is it?

Yuan Yi was astonished but the other person didn’t insist on having any sort of exchange with him. Without any warning, a huge burst of strength rushed forth in a unimaginably small time period. It didn’t give any sort of reaction time to Yuan Yi. There wasn’t even enough time to see the face of the other person clearly.


Once again, there was a loud sound. This kind of loud sound was not for the first time today.

Once again, everybody’s vision went towards the same direction. All the people were watching with dumbstruck expressions, seems like this third year tower……is also going to collapse?

” Run for it!” The invigilator under the tower shouted in a loud voice. Everybody dispersed at once.

However, the collapse of third-grade Soul’s Tower was much more abrupt than that of the first-grade. There was suddenly a loud sound and then the entire tower collapsed altogether.

” What is this?” All people were blanked out.

First-grade tower was destroyed. Now, the third-grade tower has also been destroyed.

The people from Zhai Feng wished to laugh, whereas the people from Xia Feng wished to cry. However, this time, Baliyan was unable to flare-up. Because, during the instant when the tower collapsed, Yaun Yi who was beside him, suddenly covered a groan while spouting a mouthful of blood up to three meters.

From within the collapsed ruins, a figure gradually emerged.

Boy carrying girl, resolutely walking out step by step. It was just like that year’s snow when he was carrying the small girl.

He is called Lu Ping. Shalom Ping.

( Tl: Shalom isn’t supposed to be his first name here. Shalom= calm, at peace…)

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