Chapter 19: Worshipping The Ancestor’s Of East Yue Wu

“Sect Leader, there’s something I want to ask of you.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Sun Wudao is like a father to me, so I want to bury him and stand vigil by his catafalque. Can you give me seven extra days before you put me in jail?”


And like that, Wu Yu left with Su Yanli back to Yan Li Mountain under the hatred-filled eyes of Situ Bright.

“Sister Su.”

Su Yanli’s hair whipped in the breeze, and her dress fluttered about like it was dancing. She looked ethereal on top of her Celestial Crane above the clouds.

“What?” She turned her head to look at Wu Yu.

“Thanks.” He poured all his feelings of gratitude into this word. Su Yanli made Wu Yu think of Princess Wu You, because she was also somebody who took good care of himself.

“No need. It’s true, though, that you have to work hard, because I don’t think I can save you again if you lose to Situ Bright in a year. Remember that in the Sword to Heaven Sect, one does not need to dirty their own hands to kill someone. Situ Bright won’t let you go. He has the resources and the connections to kill you without lifting a single finger.” Su Yanli exhorted.

“I’ll remember this piece of advice. In one year right? I understand.”

To Wu Yu, living past today was a miracle, almost as if the Gods had blessed him, so he wasn’t scared of any fight a whole year away. He had confidence that he’d walk far in the path of cultivation, and that his future was going to be glorious and splendid.

The Kingdom of East Yue Wu… he had to go back.

It seemed that word of his feat had reached Yan Li Mountain, as the servants all stared at him like he was God upon touchdown on the mountain.

Wu Yu buried Sun Wudao next to the spot where Sun Wudao had once buried him.

Engraved upon Sun’s gravestone were the words: “Stepfather, Sun Wudao’s grave”

Even though they had a great age difference, Wu Yu considered him as his father.

A father that was different to his biological father, the Emperor of East Yue Wu.

Wu Yu bowed by Sun’s grave for 7 days and 7 nights.

“I’m going now. I’ll return to visit you in a year.”

“When I return, I’ll make you even more proud of me.”

After Wu Yu left, Sun Wudao’s grave shone with a golden light, and if one looked closely, one would make out a wrinkled, smiling face within the light.

A strand of golden hair flew out of the grave, dancing in the breeze.

The strand of hair did not look like a human’s hair, but an animal’s!

“Wu Yu, we’ll meet again.”

The strand of hair danced higher and higher, before disappearing in the night sky.

“In this vast and endless world, you and I are the only descendants of ‘his’ left.”

The smiling face on the gravestone gradually faded away, and before long the darkness reigned once again.

Repentance Mountain, the Brigs.

The jail cells were completely sealed off from the outside world, without any windows or gaps. They were 10 feet wide and 5 feet high, so standing up fully was an impossible feat.

One would go insane if imprisoned within one of these jail cells for a long time.

“Wu Yu.”

The Jindan Celestial and Su Yanli were outside Wu Yu’s jail cell.

“Sect Leader.” Wu Yu replied respectfully.

“If you can best Situ Bright in your duel with him one year later, I’ll take you as my 5th disciple even if you haven’t condensed your Qi.”

Wu Yu nearly went crazy from happiness.

Back when he asked the Sect Leader to take him in as an apprentice on their first encounter, Wu Yu did not expect this wish would one day come true. After all, he’d been crippled by Soul Severing Powder, and his latent potential was still mediocre at best.

If he managed to defeat Situ Bright, then his status within the Sect would be on par with Su Yanli’s! The things he could do, and the Daoist Arts he could learn then… A whole new world would open before him!

“Thank you Sect Leader!”

He hadn’t beaten Situ Bright yet, so he could not directly call Feng Xue Ya Master.

His 5th disciple…

“See you in a year.” Su Yanli gave a faint smile.

“Sister Su!” Wu Yu raised his head.


“I want to know of your ranking within Sect Leader’s disciples.”

“I’m Sect Leader’s 4th disciple, and coincidentally, I have the least potential out of the lot.”

“Then I swear that I, Wu Yu, will one day become your 5th little brother!”


The door of the jail cell shut with a finality.

A horrible silence permeated the air. No light was present within the cell, only darkness.

One year.

To Wu Yu, this was nothing, because the light of hope burned within him.

This one year within the cell was a great opportunity for him to cultivate and reach greater realms.

Wu Yu started to cultivate.

At the same time, Feng Xue Ya and Su Yanli took off from Repentance Mountain, soaring away into the cloud laden sky.

“Yanli, what you said was right. The legacy that he’d inherited is much more powerful and profound than we expected. However, he has an intelligent mind and determination that belies his age. I’m willing to become his pathfinder and to protect him from going into harm’s way. This is our yuanfen.” Feng Xue Ya said.

“Somebody who values friendship and loyalty, Wu Yu is a good person. Whether it’s his intelligence, resilience or talent, he meets all the criteria to become your disciple. The Sect Protector’s disciples are getting stronger and stronger with each passing year; master, you’re feeling the pressure too, right?” Su Yanli replied, robe dancing and fluttering in the clouds.

Feng Xue Ya laughed coldly “If she didn’t come from that place, that woman…”

Heaven’s Cry Mountain.

One day, the clouds suddenly erupted into a frenzy, and ice started to form on the mountain, eventually covering it from head to toe.

The roar of a teenager reverberated in the air.

“Somebody has successfully condensed their Qi!”

“Holy shit!”


“Do you even have to ask? It’s Heaven’s Cry Mountain, so it has to be Situ Bright!”

The Blue Surge Mountain Range went into an uproar.

It was only upon learning of the news of Situ Bright successfully condensing his Qi that people remembered and thought of the imprisoned Wu Yu, and of the battle, the commotion that had taken place on Heaven’s Cry Mountain. That day, even the Sect Leader had appeared.

Everything that had happened in the confrontation between Wu Yu and the Situ brothers was beneficial towards Wu Yu, except for the challenge he’d issued at Situ Bright, which had become a running gag in the Sword to Heaven Sect. Now that Situ Bright had successfully condensed his Qi, the challenge Wu Yu had issued seemed all the more funny, all the more pitiable.

“I bet Wu Yu will be dumbfounded when he’s released from prison and learns of this, haha!”

Looking at the roiling clouds on top of Heaven’s Cry Mountain, a lot of disciples could not resist the urge to laugh.

A VIP descended upon Heaven’s Cry Mountain. It was a an extremely beautiful blue-robed woman who gave off a mature and sexual charm that really appealed to young men.

She was the Sect Protector!

Yes, the Sect Protector was a woman, and was also a Jindan Celestial.

“Situ Bright, from today onwards, you’re my 5th disciple.” The Sect Protectors voice echoed throughout the Blue Surge Mountain Range, as if challenging the authority of one particular person.

“Thank you master, Bright will not disappoint you!”

Situ Bright had waited for this moment for a long time.

He looked at the Sect Protector, who was stood on top of her Blue Sword in the air, with searing eyes.

“Wu Yu, the time of your death is getting closer and closer. My master has already returned. The only thing left is to wait for you to be released from prison.”

Would Wu Yu really be able to stop Situ Bright’s meteoric rise?


Each year on the 15th of August, the Kingdom of East Yue Wu would worship their ancestors.

The Capital City was prosperous and thriving like always.

It was especially lively and bustling with noise today, as the Royal’s were going to worship their ancestors today!

The newly appointed Emperor Yuan Hao, the Empress Yuan Xi and many other important people within the Kingdom had gathered in front of the Ancestor Palace. Crowded around the palace were the citizens of the capital, so squished together that many people could feel their skulls being crushed. It was worth it, though, because they could get to view such a holy, ceremonious event!

Yuan Hao was dressed in a robe decorated with dragons. Even though he looked a bit tender and naive, he had the air of an Emperor; ambition and lust glinted within his eyes.

The Empress Yuan Xi was even more eye-catching, her looks incredibly seductive and alluring.

Not far behind them was Princess Wu You, known far and wide for her beauty. She was the most beautiful woman within the country; even the Empress Yuan Xi could not match her beauty and elegance.

The many citizens on scene looked at the rulers of their Kingdom with respectful, yet envious eyes.

The Emperor Yuan Hao was currently lighting incense sticks to worship the Royal line’s ancestors. The procession of the most important men and women of the Kingdom looked on with solemnity.

“Thank you Founding Emperor, thank you my ancestors, for fighting hard and making East Yue Wu what it is today!”

“Today, Yuan Hao will worship his ancestors!”

“I wish that my East Yue Wu will remain strong and powerful for generations to come, and be blessed with prosperity and luck!”

The new Emperor spoke with self-confidence and aplomb, his powerful voice echoing far and wide.

“So this is Emperor Yuan Hao. He seems extraordinary, and looks incredibly valiant and handsome, just like the rumours.” Many citizens praised.

The New Emperor of East Yue Wu, Wu Yuan Hao.

In the corner of the crowd, a man dressed in rags smiled coldly “You’re calling this piece of shit valiant and extraodinary? He fucking looks like a girl. Have you not seen Prince Heir Wu Yu before? He is what I call valiant and heroic, a true man; within this Kingdom, who can compare with him? This Yuan Hao can’t even compare with a strand of Wu Yu’s hair. Back then when Marshal Wu’s son was messing and rampaging about the Capital, committing atrocities, Wu Yu sentenced him to death and killed him without second thought. Does this Yuan Hao even have the courage to kill a chicken*

“You! You! How could you say this?! This is outrageous!” A woman standing by his side had heard his mutterings.

“What’s so outrageous about what I said? It’s the truth that Yuan Hao is a piece of trash, and this Empress of his, who we know nothing of, is a bitch!” The man in rags spoke louder and louder without a hint of fear.

“You sure do have guts, to mention Prince Yu. The act that Prince Yu had committed that year was so atrocious that it shocked the nation, who never knew that he was that kind of person! Hao Tian Shangxian appeared and exiled him to the borders; because his sin was too great, even daemons did not let him off, devouring him alive bones and all!” A scholar said.

The man in rags burst into laughter “How can you be blinded by appearances? Yuan Xi was born a slut, and Yuan Hao was born a piece of trash. It is only Prince Yu who is as he looks – valiant, strong and courageous! I was a soldier within his army. The reason why we managed to conquer South Mountain Chao Kingdom was all because of him! Beautiful girls are like clouds* in South Mountain Chao Kingdom, yet Prince Yu did not bat an eyelid at them, so how could Yuan Xi make Wu Yu commit such an atrocity and rape her?”

The man was a bit crazy today. He spoke louder and louder, shocking and disturbing numerous people.

Many people doubted that Wu Yu would really commit such an act, but Hao Tian Shangxian said he did, in front of the court! So who would dare to think that somebody had framed Wu Yu? Hao Tian Shangxian was a goddamn Celestial! There was no way he would lie!

Even though many people had there suspicions…

“Empress, somebody has started a commotion within the crowd by mentioning Prince Yu.”

Yuan Xi thought of that pitiable bug.

She smiled calmly “Drag him down, and execute him by tearing him apart with four horses. Spread the word that those who mention Prince Yu will be killed, and their family massacred.”


Everybody trembled in terror. If they accidentally said Prince Yu, they were done. Finished. Dead.

“Empress, we’re worshipping our ancestors today. Aren’t you scared of disturbing and angering our ancestors?” Wu You said expressionlessly. The melancholy and sadness from three years ago still had not faded.

“Hmmm? Oh, then drag him out of the City first before executing him.” Yuan Xi covered her lips with her hand and laughed.

At that moment, Emperor Yuan Hao, who had finished worshipping his ancestors, returned.

“Big Sister Wu You, do you know that a man has conquered the 38 islands to our east with his army and established the Kingdom “East God Kingdom”?”

“I’ve heard of this piece of news. Just a bunch of bandits and thieves.” Wu You replied.

Yuan Hao gave a faint smile “Don’t say it like that. Since they’ve established their own country, then they’re on equal terms with us. East God Kingdom has a navy fleet which my East Yue Wu cannot compare with. If we have the help of a navy fleet, then my East Yue Wu can continue to expand. And coincidentally, East God Continent wants to form an alliance with us.”

“This is a big, national matter, something which has nothing to do with me. Your Eminence, there is no need for you to tell me this.”

“Wu You, in fact, it has something to do with you.” Yuan Xi laughed again.

Yuan Hao said “Then let me say it directly. The new Emperor of East God Kingdom ‘Jiu Shijun’ wants to wed you. This alliance is very important to us if we want our East Yue Wu to continue to expand and thrive – the prosperity and happiness of our citizens depends on this, so don’t refuse.”

“Jiu Shijun, is a cold-blooded killer, a ruthless bandit, an evil fellow who commits atrocious crimes left and right.” Princess Wu You replied.

“You’re right, reportedly Jiu Shijun is a Martial Art Expert who has reached the 7th Heavenly Stage of Martial Arts. Many Emperors in our Dongsheng God Continent do not have this kind of power.” Yuan Hao gave a small smile.

He thought that Princess Wu You had given in.

At that moment, Princess Wu You smiled, and said “Very well, then you can wed my corpse to this demonic killer.”

“Forming alliances with tigers and wolves* is an action that will one day destroy our country. Yuan Hao, you’re not suitable to be an emperor.”

After saying that, Wu You stood up and left with her attendant.

“This bitch, why can’t she see the big picture!” Yuan Hao shouted in anger.

“Hao Er, don’t get angry. Wu You is an intelligent and clever person, so if you get angry, you lose. She’s stubborn, but there are lots of methods that we can use to get her to yield and wed Jiu Shijun like a good girl.” Yuan Xi purred.

“Yes, mother, whatever you say.”

Does this Yuan Hao even have the courage to kill a chicken* This means, I think, that the man in rags believes Yuan Hao, if put into Wu Yu’s shoes at that time, would not have the courage to kill the Marshal’s son

Beautiful girls are like clouds* – Beautiful girls everywhere

tigers and wolves* – In this context, evil and sinister people

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