Chapter 2: Deity eyes Dao

A vast majestic aura flooded the halls and covered the space within the Du clan world. Exuding out from within the space slit a large star-shaped pupil stared down, Primal Chaos Qi filled the air. If one looked closely one could see the stars and the moon revolving within the eyes!

It was as if an ancient times Supreme being regained consciousness, the boundless aura seemed to swallow the whole wide world! such eye gave the feeling as if all things within its sight was worthless, including the heavens!

Luckily for all below as quickly as it came it vanished, the slit in the space slowly closing and the pressure vanishing.


Surprised an Elder discovered that Fang Tien was unconscious.

Suddenly a vast otherworldly sound reverberated in the halls.

“There is nothing to worry about, bring the child to me!”

“Huh?!” the children lay in confusion as to where the sound came from, but the elders knew. It was none other than the clan protector, the ancient Immortal tree.

In a strange space, seemingly void of anything — void of life, even void of death! This place seemed to not exist yet to exist at the same time. It gave an incredibly strange and conflicting feeling.


In this deathly still void, suddenly a sound rang out, and the source was none other than a star, a crack seemingly appeared on it, but what was even more surprising is that this star wasn’t alone!

Deep within this space floated an eyeball, surrounded by heavenly bodies and chained by stars!, primal chaos qi filled the air

This Pupil seemed so large as if it could contain the entire universe, the stars that chained it seemed tiny as if they were flies in comparison, the pupil periodically emitted divine light, that seemed to shine upon all, the pressure emitted from this light seemed as if it could cut an immortal and grant true death! under such a light all law seemed invalid, any dao or divine ability seemed meaningless as if such light could devour a world!

In a vast boundless forest, an ancient tree towered the whole forest, its vast branches seeming to reach the stars in space!

This huge Tree emitted an ancient aura, and below it laid a youth seemly lost, looking into space, he seemed to be 13years in appearance, emitting a handsome and innocent look, he wore a self-confident smiling face, even though young he gave people a feeling as if there was nothing he couldn’t do.

In the youth vacant eyes, a 1-star shape pattern was most noticeable, his eyes seemed as deep as the starry sky, it was as if his 2 eyes contained the stars and the moon!

“Oh.” a sigh left the youth mouth as pure brightness was restored to his eyes, it was Fang Tien!

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