Chapter 20: Divine Pond

Sounds of crushed dried leaves could be heard, as a group of six sped through the forest.

A feminine figure walked noticeably slower than the rest ” how much longer until we’ve arrived at the portal?” Du Yan asked wearily “it has been almost 2hours since we’ve started traveling!”

Beads of sweat could be seen flowing down the cheeks of Du Min and Du Lei, only Fang Tien, and the two guides seemed unaffected, They could understand the two elven guides being unaffected as they were probably used to it and at a high cultivation rank, but since the Du Clan cultivated their eyes and not their body they naturally had a weaker constitution that other cultivators, only mages could be compared to their weak constitution.

Fang Tien looked at his Companions in wonder, thinking aloud ” has it really been 2hours?”

With a vague glare at Fang Tien, the Male elf replied, ” Of course you wouldn’t be aware of the time since you’ve been cultivating the whole journey”

Fang Tien blushed shamelessly, his cheeks turning rosy red, he didn’t think someone would notice

as a sudden burst of enlightenment had hit him, he felt like this forest was a cultivators practice trove, it felt as if it was easier to sense ones Dao within here.

Walking closer to the elven guides Fang Tien asked with a smile ” Elder sister, I’ve always heard that majestic mystical beast populated elven forests but I’ve yet to see even a shadow?”

Hearing his question the female elf looked around while replying ” Its because we’re traveling together, naturally, they would avoid us” she seemed to be avoiding Fang Tien’s vision as she quickly looked away

Sounds of splashing water could be heard as if multiple waves rushed against a large rock

looking outwards toward the source of the sound Fang Tiens, divine light radiated as a pond came into view, the light it produced seemed ethereal in nature.

This pond seemed to phase in and out of space, as it seemed to be almost unreal if a pond could die and be reborn as a ghost Fang Tien was sure it would look like this.

Light purple lights flowed from Du Min’s pupils as she looked for the source of the sound, strangely enough, she could sense the general location but nothing could be seen.

Seeing Du Min’s reaction the male elf sighed lightly, “there is no point in trying to find the source, as it can’t be seen by our mortal eyes, Divine ponds are said to be bred by the world and can appear anymore anywhere in space and time, as they aren’t fixed to a specific space and flow through the rivers of time”

Seeing everyone’s curious reaction the female elf added ” They’ve also been known to carry Supreme objects and weapons, thousands of years ago a lucky cultivator obtained a supreme weapon from it, this weapon could cut through any surface, even being able to cut through space!, in our current Era this cultivator is known as the Sword Saint, and his weapon the Supreme sword of destruction!”

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