Chapter 20: A Road Forward

Step by step, carrying Su Tang, Lu Ping was walking onward. Neither he looked left nor glanced right, from the very start, his eyes were staring in a fixed direction.

All the people blankly stared for quite a while before they managed to regain their spirits.

” What’s going on?” ” What happened to Su Tang?”

” Why did Lu Ping show up?”

Zhai Feng students were puzzled. They were originally rejoicing and smiling because they had always believed that Su Tang is too formidable and she had directly caused the tower to collapse. Although, it was a repetition of the previous incident, but they were still extremely happy and were delightedly appreciating the expressions of Xia Feng students.

However, in the blink of an eye, they saw Lu Ping walking out from within the ruins while carrying Su Tang on his back.

The situation was completely different from what they had assumed. They were thinking to go and ask, but after seeing Lu Ping’s expression, not a single one of them moved in the end.

Zhai Feng students didn’t move, but Xia Feng students were unable to endure.

“What is going on? What is this?”

“Who is this youngster? Why was he inside the soul’s tower?”

They knew that first year Soul’s Tower had collapsed due to a repeater student, but what they didn’t know was, the student in front of there eyes at this moment was the same as that one.

“What is this? Is this cheating?” Xia Feng students were loudly shouting. Though, this doubt was certainly fair. Simultaneously two people inside the tower, this was against the rules of the test.

Therefore, many individual instantly came over and rudely blocked the path in front of Lu Ping. Leading them was precisely that youngster possessing sixth Heavenly Layer Qi’s soul.

“Step aside.” Lu Ping’s vision didn’t stay over that youngster even for an instant, neither did it rest over any other individuals that were blocking his path; his vision, still as before, was pointed in a single direction.

“Pal, you are very arrogant huh?” The youngster was furious. He took a step forward, wishing to shove Lu Ping. He was very confident because he was a Perceiver of Qi’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer, an existence that was able to reach the apex of the tower. And this guy in his front? The youngster was unable to perceive any kind of Soul’s Power from Lu Ping’s body.

He shoved forward without the slightest hesitation.

Lu Ping hadn’t stopped his steps. He was still walking forward like before. Youngster had closed in and shoved towards him, therefore, he also mercilessly extended his hand forward and shoved towards the youngster.

It looked like this was a very casual shove. Some struggle would follow it and the teachers will immediately break it off.

However, immediately afterwards, the youngster was sent flying.

It was just an ordinary shove; no one saw Lu Ping exerting any strength, however, the youngster was sent flying as if he was suddenly slammed by some object. He was mid-air for twenty meters, somersaulted four times after collapsing on the ground, then further rashly slid six meters on the ground.

Everything happened in a split second.

When the two indviduals had faced each other, it felt like they will shove each other, then some teachers will immediately come over to end the fight, but even before the step could be completed, the youngster was already knocked away. The two individuals who were originally face to face, got separated by thirty meters in a blink of an eye.

Lu Ping’s steps didn’t stop, neither did his gaze buzzed, and he was still walking onward like before.

The Xia Feng students who were behind that youngster were still shouting and making a big fuss when that youngster had been sent flying. However, when Lu Ping arrived walking in such a manner, they involuntarily sidestepped to either of the sides and their shouting voices involuntarily kept getting low and low.

Lu Ping emerged out of the through the path opened by the students. He was walking perfectly straight and was getting closer to that youngster.

“Not good!” The Invigilators accelerated their speed. Outside the wide range of the examination scene, two indviduals rushed in from the non-institute personnel who were only allowed to watch and were forbidden from entering the examination scene. Discipline crew was about to stop these two people, however, as soon as they saw the twin mountain peaked emblem on their clothes, they didn’t stop them and quietly allowed them to pass.

Xia Feng emblem is the emblem of Xia Feng City Master’s family. The youngster who was just sent flying by Lu Ping had precisely come from the City Master’s family. He was the Xia Feng City Master Wei Zhong’s only son Wei Tianqi.

However, the first one to approach the body of Wei Tianqi was Lu Ping nonetheless.

Wei Tianqi was completely stunned. He was sitting on the ground in a daze; it lasted until Lu Ping arrived at his front.

Wei Tianqi lost his head due to fear. He was continuously dragging himself backward, trying to evade. Invigilators were shouting ‘stop’, two individuals from Wei family had furthermore anxiously pulled out their weapons, and Soul Killing bow in hands of one of them was being pulled up, ready to shoot towards Lu Ping.

However, Lu Ping didn’t take notice of any of it.

Including Wei Tianqi on the ground, he didn’t spare them a single glance. He was still walking step by step onward. He walked past Wei Tianqi and continued to move forward.

Soul Killing bow was lowered. Every person who had charged inside let out a sigh and lowered their pace.

Where is he still going?

Everyone was still looking, but just looking. Invigilating Personnel had originally thought about asking about the cause, but at this moment, every single one of them was hesitating. Everyone was looking at each other in dismay. There wasn’t an individual who stepped forward again. They all cleverly went towards Wei Tianqi to express their concern.

Rumbling sound….

A sound of wheels rolling on the ground broke the tranquil scene of everyone being stunned. Mo Lin was displaying a completely opposite kind of excitement than all the other people. He was fiercely pushing Xi Fan and chasing after the steps of Lu Ping.

When Xi Fan finally saw Lu Ping came out carrying Su Tang, he’d already guessed the most of it. That strand of the power of Essence’s soul, although he still didn’t it belong to whom, but looking at the present scene, it must had been directed against Su Tang. He had barely perceived it, however, Lu Ping had obviously determined it much more clearly than him and had rushed into the Soul’s Tower. As for how did he reach the twelveth floor, no one saw it. In short, the tower collapsed, and Su Tang being unconscious must have been due to the plot of the other side.

Did Xia Feng institute want to obstruct our students from climbing the apex of the tower?

Xi Fan was not sure if some people had a private grudge against Su Tang, therefore, he didn’t dare to say with certainity if this was an evil plot of Xia Feng institute or not. He also wished to know the bottom of the matter, therefore, even when he felt that his wounds might split open due to the jolts produced by the fierce pushing of Mo Lin, he bit his teeth and unexpectedly didn’t utter a sound. However, the one who ultimately dropped the chain(screwed up) was still Mo Lin. At the beginning, he was pushing very fast. Just after running a few distance, his breathing turned heavy and he started to slow down. Fortunately, Lu Ping was not too quick and they were still able to keep up with the former. Lu Ping’s direction was exactly the Invigilating Platform. As he approached, his direction and his line of sight were getting more and more distinct.

Besides Baliyan, Yuan Yi.

When Yaun Yi had spurted blood, the people managing the side of Xia Feng institute had been flustered. They couldn’t decide if they should first clarify the matter of the collapse of the tower, or attend to him. Only Baliyan had guessed the approximate circumstances of the situation and his complexion had been turning increasingly unsightly since then. Afterwards, they saw Lu Ping carrying Su Tang, walking straight in their direction. In a few moments, he’d aleady arrived at the front of the Invigilating Platform.

” What are you going to do?”

In charge of Xia Feng’s security and also teaching some courses at the same time, Bi Ge, a Linked One of Strength’s Soul, was blocking the front of Lu Ping as the purpose of the latter’s visit seemed unclear.

” Step aside.” Lu Ping, still as before, only said these two words.

Bi Ge didn’t move.

He had seen how Lu Ping had sent Wei Tianqi flying with just a lift of his hand. He also knew that perhaps this student was not simple. However, being a Linked One, moreover, a Linked One completely different than the other teachers, who had gone through real combat experience and killing on the battlefield, he didn’t believe that he would be able to justify him being afraid of this youngster.

He didn’t move and also didn’t say anything else; he would very much like to see just what would Lu Ping do.

Lu Ping continued to walk forward. His vision was blocked by the tall and burly figure of Bi Ge, but the former’s expression didn’t change. His line of sight was still the exact same direction he had first set his eyes on. It seemed like his vision was completely penetrating through the body of Bi Ge that was in front of him.

This complete disregard and this expression in his eyes caused Bi Ge to be somewhat angry. Originally, he didn’t intend to take the initiative; he was intending to observe what would Lu Ping do.

However, at present, he had changed his decision. He decided to make this youngster suffer for his actions; ‘No one should even think about blocking him’ this youngster doesn’t care about the face of anyone.

” Stop right there…” One one side, Bi Ge was fiercely shouting, on the other side, he was moving his hands. However, he was only able to speak three words.

Because, Lu Ping carrying Su Tang, had arrived right next to him. If he didn’t step aside, Lu Ping will not be able to take another step forward.

Thereupon, Lu Ping extended his and pushed him.

Bi Ge had only shouted three words and his hand had only extended one-third when Lu Ping had already pushed him, before he was blasted away.

Mid-air for twenty meters, somersaulted four times after collapsing on the ground, then further slid six meters on the ground.

He received the exact same treatment as that of Wei Tianqi without the slightest difference. This seemed like a unified warning prepared by Lu Ping for anyone who intended to block his path. Everyone will get this exact same treatment, no one would be lucky or unlucky.

Thereupon, he continued to walk forward. Stepping on that patch of blood spurted by Yuan Yi, carrying Su Tang on his back, he looked at the pale-faced Yuan Yi behind the table.

“What do you think you are doing?” Lu Ping asked. His expression was very grave.

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