Chapter 21: Divine Pond( Part 2 )

“whoosh! whoosh!” the sounds of waves beating against a cliff seemed to increase with frequency each passing second, the more Fang Tien looked at the source of the sound the divine pond the more he had become enthralled by the sight.

The water in the pond while calm and steady shone a divine brilliance as it sparkled a bright multicolored light.

Strangely behind the Divine pond, various Celestial phenomenon appeared, illusions of divine beasts could be seeing drinking from the pond, various divine scriptures and text seem to reflect in the water.

“ROAR!” A startling roar could be heard, the sound like a large thunderclap resonated within Fang Tien ears his hearing replaced by a loud and constant buzzing noise, this roar seemed so powerful it shook Fang Tien to his core, his soul felt as if it would disperse at any moment.

Looking outwards Fang Tien could see a Divine being, its wings seem to cover the world as each movement caused a rhythmic beat to resonate, its golden scales shone with a divine brilliance seeming invincible and impossible to penetrate.

Its Large Talons seemed as if they could penetrate could penetrate space and time as it shone with a murderous aura a stench smell of dried blood invaded Fang Tien senses, a simple look at these talons and one would get the impressions that you’ve entered a world of vast bloodshed, undeniably these talons have killed countless supreme beings.

A look of shocked flashed across Fang Tiens face ” a dragon?” was the only thought that repeated within his mind.

within the Celestial phenomenon, this dragon could be seen drinking from the Divine pond, its scales shone with brilliance as it slowed each drop of water from the Divine pond, its dark golden eyes seem to surmount space as it stared at Fang Tien, a deathly aura seeped into Fang Tien’s soul, seeming to freeze it.

Everything had happened so fast giving him no time to react, Fang Tien could feel his consciousness slowly fading.

“Bang!” a startling sound resonated as Fang Tien’s eyes overflowed with a golden light, only now did everyone realize something was amiss as blood could be seen dripping from Fang Tiens Eyes.

Looks of shock and astonishment could be seen across the Du clan members face, as they shouted in sync ” Young Master!” but no reply could be heard from Fang Tien, his eyes seemed vacant as he looked in one direction, he seemed void of any soul!

Looking at the elfen Guides Du lei shouted in anger ” Whats wrong with Our Young Master”

gripping his fist, with his eyes sparkling a murderous intention ” Aren’t you suppose to be our Guide? are the elves trying to start a war?!”

With a Sneer, the Male elf smirked ” Big Power and prestige Du Clan, you even dare to threaten us in our own domain?”

With a dangerous glare, the male elf looked at each of the Du clan members before finally looking at Fang Tien ” Your so-called Deity eyes dared to peep at the Divine pond source, no one can help him now, how arrogant would one have to be to peep at a heavenly Divine pond with such a low cultivation base, you can already be considered to be lucky he hasn’t exploded, at least your Du clan will have a fully intact body for the funeral”

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