Chapter 21: Unstoppable Force

Everything stilled.

In the row of teachers on the Invigilating platform, every single individual was a Linked One. However, at this moment, surprisingly no one said anything.

Not only the teachers of Xia Feng were surprised, teachers of Zhai Feng were also the same. Moreover, the extent of their shock was way more than the Xia Feng’s. This happened to be the most useless student in their eyes. However, at present….

Still as before, not a single person perceived any kind of Soul’s Power from the body of Lu Ping, however, everyone had personally witnessed his strength. Bi Ge, the most formidable fighter of Xia Feng was sent flying in a single confrontation without even being able to exchange blows.

Flying straight for twenty meters, tumbling four times and furthermore sliding flat on the ground for six meters. The exact same treatment as that of Wei Tianqi, a Perceiver of Qi’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer. Does this imply that Bi Ge, a Linked One of Strength’s soul isn’t any different than a Perceiver of sixth Heavenly Layer in front of this youngster?

All people were silent, but Lu Ping wasn’t paying attention to anybody. This included Baliyan, whose words should have held the highest authority among the people at the scene, but Lu Ping didn’t spare him even a single glance.

His gaze was only concentrated on Yuan Yi at his front. Yuan Yi’s complexion was pale and even the blood on his corner of mouth hadn’t been completely wiped off. Next to Yuan Yi, the doctor of Xia Feng, who was treating him was also at a loss under such a gaze. He was unable to decide whether he should continue or not.

Yuan Yi was in a kind of semi-unconscious state. With great difficulty, he raised his eyelids, before his eyes was a youngster who seemed to be questioning him. On the twelveth floor, when he was crushingly defeated, he didn’t have enough time to clearly see opponent’s face. However, he remembers that split second feeling, it was the exact same oppressive feeling which he is feeling right now.

Yuan Yi opened his mouth a little. It looked like he wished to say something. However, he had barely made any sound and his throat was once again choked up with blood.


Yuan Yi once again spurted out blood. However, this time, blood wasn’t distantly spurted out, like it did previously. It drenched the table at his front and splashed in every direction. Many people cried out in surprise and dodged to their either side including the Dean of Xia Feng institute Baliyan; He also subconsciously ducked to evade the blood. Only Lu Ping didn’t move, he allowed the droplets of blood to splash on his body.

” Don’t go too far!” Suddenly a fierce shout came through.

After being single-handedly sent flying by Lu Ping, Bi Ge was also terrified. He was hesitating, but as he saw such an overbearing manner of Lu Ping, as he saw Yuan Yi once again spurting out blood, hot blood rushed forth in him and caused his heroic spirit to increase by many folds. Bi Ge ferociously leapt up from the ground, being thirty meters apart from Lu Ping, he murderously dashed forward. He had already employed his Linked Up Strength Soul at its peak.

Strength’s Soul. What it comprises is not just the power.

Velocity, endurance, keenness, flexibility….etc. all kinds of functions of the human body can be improved by cultivating the Strength’s Soul.

Bi Ge took a big stride forward and leapt up in the air. He placed one of his foot on the table which was dyed red with the blood of Yuan Yi.


Under such a force of Bi Ge’s foot, table collapsed and shattered into small pieces. At this moment, Bi Ge had already thrown out his fist.

Strength’s Soul certainly is the soul possessing most destructive capabilities among six major souls. It is an indispensable soul in terms of fighting and killing. Commonly seen abilities acquired by the Linked Ones of Strength’s Soul are also various kinds of martial skills that enhance the destructive power of killing moves.

Bi Ge also trains in such a skill. It had repeatedly helped him to kill enemies and preserve his life on the battlefield in the former times. From those days till in Xia Feng institute, he had never used it again.

Because it wasn’t required.

By no means does a serene institute require the use of such a human slaughterer kind of martial skill.

However, this time, Bi Ge didn’t hold back.

It was not just because he had suffered humiliation at the hands of Lu Ping, a much more important point was, he felt threat from Lu Ping.

Habits and intuition tempered on the battlefield had caused him to not hold back anything while facing against a threat. Just being in an institute at this moment won’t be enough to overlook such experiences of Corpse Mountain Bloody Ocean.

Fourth-grade ability: Successive Power Fist.

Ordinary name, extraordinary might.

Fourth grade evaluation is this fact’s biggest proof.

Once Bi Ge waved his first, he himself was unable to stop the continuous unending force from rushing forth. Once during those days on the battlefield, the force of this one fist had violently killed three people and then further seriously injured four people. And at this moment, all of this force was rushing towards a single individual.

Successive Power Fist. Once the fist is waved, its force cannot be halted. This is a killing move which leaves no room to retreat.

The destructive power emitted by it is far above the illusion produced by Yi Yuan’s Mental Journey. Although both of them are Linked Ones and both possess fourth-grade abilities, but in terms of fighting and killing, Strength’s soul is, after all, the sovereign.

However, Lu Ping still like before, didn’t retreat. He was still carrying Su Tang. When Bi Ge’s fist arrived, he welcomed it. It looked like shattered table actually allowed Bi Ge to preserve in the air while moving forward.

Lu Ping neither sidestepped nor retreated. Bi Ge also couldn’t hold back his strength at this moment even if he wanted to.

Through his fist, Strength’s soul rushed forth.

However, at this moment, Lu Ping also waved his clenched fist.

Fist vs Fist. Strength vs Strength.


Loud sound.

The explosion was fiercer even if the previous two explosions were to be added together. Two soul’s powers collided. At the centre of the collision of the two fists, a stream of air which could be seen by the naked eye was formed. It was rapidly rising and spreading out.

Lu Ping doesn’t have Soul’s Power?


At this moment, everyone was able to clearly perceive that this is indeed Soul’s Power. What rushed forth from Lu Ping’s fist and also collided with Bi Ge’s Successive Power Fist was really Soul’s Power.

However, what kind of Soul’s Power is this?

No one was able to discern it for the time being. In order to resist the shock waves spreading out due to the collision of the power of the two souls, people had no choice but to raise the defence of their own Soul’s Power.

Successive Power Fist’s force cannot be stopped.

Bi Ge’s fist was constantly emitting out violently surging soul’s power.

However, Bi Ge’s complexion had already changed.

His soul’s power had merely not stopped, that’s all. However, the opponent’s soul’s power was continuously getting more and more strong. The radiance created due to the concentration of the Soul’s Power at the offset of the two fists seemed to be getting more and more big from the side of the opponent. It seemed like he was going to be gradually swallowed by it very soon.

What realm’s Soul’s Power is this, huh?

Bi Ge’s face was already covered with a fearful look, however, his…….force cannot be stopped.


Once again there was a sound of an explosion. But this time, it wasn’t a sound of a collision, rather it was the sound of the soul’s power at the end of Bi Ge’s fist being thoroughly smashed.

Going to die….

The intuition developed in Corpse Mountain Bloody Ocean was telling him that he was going to die. Bi Ge was not extremely fearful of death, but he was having a hard time actually believing it.

What kind of strength is this?

What kind of person is this?

Clank, clank….

At this moment, a clanking sound suddenly entered the ears of Bi Ge. The sound was somewhat ear-piercing but extremely clear amidst the berserk collision of Soul’s Power.

He wasn’t the only one to hear it. Not only did some people hear, they even saw.

Lu Ping was carrying Su Tang and from both of his hands, shackles were being suspended in an awe-inspiring manner. Subjected to the illumination produced by the radiance of Soul’s Power, shackles were sometimes indistinct while sometimes clear

” What is that?” Some people couldn’t resist asking each other. These chains were not visible previously, however, they seemed to have suddenly appeared at present. What kind of ability is this?

No one knew.

Except the Dean of Xia Feng institute Baliyan. His realm was somewhat higher compared to the rest of the teachers and his knowledge as well as experiences were far above that of an ordinary person. When he saw those shackles, his complexion completely transformed, being the most terrible of the complexions ever since he heard that Zhai Feng institute had an Advanced Learning student. The extent of his shock was so much that he couldn’t help but involuntarily retreat a few steps as if to stay away from something.

Filled with astonishment, he swept his vision all around, as if looking for something to comfort himself. Ultimately, he saw Godou. Godou wasn’t astonished like everybody else. Moreover, he was also looking towards him.

” This is…..” Baliyan forced out words with great difficulty.

” That’s right.” Godou nodded a bit.

” Intense Locked Soul….” Baliyan sucked in a deep breath.

(Tl: Pardon my poor naming sense, but it was the best I could come up for the time being. It is most probably some sort of heavy seal on the soul.)

At this moment, both the soul’s powers suddenly disappeared. Lu Ping was still standing at the same spot, carrying Su Tang on his back. As of now, there were no chains on his hands. As for his opponent; Bi Ge dropped from mid-air and crashed into Yi Yuan, causing both of them to collapse on the ground.

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