Chapter 22: Drunken Sword

Very soon, Heaven Gazing Podium was crawling with people.

Many disciples of Heaven Gazing Mountain were extremely curious about Wu Yu. After all, his sudden rise in fame, the subsequent shocking incident he induced, and his resulting incarceration was incredibly mind-blowing to say the least.

Disciples from other mountains were also on scene, eager to take a look at the legendary figure who took the Blue Surge Mountain Range by storm.

Qing Mang’s sword surged forward towards Wu Yu.

“Take this!”

After reaching the 8th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase, Qing Mang felt like she’d been reborn with a more powerful body. She could now absorb and exhale large quantities of Spiritual Qi, and action of hers had a Celestial-esque feeling to it, ethereal, nebulous, ghostly…


Qing Mang’s slashed and hacked and thrust with her sword, a flurry of action too fast for the eye to see, and her footwork was incredibly profound and light, as if she was riding the wind; sure enough, she had improved lots since their last fight. There was no doubt that her sword technique was a High Grade Martial Technique, or even a Top Grade Martial Technique.


To the surprise of the spectating disciples, Qing Mang’s azure sword released thirty feet of Sword Qi that sped towards Wu Yu like a whirlwind of blood, hungry for his flesh.

“Wu Yu’s going to lose!”

The crowd, from the start, did not believe Wu Yu would win against the young Qing Mang.

Yu Huaishan followed Qing Mang’s dainty, delicate body as she moved about with predatory, lustful eyes. Ah, young girls were best….


All of a sudden, Qing Mang’s glossy, azure sword stopped moving a foot away from Wu Yu’s throat, blocked by something hard, something adamantine, something like metal.

“What?” The spectators widened their eyes surprise. Qing Mang channeled all her strength into her arms and tried to pull out her longsword but to no avail. Wu Yu had used his hand, no, just two fingers to stop her sword’s advance! Clamped in between his gold-like fingers, she could not draw it back out no matter how hard she tried. The crowd nearly collapsed in shock, not only because Wu Yu had stopped her attack, but also because he still looked calm and unruffled with one hand behind his back, as if he was just taking a walk in the park.

Although Wu Yu had only reached the 7th Heavenly Stage “Nishen” of the Body Forging Phase, <> gave him the strength of 1500 battlehorses, something that he should not possess at his current Cultivational Stage, so even if Qing Mang was a 8th Heavenly Stage “Tuotai” expert, he could easily suppress her without expending any effort, as he had three times her strength.

“Release my sword!” Qing Mang pulled at her sword with all her might, mind blank in shock. She was hoping that Wu Yu would be stronger than her, but this….

Wu Yu released his hold on her sword upon hearing her request, but because Qing Mang was still trying to pull out her sword when he did that, she fell backwards. And just as she was about to hit the floor, Wu Yu grabbed hold of her flailing, outstretched arm, saving her from a dusty, painful landing.

The end.

Don’t mention Wu Yu’s overwhelming strength, even the speed he displayed when he stopped Qing Mang’s sword’s advance at the last second was enough to shock all the disciples of Heaven Gazing Mountain on scene.

It was quite obvious that Wu Yu had defeated Qing Mang with practically no effort at all. If the spectators could not understand that, they were not worthy of being a disciple of the Sword to Heaven Sect.

Everybody on scene at Heaven Gazing Podium went silent from shock, and their faces went stiff (yes, literally) from embarrassment. The big battle they’d originally predicted would last for ages had ended too fast, too easily.

“Qing Mang, what do you think?” Wu Yu did not fight off to flaunt or show off his skills, but to fulfill her request. Qing Mang, who was just at a loss at what to say and think, finally woke up to look at Wu Yu with her mouth shaped in an O. “So I lost just like that? How is that even possible?”

“It is possible… there’s too many people here. Let’s talk somewhere else.” Wu Yu looked around, and confirmed that of all the disciples in Heaven Gazing Mountain, only Qing Mang was somebody he felt he could talk to.

“Mnmn.” Qing Mang also didn’t like to be watched by so many people.

At that point, she already understood a lot about Wu Yu’s power, so she was quite satisfied with herself. Over the past year, she’d been paying close attention to Wu Yu’s fate, and based on his performance just now, she noticed that even though he’d only shown a bit of his power, he would be able to hold his own against Situ Bright.


Somebody shouted with a deep voice. Wu Yu looked back to see a middle-aged man with messy hair and a messy beard walk out from the crowd of disciples. Because the middle-aged man liked to drink wine, his face was red, and because of his casually put on cloak, the wine stains on it, and the dirt caked on it, he looked especially dirty.

“This big brother, what do you want?”  Wu Yu knew that he did not come in good grace. Right now, he was an Outer Disciple, so if that middle-aged man really was looking for trouble, he wouldn’t have to forbear from picking up a fight with him like before.

That middle-aged man was Yu Huaishan. Looking at the overbearing young man with golden eyes and the aura of a King, he laughed loudly on purpose: “Qing Mang is my woman. Did you receive my approval to take her away?”

Behind him was a group of similar-aged Outer Disciples. Shouting together in unison, they also jeered at Wu Yu: “Yeah, Wu Yu, you’ve just been released from prison, so why are you taking away our sister in law?”

“That’s called taking away somebody’s woman by force!”

“Hm?” Wu Yu had never seen somebody so shameless before. That Yu Huaishan was old enough to be Qing Mang’s grandfather!

Wu Yu surveyed his surroundings, and understood what was happening “This person is an Elder Disciple of Heaven Gazing Mountain, and because Elder Disciples are strong, domineering over and bullying normal disciples is a normal thing for them.”

Not everybody liked or could put up with Yu Huaishan and his crew – Zhao Danlong, for one, was somebody who hated him.

Of course, the person who hated him most was Qing Mang. Humiliated in public, her eyes shone red in anger, and her body shook in fury. Lifting the sword in her hand, she immediately charged towards him.

“Yu Huaishan, I’m going to tear your mouth apart today!”

The angrier she got, the funnier Yu Huaishan and his friends found her. Before long, they burst out into laughter.

“In actuality, he’s provoking Qing Mang to see my capabilities.” Wu Yu had seen through Yu Huaishan’s ploy, but even so, he charged in anyways. Pushing Qing Mang back, he instantly surpassed her. The Daemon Slaying Sword in his hands burst into golden coloured flames, and with a great leap that spanned 100 feet, Wu Yu slashed at Yu Huaishan’s head with the strength of 1500 battlehorses. Their earth rending clash had finally begun!


Wu Yu’s attack was decisive, direct and unexpected.

Yu Huaishan himself was still deep in the middle of laughter, and did not expect that Wu Yu would attack him so suddenly, so all he could do was lift his sword to block Wu Yu’s strike.

“They’re actually going to fight!”

“Yu Huaishan cultivates the High Grade Martial Technique <>, and has also reached the 9th Heavenly Stage “Xianbian” of the Body Forging Phase! There is no way in hell that Wu Yu has reached the 9th Heavenly Stage from the 5th Heavenly Stage in one year!” Many spectators thought as they watched Wu Yu barrage Yu Huaishan with slashes and thrusts.

However, this thought instantly disappeared!

All they could see and hear was a flash of golden light, and a big bang!

Yu Huaishan blocked Wu Yu’s attack with his sword, but Wu Yu just had too much strength, so his sword was instantly cut in half, flying backwards to embed itself into Yu Huaishan’s mouth, just centimeters away from his brain!


The pain was excruciating that he felt like he was going to die. Collapsed on the floor, it was as Qing Mang had said – Wu Yu had torn apart Yu Huaishan’s mouth.


Wu Yu stepped on him, then pricked his throat with his sword. He did not want to behead him, but only wanted him to feel the threat of death.

“Qing Mang is my friend, and she’s only a little girl. If you continue to humiliate or speak nonsense about her, I’ll chop off your head just like that.”

Each and every word Wu Yu uttered was like a needle that pierced its way into Yu Huaishan’s flesh, making him shiver and shudder in fright.

“Yes, yes….” Today was going to be a day that Yu Huaishan would never forget throughout the course of his life.

His brothers and colleagues behind him did not have the courage to come forward and fight Wu Yu. Who were they kidding, even Yu Huaishan who was a 9th Heavenly Stage expert could not withstand a single blow from him. It would only be suicide if they stepped up to the plate.

Maybe it was at that moment that they finally knew how Wu Yu continuously killed 5 people on Heaven’s Cry Mountain. And most importantly, the Sect Leader had appeared to vouch for him!

To the crowd, even how Wu Yu walked was incredibly terrifying. After all, he was a demon who destroyed Yu Huaishan in one strike!

“Let’s go.”

Leading the dumbfounded Qing Mang away from the podium, they disappeared from sight, and returned to the disciple’s residence area. Back then he was originally supposed to live here, but the incident that happened a year ago got him incarcerated in jail.

“Wu Yu, I helped find 10 or so servants to take care of your residence while you were gone.” Qing Mang said.

She was in an incredibly joyous mood, because Yu Huaishan had finally been taken care of!

“Thank you, Qing Mang.”

“No worries, you helped me out today, so we’re even. Wu Yu, what Cultivational Stage are you at?”

On their way to the residence area, Qing Mang had repeated this question numerous times, because she was just too curious.

And at the same time, she was worried, because his true opponent was many times stronger than Yu Huaishan.

In the blink of an eye, evening had descended upon the Sect. Wu Yu had already sent Qing Mang back home. Looking at the beautiful night sky, he was sure that news of today’s incident had already reached Situ Bright’s ears by now.

“The Sect Leader will also know of my progress over the past year.”

Wu Yu was not afraid of Situ Bright, because he desired, he lusted over opportunities to challenge himself, to the point that he could already see the scene of him defeating Situ Bright in a direct confrontation.

At that moment, he would truly, truly shock everybody in the whole of the Sword to Heaven Sect!

“And then I will become the Sect Leader’s 5th Disciple!”

This was what Wu Yu desired the most.

It was not only because the Sect Leader was powerful, but also because he could give him more cultivational resources.

Most importantly, it was because the Sect Leader was his saviour; without him, he wouldn’t be alive. The Sect Leader had already saved his life two times! Wu Yu viewed him as his biological father just like Sun Wudao.

Because of Wu Yu’s release from jail, the Sword to Heaven Sect erupted into an uproar.

But Wu Yu did not care, and was not afraid of what was to come. In the darkness of the night sky, he hopped onto his Celestial Crane and flew over numerous mountains to land near Sun Wudao’s grave on Yan Li Mountain.

“Uncle Sun, I’ve returned after one year to keep you company.”

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