Chapter 22: Heaven Awakeners

Intense Locked Soul.

If it was to be assumed that Baliyan, being the Dean, a superior person, had maintained his composure all along, then after speaking these words out loud, the expression on his face had also finally become identical to all the other people.

His composure was replaced with fear.

His vision was alternating from Godou to Lu Ping.

Lu Ping’s Soul’s Power was completely dispersed, moreover, was dispersed unusually thoroughly.

Actually, the fight between Lu Ping and Bi Ge was over in an instant. The only thing these two managed to accomplish was an explosion due to the collision of Soul’s Power.

Bi Ge had collapsed and was smashed into Yuan Yi. However, at this moment, surprisingly no one cared about these two individuals. Everyone had their eyes on Lu Ping. The doctor from Xia Feng who was previously treating Yuan Yi, being scared of the fight between Lu Ping and Bi Ge, bluntly dropped down to the ground

Lu Ping’s expression had already resumed its tranquility. At this moment, Su Tang had fortunately awakened.

As she was lying on Lu Ping’s back, it could be said, she was also being stared at by everybody. However, she didn’t feel any sort of abnormality. She saw the two individuals collapsed on the ground in front of her, with their condition of life and death being ambiguous; she saw the doctor sitting on the ground who was so scared that he was shivering uncontrollably and she also saw everyone’s apprehensive and fearful expressions, and the first words which escaped her mouth were:

“How much did I score?”

“Don’t know. Tower collapsed once again.” Lu Ping immediately replied her.

The vision of the two individuals instantly turned towards Godou, possibly the only individual among all the other people who had a relaxed expression. However, this was not the reason because of which the two individuals were looking towards him; they were looking towards him because he was the person whose words hold the most authority concerning Su Tang’s marks.

“Full marks.” Godou smiled and issued full marks.

“Excellent.” Su Tang expressed her heartfelt excitement.

“Awesome.” Lu Ping also gasped once, then asked: “Then, can we return?”

“You can.” Godou nodded.

Thereupon, Lu Ping turned around and departed. He was still carrying Su Tang.

The scene was that of silence; No one said anything. Then…..


Once again, breaking apart the silence were the sounds of rotating wheels grinding against the ground. Mo Lin, pushing Xi Fan’s wheelchair, immediately caught up with the two, and they gradually began to turn distant with seemingly strange figures.

All the people on the Invigilating Platform looked at each other in dismay and continued to maintain silence.

“Ah….” Suddenly someone shouted.

Hearing the shout, everybody turned around and found that Bi Ge had recovered consciousness, and had involuntarily cried out in pain after he tried to move a little.

Only after that did people remembered the existence of these two dead or alive individuals. Some people moved forward, encircling the two, and the doctor next to them also moved forward to examine their condition.

“Fracture…” The doctor said after he examined the slouched right hand of Bi Ge. However, he immediately felt that this description is not too precise.

“In precise terms, the bones have shattered. Quickly, send him for medical treatment.” His words were clearly indicating that the injuries on Bi Ge’s right arm were not under his capabilities. Immediately afterward, he again quickly perceived the rest of his condition and his expression relaxed quite a bit:

“He doesn’t have any other problems.”

Everybody let out a relaxed sigh. At that moment, everybody had felt that Bi Ge was going to be killed by that exceedingly strong Soul’s Power. Surprisingly, just an arm was injured in the end; Everybody subconsciously thought that it was simply a huge gain.

Bi Ge is a tough man; Holding his injury with the other arm and enduring the pain, he raised his body, and just like everybody else, he turned his vision towards that figure.

Immediately afterward, the doctor shifted to examine Yuan Yi. First of all, he verified that Yuan Yi was still alive and spread this good news to all the surrounding people. However, after he examined further, his expression didn’t relax at all.

“What’s the matter?” After seeing that he was being too slow with the words, some people approached him and asked.

The doctor raised his head and swept his gaze through the surrounding people, however, he was unable to find Dean Baliyan.

“Possibly….crippled…” Doctor hesitatingly spoke. It looked like he still wasn’t too sure.

“What do you mean crippled?” The surrounding people asked.

“His longevity is not obstructed too much, but his Essence’s Soul is completely disordered and has turned very faint….” The doctor said.

All the people became silent.

Yuan Yi is a Linked One of Essence’s soul; if this realm is destroyed, then it is truly being crippled.

Doctor arranged some people to take Bi Ge and Yuan Yi for further examination and medical treatment then began to look for the figure of the Dean. Eventually, he saw that Baliyan was surprisingly discussing something with Godou in a muffled voice as if avoiding all the other people.

“Intense Locked Soul? You are certain?” Baliyan was still nagging Godou with this question.

“I am certain.” Godou said.

Baliyan was incessantly panting.

“Who would use such a method against a child? Don’t tell me he is…” Baliyan again thought of a possibility. Compared to this possibility, Intense Locked soul, the confinement skill produced by the use of a six level ability plus six level artifacts, doesn’t seem so frightening.

“Heaven Awakener.” Godou named the possibility which Baliyan had in mind.

Baliyan once again began to incessantly pant.

Those who can naturally perceive Soul’s Power are called as Awakeners, and are known as Not One In Ten Thousand existence. Whether it is Zhai Feng or Xia Feng, neither of them has such an existence at present. Such kind of people will also not be satisfied with living in such ordinary institutes after realizing their talent and worth. What’s more, people with such innate skills are most likely to be born in families with special blood vessels.

However, there is a more innately gifted kind of existence above Awakeners. It is said to be an existence which might not be found even in a million of people, and is also a kind of existence which is treated as a mere legend. Some people even believe that it is nothing more than the result of senseless imaginations of people with high reputations. After all, this kind of innate skill is extremely extraordinary; Such an existence will certainly be much more famous in the continent than an Awakener, but when was it ever heard ‘that person is a Heaven Awakener’?

Heaven Awakener; Innately Linked One of Soul’s Power.

The possibility which came through the legends, or rather should say the result of senseless imaginations, is explained in such words.

“How is this possible.” Baliyan laughed after he was over with panting. “It is nothing more than a fabrication. Some kind of Heaven Awakener he is; What I saw was just a youngster; an outstandingly talented Awakener whose soul was locked up after reaching the realm of Linking of Souls.”

“Perhaps…” Godou said. His vision was following that distant figure; Gradually, it disappeared completely.

“But….Intense Locked Soul. How can he still pull out such a strong Soul’s Power?” Baliyan once again doubted.

“I don’t know much more than you.” Godou said.

“Don’t forget, you promised that this student will stay with me.” Baliyan once again raised this topic.

“If he is willing.” Godou still repeated his words.

Following this, Baliyan didn’t have much to talk about. Without wasting much time, he went to see his two teachers. Additionally; the collapse of two towers, Assessment of third graders and a pile of matters sufficient to cause his scalp to go numb were waiting for him.

Godou also returned to his position. Major Assessment was still not completely over yet. However, no one was paying attention to the performance of the students. Everyone had their thoughts completely occupied with Lu Ping who had already left carrying Su Tang.

“Dean, Heaven Awakener?” On the side of Zhai Feng, some teachers who had heard the conversation between Godou and Baliyan rushed over and asked. Among them, some had heard about this theory while some had not; but even those who had heard also only treated it as a joke. After all, people with this kind of innate skill have never actually appeared. The possibility of fabrication is really too high.

“Heaven Awakeners…” As Godou was speaking, his eyes watched the students on the examination scene who were still striving. “No matter how hard you try, no matter how much sweat you shed; in the end, you won’t even be able to see the rear of such an existence .”

“But, it is only a fabrication. Is it not?” Some people said.

“Perhaps…” Godou said indifferently.

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