Chapter 22: Life and Death Eye

A strange feeling covered Fang Tien as he felt a strange aura covering his soul, it felt warm and naturing as all his physical discomforts seem to vanish

strange sights could be seen, within his field of vision Fang Tien saw Du Lei, looking angry, Du min and Du Yan who looked sad and worried, and the elf guides who seemed to be arguing with Du Lei, time seem slowed as these events passed slowly by, his body was also visible to him, standing there with a vacant look in his eyes.

“Bang!” time fragments could be seen dripping down from the heavens, as Fang Tien looked around he realized he was in another space, the Divine pond seem to be flowing upwards in a stream of time, the various heavenly phenomenon could be seen projecting around it, in an instant it seemed to surmount through trillions of years, various time fragments streamed down each showing a different part of history.

“buzz!” a sound resonate, multicolored lights spurted from the divine pools waters as the once always calm waters seem to have produced a slight ripple as the divine pond seemed to flow backward in time to no end.

“ROAR!” Beastly sounds resonate as the Divine pond flowed within the rivers of time, various Celestial Ancient Shen and Immortal divine beast could be seen through the fragments of time, a large python could be seen as it floated above a city, its mouth gaped open as it swallowed the city whole, trillions of life vanishing with it.

Within the infinite fragments of time that sprinkled above the Divine pond Fang Tien’s attention was attracted to one, a single eye could be seen staring back at him, it seemed to surmount the space-time barrier, these eyes shined profoundly within the fragment of time as if regardless if it was looking at the past or the future its vision could penetrate all.

Fang Tien become absorbed by these eyes as he felt a resonance with his own, these eyes were pure purple in color and limpid, seeming calm and steady as if polished by the flow of years.

“Bang!” Feng Tian vision shook as he seemed to be absorbed within the vision of the pupils, peeping through the fragments of time.

In an instant, heaven and earth seemed to change as a bleak and desolate earth could be seen, Fang Tien could barely make out two figures fighting, their forms fuzzy as if corroded by the years of time.

“Bang!” purple light could be seen overflowing from one of the figures pupils as a star shape pattern slowly appeared.

“Boom!” a loud explosion resonated as a crater was made from the light flowing off his pupils, his vision starting at the other figure.

“Humm!” a sound resonate as immortal splendor shone from the unknown figure’s body, Celestial sutra could be heard resonating from its body as if Buddah was chanting through it.

“Clank!” A sword cry resonated, the figure slashed towards the purple light, cutting through space as the sword slashed downwards creating a massive force of energy that raged forward.

“Boom!Boom!” sounds of mountains disintegrating could be heard as the massive energy from the two forces clashing wrecked havoc upon the lands.

The purple light seemed to weaken slowly before vanishing and with it, its owner.

“Bang!” purple light seemed to seep out from another space as the figure reappeared in the world, his eyes shining as brightly as the moon and stars his eyes calm and steady as if regardless of the situation his eyes could penetrate all.

“Clank, clank!” sword cries resonate multiple waves of energies slashed toward the purple light, this slash seemed to surmount space as if regardless of where you ran, it would follow, it was as if such a sword strike could kill you from the other end of the world.

“Buzz!” the purple light flowing outwards from the figures pupils seem to flow backward, as if retracing the steps it flowed, slowly it swam back within his pupil.

“Buzz tzz!” Suddenly space seems to congeal as an aura of death and life seem to cover the world.

myriads of the principle of death and life seem to rotate within the figures pupils, its once star-shaped purple eyes changed, one seeming to contain the Dao of Death, the other full of vitality carrying the Dao of Life.

His pupils became incomparably profound as if his vision contained the laws of death and life, they gave one the feeling as if they were under the rule of a higher being as if it was natural for life and death to be decided by this vision, it seemed as if at a glance under his vision the world would meet its true death, and another glance it would be born anew!

Within his dual pupils contained the Supreme laws of Life and Death!

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