Chapter 23: Glazed Asgard

Blue Surge Mountain Range was vast and boundless, among which “Heavenly Mountain ” was the tallest peak.

On the Heavenly mountain, there was the “Heavenly Asgard”, serving as the main core of the Sword to Heaven Sect. The Sect Leader Feng Xue Ya lived in there and commanded all the inheritance and major events of the Sword to Heaven Sect.

Heavenly Mountain has a towering height of thousands of miles that thrust straight into the sky.

However, there was yet another mountain among Blue Surge Mountain Range, which could almost match with the peak. That mountain was the “ Snow Glazing Mountain”.

Even though “Snow Glazing Mountain” was located in Blue Surge Mountain Range as well, it was quite unique. Because of its top was covered with snow throughout the year, the whole mountain was like a sapphire gem plugged inside the Blue Surge Mountain Range. It looked crystal clear from afar.

Snow Glazing Mountain was the most beautiful place in the Sword to Heaven Sect. Of course normal disciples and elders were prohibited to go inside.

On the top of Snow Glazing Mountain, there was Glazed Asgard, which was the cultivating place and residence of the Sect Protector ‘Lan Hua Yun’, where he would deal with major events of the Sword to Heaven Sect. The Glazed Asgard was stunningly beautiful, like a pearl on the snow. It’s said to be carved by a natural priceless treasure gemstone.

Glazed Asgard was hidden in colorful clouds.

At that time, a group of people walked down the Glazed Asgard, among which there was the fourteen-year-old Situ Bright. Situ Bright was now taller. Although only a year has passed, he now seemed like a well-groomed young man, especially when he gathered his Spiritual Qi. Xian Qi would surround his body, so in the eyes of normal people, there was just no difference between him and a young Celestial from heaven.

His pale blue eyes sparkled with faint flickers of lightning. One could get stunned just from looking at them.

“Fifth Brother is really a rare talent in this world. You only cultivated for one year and mastered ‘Thunder Controlling Skill’ after you achieved Spiritual Qi. Now you are literally above everyone in Martial Cultivation since you mastered a Dao skill” A sage-like man said.

“Bright thanks Third Brother’s guidance for the  achievements I’ve made so far.” Situ Bright was very humble. His tone and manner pleased everyone and they would at the same time privately admire the limitless future of Situ Bright.

“It’s all because of your own efforts.”

There were a lot jollification, since a few of the direct disciples of the Sect Protector exchanged compliments.

“Bright, did Master ask you to compete for the ‘Celestial Kingdom Supervisor’ position, and have the sect send you to govern Mortal Celestial Kingdom?”

Asked the Third Brother.

“How did you know about it, Senior Brother?” This was some of the information that Situ Bright hadn’t told the Third Brother when Lan Hua Yun talked with him privately.

The four of them all began to laugh.

“That’s so cute of you, Junior Brother. I’ll just be honest with you. In fact, all of us have served as the Kingdom Supervisor after we became one of Master’s disciples. Even though being a Kingdom Supervisor means that one shall leave the sect for some time and experience the normal world, it’s a very beneficial thing. After all, the mortal world has a lot of cultivation resources, yet mortal people cannot recognize celestial items. So eventually all of those treasures goes into the Kingdom Supervisor hands. During our service as a Kingdom Supervisor, each and every one of us had gained a lot.”

“As is known to all, the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor is a lucrative position. Also, it is the only chance that one could be free and get some air in the outside. You could never imagine, in the mortal world, how much we are respected by those mortals. In their perspective we are the rulers of the world. ‘Imperial Protector Shangxian’ they call us. Even if, we ever wanted a imperial concubine, they would happily deliver her to us without any compliant. Just because they are too weak!”

Suddenly, several men tacitly burst out laughing.

“So that’s it…It seems that I have to become a Celestial Kingdom Supervisor.” Situ Bright came from the mortal world and he knew for sure that a lot of good things were still buried and ignored there.

“Apparently I still have some time before the start of the election, for the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor position. During this period of time I shall let Wu Yu have a taste of death.”

Lightning sparkled in Situ Bright’s eyes as he looked murderous.

That was a thorn in his heart, and he would never rest as long as it’s there.

“Today, that Wu Yu will be released from prison. But it’s just that we don’t know if he dares to show his face!”

In the early evening, Situ Bright went back to his “Proud Thunder Mountain”. This was a gift from Lan Hua Yun herself, and no worse than Su Yanli’s Yan Li Mountain.

Since Situ Bright did not want anyone to enter his “Proud Thunder Palace”, it was always dark inside. As he stepped into the empty hall, someone walked out from the darkness.

“Ye Guyu.” Situ Bright looked up at the girl who was almost five inches taller than him. She had an excellent figure and was very tall. That black tight suit was made from some animal’s skin and was tightly wrapped on her body, exposing her amazing figure, which made her look even more appealing, and the curves on her hot body, made her even a more stunning sexy beauty.

Even worse was that she also had a delicate face. So coquettish that one could hardly keep himself in control.

However, regardless of her hot stature, her eyes were cold as ice, as if there were thousands of blades and swords hidden inside. One glance could make others feel absolutely terrified.

“Finally you came back, Situ Bright.” Ye Guyu said with no expression. Yet her expressionless face would make any men even more desired to conquer her.

But, Situ Bright seemed not interested, and he asked directly, “What have you heard?”

“Today, Wu Yu got out of prison and returned to Heaven Gazing Mountain. It’s said that he had beaten Qing Mang, who achieved the 8th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase, first; and then Yu Huaishan, who achieved 9th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase. What’s more, he basically won by using a single strike.” Ye Guyu stared at Situ Bright’s eyes as she described, as if she was seeking traces of fear or surprise in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, Situ Bright burst out into laughter, and said, “He’s really messing around. I assume that he must have cultivated hard in order to beat me.” Then, he raised his head to look at Ye Guyu, and said flatly, “Just as agreed before. You kill him for me, and his Spiritual Qi Bead is yours. I’ll help you condense your Spiritual Qi, and you must kill him tonight.”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Ye Guyu smiled coldly.


“Fine, then I’ll bring his head for you, in my bag.”

Ye Guyu walked past him. Her back was really charming with her curvy body, her long hair falling on her rounded butt. Situ Bright turned back and stared at her, which made Yu Guyu smile in her  heart, “Such a mature young man, but you still can’t resist my temptation?”

In the Sword to Heaven Sect, there seemed to be no one who could see her, as if not interested at all.

“Here, take this. It’s the copy of ‘Golden Flame Spell.’ My Master personally gave it to me. If you cannot match him, use this to kill him.” Said Situ Bright.

“Eh?” Ye Guyu though that he finally could not resist, but it wasn’t the case. She must admit that she was quite surprised that he was giving her the Golden Flame Spell. She reminded him, “Such a precious thing could obviously only come from your place. What if everyone suspect’s you afterwards?”

Situ Bright sneered, “So what if they suspect me? Dead is dead. No one can touch me as long as my Master is still here.”

“Then why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Because, I do not want to disgrace my Dao sword. I’ve already thought it through, my pursuit of the Dao cannot be interfered by my two waste of a brothers. My sword would only be swung when faced with stronger opponent, Su Yanli, for example! This lucky servant does not deserve to be killed by me!”

Situ Bright wanted to laugh, for he had changed a lot during this year. Lan Hua Yun had properly guided him, but perhaps the people in the Sword to Heaven Sect would really think that he really hated Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu was merely a pain in his ass, and all he needed to do was to eliminate him.

“You are too proud of yourself.” Ye Guyu shook her head, and turned around, and disappeared in the darkness.

She realized that she had underestimated Situ Bright. He was not a child and in fact, he was far too mature for his age. She wanted to seduce him with her body, and make him obsessed with her, so as to control or even manipulate him. However, based on today’s encounter, he was so strong-minded with his pursuit for the Dao, that he would never have any lustful ideas about her.

“So I might as well kill that Wu Yu and get his Spiritual Qi Bead.”

“I’m only one step away from achieving my Spiritual Qi. Killing that servant is as easy as a piece of cake, anyway.”


Around the cottage located at the back side of Yan Li Mountain, there were mostly bushes instead of tall trees, surrounding a graveyard. Not-so-bright moonlight poured down and there was vaguely a ghostly feeling.

Wu Yu made three prostrations and nine kowtows and then placed liquor and snacks for Sun Wudao.

“Uncle Sun, you’ve changed my life, yet I could not provide you with a happy old age.”

This perhaps would be the lifelong unforgettable regret inside Wu Yu’s heart.

But for now, he could only share his thoughts with Sun Wudao, and Sun Wudao only.

“I will definitely cherish everything you gave me. And I’ll let you witness every step I take on my road to a brighter future.”

“Now since my punishment is over, I will continue to cultivate with all my attention. I shall work hard until I can return to East Wu and take everything that belonged to me. I won’t rest until I take it all back!”

Wu Kingdom in East Yue is somewhere Wu Yu must return to.

A year was already long enough.

Haotian Shangxian, Concubine Xi, Wan Qing! How could he forget his hatred?

“I wonder how Sister Wu You’s doing lately…”

In Wu’s capital, she was the one that Wu Yu cared about the most. He could not forget his sister, as well as how much she took care of him.

“It’s getting too emotional.”

Wu Yu stood up, and golden light flashed in his eyes. He dug out the [Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique] that Su Yanli gave him today, and began to work on it seriously. Thus Sun Wudao might personally see him making progress, and he would feel comfort deep down in the earth.

“‘Slaying Whales in the East Sea’ was merely a mid-grade Martial technique. The move was easy and without any meaning, which could not match up with my cultivation anymore. However, this [Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique] claims to be able to slay a dragon and is indeed more aggressive. Top-Grade Martial Technique, how can it be bad!”

Thinking about this, he began to really put himself into it. At first glance, he found it very suitable for himself. As expected, it was really carefully chosen by Sect Leader especially for him.

“Cultivating with Master’s guidance is undoubtedly different. Now I can avoid many deviations.”

Wu Yu immersed himself into the Martial Technique when totally focused, he pulled out his Daemon Slaying Sword and began to practice in front of the grave. It had been a while since he ever encountered such a complicated and advanced Martial Technique, so he kind of lost himself for some time.

“This [Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique] was created by the Sect Leader himself. No wonder it is so overbearing and aggressive. The moves contain the energy and power to carve mountains and rivers, and the momentum to enter the seas and slay dragons. The tactics are not hard but more important is the spiritual will, with endless courage.”

“That would perfectly suit with this indestructible body of mine. Actually, it’s like that it is specially made for me!”

The more Wu Yu read and practiced, as he drilled, the more obsessed he became. Encountering this kind of Martial Technique, which seemed like it especially existed for him, his mastering speed and leveling was faster than ever!

In the past, when Wu Yu was learning [Slaying Whales in the East Sea] in East Wu, he visited the East Sea on purpose and had practiced his sword on the waves for over a year before he could master the [Slaying Whales in the East Sea]. However, today, he could do some tricks overnight.

Late that night, a gust of murderous Qi woke Wu Yu up as he was fully indulged in the Martial Technique!

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