Chapter 23: Life and Death Eye( Part 2 )

Myriads of the principle of death and life seem to rotate within the figures pupils, its once star-shaped purple eyes changed, one seeming to contain the Dao of Death, the other full of vitality carrying the Dao of Life.

His pupils became incomparably profound as if his vision contained the laws of death and life, they gave one the feeling as if they were under the rule of a higher being as if it was natural for life and death to be decided by this vision, it seemed as if at a glance under his vision the world would meet its true death, and another glance it would be born anew!

Within his dual pupils contained the Supreme laws of Life and Death!

Life and death principles flowed like the great river as it washed over the earth, suddenly the bleak and desolate earth blossomed with vitality as color seemed to return to the world this rich life aura covered this stretch of space seeming to control all life.

With life and death laws rotating within his Eyes, the figure stood above the world as if he controlled destiny itself, the sword energy disintegrating under his profound vision”

“Bang!” Under such a vision a strong death aura surrounded the figure with a sword, as his body slowly faded leaving behind a pool of blood


The void trembled as the figure with the sword divine brilliance soared to the heavens, inspiring a resonance with the world, time seems to flow backward disregarding all barriers slowly as if in nirvana the blood shone of multicolored light, as the body remolded, Fang Tien recognized this Divine Ability!

This Divine Ability belonged to the immortal physique owners!.

A shocked expression ran across Fang Tien’s face as he realized the fight he was witnessing was between The Du Clan First ancestor and the Immortal physique.

“Clank!” a sword cry resonate Spatial cracks appeared within the sky as the figure swang his sword downwards.

“boom!” Large mountains could be seen rumbling under the crushing pressure of this sword Qi, even if one was separated by thousands of miles this sword Qi seemed to disregard all as it surmounts space


Massive amounts of concentrated sword Qi flashed toward the Du clan first ancestor, the pressure increasing with each second.

“Tzzt!” a sound of disintegration could be heard as both the life and Death principles fell within the spatial cracks in the sky.

The Du Clan first ancestor stood there, ancient laws intertwining within his Eyes, bright light shining from both eyes, as Celestial stars surrounded him, a projection of a giant eye slowly opening appeared behind his figure, this eye seemed to contain the very essence of destruction as its star-shaped pattern shone with murderous intentions.

Space seemed to congeal as pressure broth forth by this Eye seem to slow down the flow of time!

Darkness slowly covered the world as the Eye fully opened, its as if within its pupil all the light of the world submitted to its whim.

Its vision seems to bring death and destruction onto all things cast within it!

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