Chapter 23: Six Souls Linked Up

The sound of wheels rolling could be heard once again…

Mo Lin, while pushing Xi Fan, was walking next to Lu Ping. After preserving silence for some time, he couldn’t endure anymore:

“Don’t always act cool. Say something.” Mo Lin said.

“Huh?” Lu Ping gave him a quick look.

“Is Su Tang all right?” Mo Lin was trying to find a topic.

“Luckily, I don’t feel any problem.” Su Tang replied Mo Lin herself.

“One can never be too careful. Quickly come down and let me take a look.” Mo Lin seriously said.

“What, are you unable to walk anymore?” Su Tang laughed. While carrying her, Lu Ping didn’t seem to be tired at all. On the other hand, Mo Lin was already gasping as he was pushing Xi Fan’s wheelchair.

“That’s only one of the reasons. Just set her down!” Mo Lin said to Lu Ping.

“You will take a look?” Lu Ping’s gaze was filled with suspicion.

“A person who can poison somebody also knows a bit of medicine; You can’t understand this reasoning?” Mo Lin said.

“Your poison is very ordinary, though!” Even if Lu Ping was still not too convinced, he helped Su Tang to sit under a big tree:

“Then, are you to ** good? Xi Fan, you know….” Mo Lin recounted his bitter experiences of those three times when he tried to make a move against Lu Ping, in order to gain sympathy. However, after a while, Xi Fan only disapprovingly said one line:

“Three times, that’s all.”

That’s right. Without a doubt, Xi Fan being discontent was justified by all means. Although his objective was not Lu Ping’s life, when it comes to the tricks directed against Lu Ping, he had been going on for three years. How many times had he tried? He couldn’t even remember, and he wasn’t able to succeed once in those three years. So, did Mo Lin truly have the qualifications to cry about it to him? Xi Fan conveyed the exact same message to Mo Lin.

Mo Lin’s face darkened. He no longer paid attention to Xi Fan, and crouched in front of Su Tang.

“Give me your hand.” Mo Lin said. He accepted the right hand extended by Su Tang and took her pulse.

” You are taking her pulse?”. Lu Ping said: “Can you do it?”

“Right. You don’t possess strength’s soul. Your sense of touch should be very weak. Right?” Xi Fan said.

“You two are too noisy!” Mo Lin was very angry. “My Pivot’s soul is sixth Heavenly Layer, don’t tell me I should go and lick her face?”(Tl: I am not too sure, but pivot’s soul must be related to taste)

“He He.” Su Tang chuckled and casually picked up a fist-sized rock in her left hand from the side, and pressed it.


The stone immediately turned into dust due to her grasp and dispersed in all directions.

“So much vigor. Surely there is no problem.” As expected, Mo Lin was unable to feel the pulse. He immediately threw her hand away.

“However, I still don’t have the strength to raise my body up.” Su Tang said.

“Lots of rest and lots of water.” Mo Lin said.

The doubtful expression on everybody’s face intensified much more.

“We’d better find teacher Lin Zhu after returning!” Lu Ping once again began carrying Su Tang on his back.

Lin Zhu is Zhai Feng institute’s doctor.

“Whatever.” Mo Lin also didn’t care much. The important point is; After this much rest, he felt that he would be able to push Xi Fan for a large distance once again.

However, at this moment, Xi Fan took the initiative to speak.

“What about the shackles on your hands?” Xi Fan asked. He didn’t beat around the bush or talk about senseless things, and just directly asked Lu Ping.

“They have been here all along. You just can’t see them, that’s all.” Lu Ping.

“Can they be touched?” Mo Lin reached out with his hand, trying to probe.

“This thing is confining your Soul’s Power?” Xi Fan deduced.

“That’s right.” Lu Ping confirmed.

“However, you are still able to employ Soul’s Power. Isn’t that so?” Mo Lin asked.

“After a long time, I was able to break a little bit out of its confinement.”

“Only a little bit?” Mo Lin and Xi Fan looked at each other in dismay. This is only a little bit? If there happened to be no seal at all, then how much stronger would this guy be?

“When can you completely remove it?” Mo Lin asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Who would place such a stuff on you…..hiccup….if it was placed……” Mo Lin said


“Which organization?”

“I only know that it is an organization. I don’t know its name.” Lu Ping.

“So that’s why. On that evening, did you think that I was a man from this organization of yours?”

“That’s right.”

“So, you have escaped. Are they looking for you?”

“Maybe!” Lu Ping said.

“Why would you say ‘maybe’?”

“I have no idea if they are looking for us or not.” Lu Ping said.

“Us?” Mo Lin glanced at Su Tang who was on Lu Ping’s back. “Su Tang is also from the Organization?”

Lu Ping nodded.

Mo Lin scratched his head. He had a belly full of questions, but he didn’t know where to start.

“So what you know about this organization is very limited. Is that so?” Thereupon, Xi Fan started the questions. His approach was; First, obtain explicit information, and then once again try to confirm whether the organization is chasing after them or not.

“That’s right.”

“When you were at the organization, what did you do every day?” Xi Fan said.

“Eat all kinds of strange things and participate in various kinds of tests.” Lu Ping said.

“When did you begin to have these shackles?” Xi Fan asked.

“I don’t remember.” Lu Ping said.

The meaning behind ‘don’t remember’ clearly indicates that as far as he could remember, his soul’s power had been confined by the shackles.

“So, you don’t know anything about your origins. All you remember is that organization?” Xi Fan asked.

“That’s right.” Lu Ping said.

“And Su Tang?” Xi Fan turned his questions towards Su Tang.

“I grew up in the organization. My parents were perhaps someone from the organization. However, I never saw them or heard about them.” Su Tang said.

“You also ate all kinds of strange things and performed in a variety of tests like Lu Ping?” Xi Fan asked.

“No.” Su Tang shook her head.

“I am also not sure what kind of existence I could be considered as. Perhaps, I was for the mundane jobs.”

“Lu Ping, what do you feel you are?” Xi Fan asked.

“A product of experiments.” Lu Ping said. It was a very cruel and very frightening conjecture, but it actually came out in a very simple manner from his mouth. It looked like such a frightening possibility didn’t give rise to any kind of unusual feeling in him at all.

“So, this unnamed organization is carrying out some sort of experiment about Soul’s Power. It looks like your Soul’s Power has been confined from the very start. You must have possessed a frightening Soul’s Power since birth. This is also possibly the reason you were turned into an experimental subject.” Xi Fan was elaborating his deductions and analysis.

“Possessing a frightening Soul’s Power since birth, don’t tell me he is…” Although Mo Lin’s age is not much, after all, he had traveled a lot in the outside world and had heard a lot of things. At this moment, he immediately recalled what is said to be, a legend. Or, perhaps a made-up existence of senseless people.

“Heaven Awakener.” But Xi Fan was one step ahead of him in saying it out loud.

“Innately Linked Ones on Soul’s Power. About this point, can you perceive anything about yourself?”

“Maybe I can!” Lu Ping said.

“Maybe once again?” Mo Lin said.

“If this thing wasn’t present, then perhaps I could have spoken with some certainty.” Lu Ping was shaking that seemingly empty object, which in reality, possessed frighteningly strong confinement ability.

“Based on the fighting strength you’d shown, it is the realm of Linking of Souls without a doubt. But, linking how many souls? Can you perceive this on your own?” Xi Fan said.

This time, Lu Ping didn’t reply immediately, rather after a brief silence, he opened his mouth:

“Linking of six souls.” He said.

“I am leaving!” Mo Lin alarmedly shouted. “You truly should be carefully researched!”

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