Chapter 24: Eternally invincible

As feelings of death and despair slowly covered the world as darkness invaded each corner of the earth, trillions of lives died in its wake as the deathly aura seemed to strangle all vitality.

“Boom!” as a scared Holy aura spurted from the figure with the sword its body shone brightly, illuminating the world and drawing back the darkness, no matter how corrupt one may be such a sacred aura would give anyone the impulsion of pitying all lives.

Fang Tien looked onwards with confusion, this fight was almost impossible to follow his eyes felt strenuous as it went on.

“buzz!” within the sacred holy aura a projection arrived behind the Immortal physique, it was a projection of a world! this world seemed to be the world of immortals as it bathed within the scared holy aura.

while not as large as the projection of the Eye, this world carried an indomitable spirit, this gave a misconception that you were looking at a sacred world of immortal beings and Divine beast, this holy land seemed pure and free of any impurities, one would have the impulsion to prostrate in worship and be bathed in its sacred aura!

As the world seemed to become clearer and clearer the pressure broth forward increased tremendously.

“Clank!” sword cries resonate as thousands of sword qi seem to project from the sky, falling down like rain, this downpour of sword qi seemed to crush even the wind in its way as it sliced through the sky and space heading straight for Du clan first ancestor

Bathed in an aura of death the Du clans first ancestor Eyes stared straight ahead at the Immortal physique as if to ignore the torrential downpour of sword qi, his vision covering the Heavenly projected world, within his eyes the laws of death intertwined and as if reflecting that the Projected Eye pupil become covered by ancient scriptures of death and destruction.

“Humm!” a demonic sutra resonated as principles of death flowed freely from the projected eye, this principle seemed invincible and matchless as if regardless of past, present or future this principle could corrode all, slowly it started as a dot on the heavenly world but gradually increased in size as the small dot seem to spread like a rabid disease!

Faint cries could be heard as if the world wept, the once sacred holy aura seem to struggle as it turned a dark color, it’s once pure warmth aura that seemed to radiate through the ages now turned cold and indifferent, giving a heartless feeling.

The proud and indomitable spirit of the Immortal physique figure seemed to weaken as their aura grew weak, their once immortal aura as if growing weary slowly vanished, the fuzzy feeling they gave gradually became clearer!

“anything!” shock ran across Fang Tien’s as he looked towards the Immortal physique, they were female!

This female appeared peerlessly beautiful as if her face was carved by deities, her deep blue eyes showed her unmatchable spirit, the only downside seemed to be her expression! as if frozen on her face her look was cold and indifferent as she started at the Du clan first ancestor, blood seeping from the corners of her mouth.

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