Chapter 24: Golden Flames Sweep


Although Wu Yu was playing with the sword and was lost in practice, he was still sensitive enough to perceive the very tiny movement made by others.

“You found me.”

In the forest, there was a graceful woman as tall as Wu Yu. Her figure was very seductive, appropriately plump while as slender as a snake. Her long and toned legs were even longer than Wu Yu’s. She covered herself with a smooth animal skin, making her even more sexy. Although she was veiled in black, just from her shape you can tell how bewitching her body was.

“I thought Situ Bright would come in person, but instead he sent you here.”

Wu Yu felt her bewitchment, but he held tightly to his heart, knowing that the more the temptation, the more the danger.

“You can only live for ten breaths now.” The woman carried a short black sword, whose materials and power were in no way inferior to the Demon Slaying Sword. Moreover, from her posture and aura, Wu Yu realized that she was much more powerful than Yu Huaishan. She was definitely at the 10th Heavenly Stage!

That stage was Wu Yu’s dream, his life time pursuit.

But now, she was the one who wanted to kill Wu Yu.

And, to kill him within ten breaths.


A second later, she moved. Her short black sword in the dark night was like the tongue of a poisonous snake, hissing quickly, flickering with a cold and sharp attack!

“Guyu Eight Thrust!”

This woman was a natural born killer, excellent at killing quickly. She moved like a poisonous snake, quickly circling Wu Yu. It was hard to keep track of her. Her sword could rush to Wu Yu’s vulnerable parts like eyes, throat and heart at any time!

“That was fierce!”

There was no doubt that she wanted him die today.

She was more powerful than him, at the stage of two thousand of war horses.

Extremely dangerous!


Leaves were flying. In a tiny gap, a vague black light was heading violently towards Wu Yu! This was a deadly threat!


He swept his sword, hitting right against her short sword. Wu Yu was blown away by the force, knocking down a tree and falling on the ground in the dust like a drowned mouse.


In the darkness of the night, the woman started to attack Wu Yu again. Her strikes were complicated and weird. Her poisonous snake-like moves and powerful strength were a real difficulty for Wu Yu!

“I cannot let her suppress me anymore”.

Wu Yu escaped from the shocking danger for a few seconds. She was deadly and cold-blooded, almost piercing Wu Yu’s eyes and throat! Under this situation, Wu Yu was not able to use his skills.

“Three breaths left!” She was very arrogant. Her gloomy and cold voice came from every direction. At this time, she was much swifter and even more violent, so that Wu Yu could not track her position.

He would definitely die if the situation did not change.

This was a real enemy.

But what Wu Yu cultivated was the Indestructible Vajra Body. Not only his body, but also his mind changed after meditation. Now, facing such a violent enemy, he was never frightened, instead, he was even more determined to fight with her. In his imagination, Wu Yu found himself being a violent monkey in fire.

“Visualise the Monkey in the Heart.”

In his mind, he visualized the ‘Monkey’– the mighty monkey king sat in his soul and mind, and stabilized his soul. When his soul became incomparably powerful, even forming a pressure for his enemy. Wu Yu started fighting back!

“Golden Flames Sweep”

He fought back with the ‘Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique’ which he was pondering.  Although this was just the first sword, it was the swordsmanship invented by Feng Xue Ya, it would never be simple!

When the Demon Slaying Sword swept like a golden burning fire, it pierced the darkness. At the time when the woman rushed to Wu Yu. His body integrated with his mind, erupted with power suddenly!


The woman’s short black sword was parried away by Wu Yu.

She was too confident, so she had been careless. She had to step back quickly. Her beautiful and slender body was flickering among Wu Yu’s sword strikes. But Wu Yu was visualising the monkey in the heart. He caught this opportunity, attacked forward while she lost her weapon. When a long golden sword swept, numerous flames lit the dark night. Wu Yu found a chance when the woman was shocked.


The Daemon Slaying Sword cut the woman at her snake-like waist.


She groaned, rolling down on the ground.

Actually, Wu Yu was able to completely cut her waist off. But he believed she must be the disciple of the Sword to Heaven Sect. The minimum punishment for killing a person the last time was imprisonment for a year. If he killed once more, he would get in huge trouble. So he turned away the sharp edge, attacking her with the back of sword.

Even so, she was still injured, she held her waist as she fell on the ground,  and could not straighten herself.

Wu Yu raised her veil. She had a seductive beauty as he had expected. In this mortal celestial kingdom, her appearance, and slender body must have sewed much discord between two kingdoms.

It was with luck that he defeated her this time. Thanks to her carelessness and ‘Visualise the Monkey in the Heart’, which strengthened Wu Yu’s power.

“Go away. Next time, ask Situ Bright to come by himself.”

Wu Yu wanted to continue practicing the sword. Fighting in front of Sun Wudao’s tomb would disturb the dead’s soul.

The woman bit her red lips. She was not willing to go but apparently she was unable to fight. She barely stood up, picked up her sword, and looked at Wu Yu bitterly, blaming, “What a spiteful slash! Don’t you have a tender heart for ladies?”

“Get out.” Wu Yu stared at her.

“Heng.” Although she failed, she became even more sharp. Her displeased eyes were very seductive.

Then, when she turned back to leave, she took out a golden charm from behind Wu Yu. The charm had complicated bloody prints with a ball of flame in the center.

“Go to hell!”

The woman sneered, suddenly turned back, and tore off that ‘Golden Flame Spell’,  throwing at Wu Yu. Although it was just a paper charm, it flew as a concealed weapon, exploding in front of Wu Yu instantly!

After the explosion, a palm-sized golden fireball with roaring flames came into being, with a horrible power to destroy, instantly rushing toward Wu Yu!

After all, Wu Ju was new to the Celestial Sect, he knew little about the recondite charm. He did not pay attention to her as he thought he almost broke her spine, and she had lost her power already.

He would never have expected a thing like Golden Flame Spell!

How did he become so inattentive!

In a second, after the Golden Flame Spell exploded, wild and virulent flames swept all over Wu Yu. Things like his hair and clothes were burnt off instantly. Then the power of the Golden Flame Spell penetrated into his skin, reaching his insides, spreading to his internal organs, vessels, meridians, blood and flesh.

“Wu Yu, the Golden Flame Spell will burn your dirty blood and flesh into ash!”

The woman changed her face, delightedly giggling. She watched how Wu Yu was swallowed by the fire. Even though it was a grim death, but she did not even frown once.

“You offended Situ Bright. You deserve it. You should feel lucky to killed by a precious Golden Flame Spell.”

Hoo Hoo Hoo…

The fire was burning ragingly, wilder and wilder, even burning the Daemon Slaying Sword. As long as he did not reach the Qi Condensing Phase, once he was attacked by Golden Flame Spell, he would be gone up in smoke within three breaths.

In the light of the fire, the woman’s evilly beautiful face became even more seductive.


She did not want to watch, and thought there would be only ashes. She turned back and



Suddenly, a surge of fire flames roared, glaringly, but disappeared instantly. The blazing forest was back to darkness. Then the fire flame was gone, unreasonably fast.

The woman was shocked. She turned back only to find an uninjured Wu Yu. Except that his hair and brows were gone, his skin and limbs were safe and sound, even more stronger now. His moves contained more power and mightiness. Peculiarly, there were no pupils in his eyes, only a burning fire!


As if the woman had met the most unbelievable thing in this world—the Golden Flame Spell was swallowed…

But she didn’t have much time to be stunned. A golden light flashed and a steel finger hit her neck, lifting her up! The finger was not only solid, but also extremely hot, as hot as a piece of burning steel, blackening her tender flesh and vessels instantly!

From Wu Yu’s flame eyes, the woman saw one word, death!

There was no doubt that she would die.

She never expected that she would die, however, now her life was controlled by Wu Yu. At this moment, an idea occurred to her. She saved her energy, and did not continued to struggle, but began to tear off her clothes, revealing her amazing body in front of Wu Yu who also lost his clothes. She struggled, “Wu, Wu Yu, I am yours now. You can do whatever you want to me. Please don’t kill me!”

Her body was like glass in the moonlight, sending out a tempting lustre. She became even more seductive to Wu Yu since they were all naked. Ye Guyu was confident that her being naked, that a surrender, would dazzle everyone, including Situ Bright.


Wu Yu broke her neck.

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