Chapter 24: Six Heavy Words

Linking of six souls; Just like the Heaven Awakeners, this is also a concept which only exists in imagination. Just like there has never been any Heaven Awakeners, a strong Linked One of six souls has also never appeared in the continent.

It’s just that the linking of the six souls is much more believable to people than the Heaven Awakeners. People believe that after a period of long and bitter training, there will be a day when this realm could be attained. The upper bounds of the strength are always being transcended.

Six hundred years ago, a strong individual broke through into the realm of Linking of three souls, and was feared as a heavenly being.

Two hundred and forty years ago, some people attained the realm of Linking of four souls, hence once again refreshing the upper bound of the strength.

Finally, as of today, there are five well-reputed strong people in the continent who have attained the realm of the Linking of five souls. People are eagerly expecting that the completion of the big circle of the Linking of six souls would be accomplished in this generation.

However, on this very day.

The Heaven Awakener of the legends, possessing the true realm of Linking of six souls, the realm which would require the apex of the continent’s strong people to strive once more, was actually standing very much alive in front of Xi Fan and Mo Lin.

You are saying, you are a Heaven Awakener. I can endure this.

You are saying, you have already attained the realm of Linking of six souls. I can also endure this.

However, you are saying that you are a Heaven Awakener with six souls Linked up? What kind of concept is this? It implies that as soon as Lu Ping was born, he was already in possession of the realm for which every strong person on the continent has been continuously and painstakingly trying. He has been on the very apex of the pyramid ever since he was born.

Era is created by the people?

People who create era are still striving. However, there are some people who transform the era as soon as they are born.

Xi Fan and Mo Lin couldn’t find appropriate words or questions.

Lu Ping’s ‘Organization’ situation was clearly very tragic. However, Xi Fan and Mo Lin were unable to sympathize with him at the moment. After learning that this guy might be a Heaven Awakener with six souls Linked up, both of them had the exact same thought in their minds.

Why is it not me?

Such an unfathomable innate skill, allowing one to be the strongest from the very birth….why is not me?

Why does it have to be the other guy?

“Aaaaaaaaaa!” Mo Lin, with hands on Xi Fan’s wheelchair, suddenly roared towards the sky.

However, Xi Fan remained silent instead. Originally, he was looking to ask some more questions about this organization from Lu Ping and Su Tang, but at this moment, he no longer possessed the spirit to do so.

Heaven Awakener with six souls linked.

These six words were truly too heavy. The people who wouldn’t go crazy after hearing these six words can already be considered as people possessing pretty good mental fortitude.

One was silent while the other was rudely shouting. Xi Fan and Mo Lin were respectively digesting the significance of these six words. Su Tang clearly already knew this all. She was incessantly laughing as she saw the two of them who made no attempt to cover up their envy, jealousy, and regret.

“You have certainly made a mistake somewhere in your perception.” Mo Lin was still struggling, he was eagerly awaiting to hear some sort of misunderstanding, otherwise, wouldn’t this guy’s birth be too unfair.

The other guy is innately a Linked One of the six souls. And himself? A person who had inherited the Mo family blood vessels, being incapable of perceiving the Strength’s soul.

“That maybe so!” Lu Ping was also not too certain. The confinement and restrictions of Intense Locked Soul were causing him to be not able to carry out the most precise judgment towards his own Soul’s Power.

Xi Fan’s assessment that he is certainly above the realm of Linking of Soul is also only due to the fact that he’d burst forth with a fighting strength equivalent to that of the realm of Linking of Souls. (Tl: This might be a bit confusing. It basically means that his realm his above linking of one soul.)

Taking a deep breath, Xi Fan adjusted his state of mind. As he was preparing to ask about his previous doubts, the sound of a shout came from behind his body.

The voice wasn’t employed with Soul’s Power, it was a cry produced on the spot. Even Xi Fan who had no realm in Sound’s soul could clearly hear it. All four of them turned around simultaneously and saw a fat old man with huge protruding belly hurriedly rushing towards them.

The four of them looked towards him as if they were merely observing something, however, if this scene was to be played at Xia Feng institute, nobody knows how many people would have their eyeballs popped out. When did their Dean ever ran with such an effort while not caring about his appearance in the slightest? He had a genuine and extreme dislike for the fat accumulated over his chin and belly, and at this moment due to his running, the shaking of this fat was extremely eye-catching.

“Baliyan?” Xi Fan was the first individual to recognize the other person.

“Huh? Who is that?” Lu Ping was asking. Mo Lin’s face was also covered with puzzlement.

“Xia Feng institute’s Dean.” Xi Fan said.

“Is he shouting for us?” Mo Lin said.

“Apart from us, it doesn’t seem like there is anybody else.” Lu Ping was looking all around him. Only the four of them were present on the road at this moment.

In a blink of an eye, Baliyan arrived at their side, and his fat finally settled down. Baliyan wasn’t sweating or gasping after this mad journey; clearly, his realm of Soul’s Power was not ordinary.

“Dean Ba is calling for us?” Xi Fan who had recognized Baliyan asked the question on the behalf of everybody.

Baliyan also recognized Xi Fan. For two consecutive years, Xi Fan had swept Xia Feng’s face in Major Assessment. Before Lu Ping had collapsed those two towers, this was precisely the most intolerable matter in Baliyan’s mind. This time, since Xi Fan had sustained injuries and was thus unable to participate, Baliyan was very cheerful, otherwise, there would have been similar arrangements like the ones made for Su Tang waiting for Xi Fan at the twelveth floor of the fourth grade Tower.

“Oh, it’s Xi Fan.” However, at this moment, Baliyan was assuming a kind look as he was expressing his care while beaming with smiles: “I heard you’d sustained injuries. How is it? Are you okay?”

“It’s nothing major.” Xi Fan said.

“That’s good. You don’t need to worry about the Assessment. There will be an opportunity for you to take the make-up exam later, if old Guo doesn’t agree, I will go and reason with him.” This was Baliyan’s kind man appearance. By his conversation with Xi Fan, he first laid down his image a bit, and then, he turned towards the target which he’d personally come to seek regardless of the fact that Assessment over that side was still not completely over.

Lu Ping?

No! Not at all.

Lu Ping is Baliyan’s ultimate objective. However, the target for which he’d come without caring about his appearance was still not Lu Ping.

“Fellow student Su Tang, your situation seems a little grave. Why leave this urgently? I had barely left to arrange a doctor for you, and upon returning I found that you people had already vanished.” Baliyan turned towards Su Tang and began to express his care.

From this point, Baliyan’s shrewdness could be already seen.

To win Lu Ping over, preferential treatment-like methods, which could be used on an ordinary student, are certainly useless. Lu Ping’s strength is even above the Linked One’s, and this is still under the Intense Locked Soul. With this kind of strength, whether it is Zhai Feng or Xia Feng, none of them had the resources which could appeal to him.

Therefore, it would be better to look for the things he cares about in other aspects. And with this thought in mind, even though Baliyan is completely clueless about Lu Ping, he could see one solution.

Su Tang.

This girl is surely a person he cares about deeply. And now, because of his cheating arrangements, Su Tang was subjected to injuries. This certainly would have made Lu Ping extremely resentful towards their Xia Feng. Baliyan himself had already placed a wall between them from the very beginning, moreover, very possibly, a decisive wall.

Therefore, he acted decisively. After quickly arranging the matters concerning the institute, he personally chased after them all alone . He should quickly clarify his standpoint to get rid of Lu Ping’s resentment towards his Xia Feng institute, then only could things move forward.

Within a short duration of time, Baliyan had already fully employed his scheme and exhibited his standpoint to the maximum. However, in front of Baliyan’s good intentions, Su Tang only smiled lightly:

“I am all right. Lots of rest, lots of water and I’ll be good.” She said.

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