Chapter 25: Bring Him Back

“What are you saying?” These words almost seemed to be said on impulse as Baliyan’s face continued to brim with kindness.

“It would be better for you all to rest a bit and let the doctor I called come over.”

“Then what?”

“Then? Let him perform a proper inspection!?” Baliyan blurted out without thinking. ‘Then what’ was truly somewhat sarcastic.

“Then what?” His answer resulted in Lu Ping repeating the same question all over again.

Baliyan stared blankly. Originally, he was feeling quite happy by conversing with Lu Ping. It seemed like Lu Ping had accepted his kind intentions, and thus it would be possible to slowly resolve everything.

However, there was once again the same sarcastic question.

Lu Ping’s expression was very grave. It was the very same expression with which he’d walked out from within the ruins of Soul’s Tower while carrying Su Tang; firm, direct and without the slightest hesitation.

Baliyan immediately realized that what Lu Ping meant by “Then”, is what he, Baliyan, considered as the ultimate “Then”.

Lu Ping had no interest in beating around the bush with Baliyan, neither did he wish to play this superficial-relationship game with Baliyan, he wanted Baliyan to speak with him directly.

‘Then what’ is referring to the ultimate ‘then’……

Baliyan was incapable of replying. What would be ‘then’? Hope Lu Ping to join the Xia Feng institute? Or exploit Lu Ping’s strength to improve the reputation of Xia Feng institute? There is a whole lot to ‘then,’ but this obviously cannot be used as the pretext to lure Lu Ping in. Originally, he was thinking that he would have to use lots of vividly colored wrappings to cover everything up. However, at present, being confronted with such a question that was pointing straight towards the heart of the matter, he was left speechless, and suddenly felt his throat gone dry.

Baliyan forced out a smiling expression. Even he himself was aware that at this moment, his smile would have certainly appeared very ugly, even uglier than crying.

” There is no ‘then’? Then we would be leaving.” Mo Lin followed up, delivering the final blow to the speechless Baliyan.

This student……

At first, Baliyan hadn’t paid much attention to Mo Lin. However, after looking at him once again, he suddenly remembered; Isn’t this the same student whom Godou had said to be an Advanced Learning Student?

Lu Ping, Su Tang, Xi Fan, Mo Lin……

Baliyan suddenly discovered; These four students of Zhai Feng who are walking together at this moment are actually the extreme elites of the younger generation.

There wasn’t much need to speak about Lu Ping, being so strong that Baliyan felt that giving him the identity of a student is an absolute fraud. Xi Fan, for two consecutive years, he has given major headaches to the entire Xia Feng institute. Su Tang, if not for his arrangements laid down in order to minimize the damage, perhaps she would have already caused the Xia Feng institute to be greatly embarrassed, though because of these arrangements, Xia Feng institute was certainly subjected to a much bigger embarrassment.

Then there is also Mo Lin, Sixth Heavenly Layer in Pivot’s soul — The highest level of achievement as a student, additionally, he is also supposed to be an Advanced Learning student. Having an Advanced Learning Student is a kind of affirmation towards the prestige of an institute. Although the impact of having a non-famous person as an Advanced Learning student is limited, but at least, Zhai Feng has one.

The four of them had already turned around and begun to walk away, and Baliyan was foolishly standing in the middle of the road looking at their retreating figures. He, a grand Dean, suddenly had a very miserable feeling. The four of them had left just like this. When confronted with the appearance of the grand Dean, they didn’t even try to reason a single line.

Eventually, a single line that somewhat looked like a grumble of that Advanced Learning Student, entered the ears of Baliyan.

“Are we truly gonna walk to Zhai Feng like this?”

At this point, the voice faded away.

Baliyan didn’t employ his Sound’s soul to hear further. He turned his body somewhat disappointedly, and was about to return to the institute, but right at this instant, his perception suddenly jumped.

It was a kind of self-defensive instinct of a strong person. While it was true that Baliyan had turned into a sorry figure today, but in terms of strength, this formidable Dean of Xia Feng institute was undoubtedly among the top ten existences within the huge Xia Feng district.


Focusing his energy, Baliyan was able to precisely determine the target’s location.

At the roadside, rice fields were swaying with the air. In the middle of the fields, a solitary figure was quietly moving forward. It was moving in complete rhythm with the swaying plants without giving off any sort of signs of its presence.

First level ability: Distant Vision.

Baliyan effortlessly displayed the first level ability obtained after the Linking of the Infusion’s soul. All of a sudden, that figure became much closer and much clearer in the eyes of Baliyan.

Before he could clearly see the figure’s face, he very clearly saw a twin-peaked emblem suspended from the edge of figure’s clothes flickering in the rice fields.

Baliyan immediately restrained his ability.

This is….. a secret scout from City Master’s Mansion.

Would carrying out some mission require passing through here in such a secret manner? Baliyan couldn’t help but gaze towards the four exceedingly small figures at the far end of the road.

They are already being eyed……

Baliyan was silently thinking. However, this matter was not something that he could control, so after foolishly standing there for a few more moments, Baliyan left, striding towards the Xia Feng institute.

Xia Feng city. City Master’s Mansion.

The City Master got up at five forty-five as usual. Within a duration of fifteen minutes, he did all the chores that a normal person would do after getting up such as getting dressed, rinsing his mouth, washing his face, go to the toilet, have breakfast etc. After that, at six o’clock sharp, he prepared himself to sit in front of his desk. It was a peculiar desk, being one meter wide and having a length of no less than five meters.

Every day, a large amount of matters demanding his attention would be piled up on the desk like a mountain. He would sit at the extreme left end of the table and deal with each and every single one these affairs one by one.

Actually, most of these affairs could be easily left for his subordinates. However, Wei Zhong liked to deal with them personally. Wei Zhong desired that each and every matter, regardless of its importance, remained under his control. If not so, then he would be completely restless, and while dealing with all these matters, he would feel full and extremely satisfied.

Today’s entire morning, Wei Zhong once again dealt with the table full of affairs and felt extremely satisfied. He knew that occasionally, his subordinates would stir up some trifling disturbances themselves and bring them to him in order to gain his approval, but he didn’t it mind it at all.

After spending his entire morning in this manner, Wei Zhong once again gathered all of his subordinates together and very carefully elaborated on his arrangements. Thereupon, yet another satisfying day was about to pass perfectly. However, at this moment, he saw that his son, who was supposed to be taking part in the Annual Assessment of Xia Feng institute, was actually anxiously standing outside the Discussion room.

Wei Zhong’s face immediately sank.

During this time period, there is absolutely no way Wei Tianqi would be standing here unless something unexpected had occurred.

‘Unexpected’, this is the most hated word for Wei Chong. He desired everything to be under his control. The ‘unexpected’ was simply his arch-enemy.

“Come in and speak.” Wei Chong only said these four words. After the ‘unexpected’, the next thing that he hated the most was wasting time. Regardless of whatever he was doing, he was always very efficient, even while facing his own son.

“The Soul’s Tower collapsed. We third-graders will go to Bi-Polar institute to take the assessment.” Wei Tianqi was also aware of his father’s habits. Therefore, without speaking a single worthless line, he explained the situation using the most concise words. If his father wishes to know further details, then he would ask himself.

“How is this possible?” Sure enough, Wei Zhong did ask. The Soul’s Tower collapsed? This kind of matter has never been heard before.

“It was a student from Zhai Feng. Today, he destroyed two of our towers, first grade’s and Third grade’s.” Wei Tianqi said.

“How strong is he?” Like the absolute majority of people, Wei Zhong didn’t wonder how such a feat could be accomplished by a student while being astonished. Since it was already done, would being astonished solve anything? Wei Zhong requires efficiency, and in accordance with it, he had already grasped the most important point of the problem at hand, which was:

How strong this student is.

“Don’t know. But, he sent me flying with a casual push. Teacher Bi Ge was also sent flying by him with a casual push…..then…..”

“We Hu!” He immediately cut off his son. This only happened because his son said ‘Don’t know’. What his son described afterwards was also only an indistinct scene that did nothing to give a precise account of the other person’s strength.

Hearing the shout, Wei Hu immediately entered the Discussion room. He was one of the two guys that had shown up at the scene of Assessment today.

“I am also not too clear.” Wei Hu didn’t hesitate and also didn’t try to be ambiguous, and just honestly said what he determined.

“However, I have already dispatched people to keep an eye on him.” However, he did add a supplementary line right after.

” Why keep an eye? Directly dispatch men to find him. Tell him I want to meet him and bring him back.” Wei Zhong, however, was not satisfied with the clever arrangements made by Wei Hu, clearly feeling that these arrangements were not efficient enough.

” Within half an hour, I want to see him.” Wei Zhong said. Now this could said to be efficient enough to his liking.

” Yes.” Wei Hu lightly bowed and quickly departed from the Discussion room.

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